12 Best Pool Vacuum Products For Sale Online

Is your swimming pool getting yucky?

Did something go wrong with your sand filter and cause sand to filter back into the pool?

Do you feel like your pool water is getting slimy, dirty, or murky?

Has it been a while since the last time you thoroughly cleaned your pool?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to think about vacuuming your pool. When you have a sand filter in place, the process of vacuuming is a little bit different than it is in other circumstances, but don’t worry! It’s not hard.

In this article, you’ll get a crash course in how to vacuum your swimming pool using a sand filter. You’ll also learn a little bit about what a pool vacuum is, and you’ll find out all the different products you have to choose from when it comes time to put together your vacuuming setup.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be well on your way to crystal clear water you’ll look forward to swimming in, instead of something gross you want to avoid at all costs.

Now, it’s time to get started learning about vacuuming your pool with your sand filter!

What are Pool Vacuum Cleaners?

There are basically two different types of vacuum you may be dealing with when you clean your swimming pool: a designated vacuum or the pump portion of your filter. When working with a sand filter, you can easily use the pump itself to work as the vacuum for your swimming pool. You shouldn’t need to purchase a separate vacuum piece unless you have a different type of filter or perhaps a very old sand filter.

pool with sand filter


You can purchase automated pool vacuums, but you can also perform this task manually.Vacuuming pool with sand filter systems in place doesn’t have to be as challenging as it sounds, but it is a very important task to keep in mind. When you don’t regularly vacuum your swimming pool, you run the risk of allowing grime, sand, and algae to build up on all the surfaces of the pool itself. Pool treatment chemicals and oils from your body and from sunscreen, lotion and more will sit on the pool’s surfaces indefinitely, too, and will eventually cause damage to your pool.

Keep your pool clean and clear at all times by sticking to a regular vacuuming schedule.

How to Clean with a Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Using a vacuum for your pool may sound a little confusing at first, but don’t worry. When you understand the basics, you’ll be able to perform this necessary function of your swimming pool’s maintenance time and time again without even thinking twice about it. Just follow these directions listed below to help you get your pool clean and clear in no time.


  • Pool filter system and pump
  • Hose
  • Pool pole
  • Vacuum head
  • Hook
  • Skimmer net


1. To vacuum pool with sand filter systems installed, first turn off and remove all the air from your pool pump.

2. Attach the vacuum head to the pole and then to the hose that is also attached to your pump.

3. Push the vacuum head down into the deepest part of the pool using the telescoping pole.

4. Turn the pump on. Be careful not to pick it up out of the water until you’re completely finished vacuuming.

5. If you have a multiport valve on your filter, turn it to Waste.

6. If you have a push-pull valve, you will be able to vacuum your pool through the filter using the same setting you use for backwash purposes.

7. Roll the vacuum head back and forth over the bottom of the swimming pool as if you’re mowing a lawn.

8. If your vacuum head gets stuck during the process of cleaning, just turn your pump off for a few seconds to stop the suction, and then turn it back on again.

9. Check the pressure in your filter every five minutes or so while vacuuming your pool. If it gets too high or too low, turn the vacuum off for a minute or two until it stabilizes again. You may need to backwash the filter to get the pressure back to where it needs to be.

10. When you’re finished vacuuming, take the vacuum head off the pole and drain the hose. Put a brush on the end of the pole and use it clean the sides of the pool.

11. During the process, if you need to pull something toward you or if you need to remove large floating debris, use your skimmer net or your hook to accomplish these steps.

12. When you’re completely finished, backwash your sand filter like normal.

13. Put the valve back in the Filter position or change the position of the push-pull valve as normal after you backwash.

14. Add some fresh water back to your filter to bring the water level back up to par in your pool.

15. Test to see if you need to adjust your pool treatment chemicals.

​16. Congratulations! You’re all finished.

Recommended Products

Below, you’ll find a list of the best pool vacuum products on the market today. Whether you’re vacuuming a pool with a sand filter or you’re looking for the perfect way to clean your pool with a cartridge or DE filter installed, any of these products is sure to be exactly what you’re looking for. Be sure to check out the whole list to help you stock up on all the bits and pieces necessary to get your pool cleaner than ever before.

Vacuum Heads with Brushes

1. Poolmaster 18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Vacuum

Poolmaster 18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Vacuum - Basic Collection

With its simple rounded triangle shape and gentle but strong bristles, the Poolmaster 18510 Triangle Vinyl Liner Vacuum is perfect for almost any swimming pool or even for your hot tub. You can use this vacuum head on vinyl pools if you’re careful, but it’s also strong enough for use with concrete pools, too. It comes with an adapter to make it work with almost any pole, and you can use it to clean a pool that has any type of filter installed, too. This is an excellent all-around, basic vacuum head, and if you’re looking for a quality budget product or you just want to get started with a brand new pool cleaning setup, this is an excellent place to begin.



  • This is a very affordable and quality product that gives you a lot of bang for your buck.
  • The vacuum head is weighted to help keep it down on the bottom of the pool more easily.
  • If you have several corners in your pool, this product is perfect for getting into those tight spaces easily.
  • You cannot purchase replacement heads for this vacuum, so when this one is too dirty or damaged to keep using, you’ll have to buy a new one.
  • This vacuum head doesn’t come with anything else, so you’ll still need to stock up on other supplies when you purchase it.
  • After frequent uses, the weighted sand inside the vacuum head has been known to leak out into the pool water.

2. Hydro Tools 8110 Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

HydroTools by Swimline Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head

The Hydro Tools 8110 Weighted Half Moon Pool Vacuum Head is an excellent product to help you get your pool season off to a great start. Although this isn’t a heavy-duty product, it’s nevertheless very strong and powerful, and it can be used time and time again without breaking, snapping, or becoming weakened by your pool chemicals or by the sunlight. Best of all, since it’s made of sturdy plastic, there’s nothing about this product to rust, so you don’t have to worry too much about proper storage or regular maintenance. All in all, when you want a great mid-range pool vacuum head that won’t cost you a fortune, you can’t go wrong with this one.



  • This vacuum head has weights in it to help it stay down on the bottom of the pool during cleaning.
  • The pole adapter included with this product makes it easy to snap the head onto almost any pole you might already have.
  • You can purchase replacement brushes for this vacuum head, which may help you cut costs in the future.
  • Although this product is weighted, if you have a very deep pool you still may need to put some pressure on it to keep it working properly.
  • Because of the half-moon shape, you may have trouble getting this vacuum head into sharp corners in rectangular and square pools.
  • The suction in this vacuum head may not be as strong as it is with some of the other products listed here.

3. Milliard Sea Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head

Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head, 11' Wide Cleaning Surface Safe on Vinyl Lined Pools

With the Milliard Sea Thru Triangle Weighted Pool and Spa Vacuum Head, all your pool cleaning worries will be over! This vacuum head has a spring-loaded locking mechanism that makes it very easy to install it onto any pole you might want to use. It can fit a few different vacuum hose sizes without needing to be adapted or clamped at all, and the bristles on the bottom of the device are designed to gently scrape up the grime and dirt on the bottom of the pool without causing any damage, even to some types of vinyl. Since this vacuum head is clear blue, you can look right through it to see the bottom of the pool to make your cleaning experience quick, easy, and simple.



  • This product is weighted, so it stays on the bottom of your pool instead of floating up to the top.
  • You can use this vacuum head with any type of filter and in just about any type of pool.
  • You will get a lot of great suction out of this vacuum head, whether it’s your first time using it or you’ve used it for months already.
  • If you plan to use this filter with a vinyl pool, take care and don’t scrub it too hard, or you may tear the vinyl.
  • The bristles on the bottom of this vacuum head have been known to arrive bent and damaged during transit.
  • It may be more difficult to push this product than some of the other similar products on the market today.

Vacuum Heads with Wheels

4. Swimline 8150 Weighted Flex Vacuum Head

Swimline  Weighted Flex Vacuum Head, Blue

The Swimline 8150 Weighted Flex Vacuum Head is an excellent product for anyone looking to start working with a pool vacuum and hoping to get something under a specific budget. This is a very affordable product that’s sure to give you everything you need to get started. It can be used with several other pool vacuum products with no trouble, and it’s powerful enough to get most above ground pools cleaned while still being gentle enough for use with vinyl pools. When you’re first starting out and want a product that will stay with you for a long time to come, try this vacuum head and see for yourself what makes it such a popular choice.



  • This is the number one best-selling pool vacuum head on the market today.
  • This is also the cheapest good-quality pool vacuum head available on the market today.
  • You can use this vacuum head with almost any other vacuum devices you have, including your poles and hoses.
  • This product doesn’t weigh very much, which means the head doesn’t stay on the bottom of the pool as easily.
  • You may not get as much suction from this vacuum head as you would from some of the others listed here.
  • The attachment tube has been known to weaken and warp over time, causing the head to fall off of the pole easily.

5. Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head

Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head, Great for Cleaning Debris from Pool Floors

Are you looking for a great mid-range pool vacuum head that won’t cost you a fortune but won’t break easily, either? Do you want something you can rely on that’s built to last and stand up to rusting and damage easily? Would you like something you can operate easily without a lot of trouble? If so, the Milliard 14” Flexible Spa and Pool Vacuum Head is a great option for you. This excellent pool vacuum head is made of strong, sturdy plastic that won’t rust, even with frequent use, but has been designed to stand up to frequent exposure to pool treatment chemicals as well.



  • Even if you have a vinyl pop-up pool, you can use this product with it easily without worry because of the position of its wheels.
  • This vacuum head is designed to be used interchangeably with almost any hoses and poles you might choose.
  • The wheels slide well across the bottom of the pool and don’t tend to get stuck or blocked easily.
  • The metal screws that are used to put this product together may develop rust if you don’t take care to dry them off after use.
  • Although it’s lightweight enough to be easy to use, it may be difficult to actually push it around due to its tendency to float up in the water.
  • In some rare instances, this product has arrived damaged during transit.

6. PoolSupplyTown Heavy Duty Professional Grade Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head

PoolSupplyTown Heavy-Duty Professional-Grade Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head with Chrome Handle and Ball Bearing Wheel -- Great For Pool Owners and Pool Professionals

Sometimes, you need an incredibly durable product with a hefty design that’s going to hold up to plenty of wear and tear. When you’re looking for a wheeled pool vacuum head that fits this description, look no further than the PoolSupplyTown Heavy Duty Professional Grade Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head. This is a professional level vacuum head that is used by paid pool cleaning companies across the country. When you clean your pool with this product, you’ll know you’re using something that many professionals put their faith in time and time again, and you can rest assured that your pool will be spotless when you’re done.



  • This vacuum head is chrome plated and designed to withstand rust, as long as you allow the product to dry fully before storage.
  • Even if your swimming pool has a strange shape, this very flexible head will twist and turn with the contours of the surface perfectly.
  • You can use this vacuum head with just about any pole or hose easily.
  • This is one of the more expensive pool vacuum heads available, so you may not be able to fit it into your vacuuming budget easily.
  • It may be very difficult to use this product on a vinyl pool since the vacuum head can more or less suck up the vinyl.
  • Without proper storage and maintenance, pool treatment chemicals may eventually weaken and damage this product.

Telescopic Poles

7. Hydro Tools 8351 6 to 12 Foot Adjustable Blue Anodized Step Up Telescopic Pool Pole

HydroTools by Swimline Adjustable Blue Anodized Step-Up Telescopic Pool Pole

The Hydro Tools 8351 6 to 12 Foot Adjustable Blue Anodized Step Up Telescopic Pool Pole is a great product for anyone looking for a quality pool pole on a budget. This product is designed to work just like most other pool poles on the market today, but at a much lower price than many of its comparable peers. When you have this pole in hand, you’ll be able to get your pool water cleaner than ever before with just a few quick sweeps of the water. Best of all, it’s lightweight, which means operating it is easy enough that you could even get the younger members of the family in on pool cleaning day.



  • This is the most affordable pool vacuum pole listed here, which makes it great for just about any budget.
  • The pole can be easily locked into place using the locking mechanism on the outside of the product.
  • You can extend or retract this pole anywhere between six and twelve feet in length with just a few quick motions.
  • The pole has been known to dent easily, especially when used very frequently for vacuuming purposes.
  • You may have trouble fitting this pole to your other pool cleaning and vacuuming devices.
  • If you aren’t careful about your storage of this product, it may become worn over time and break more easily.

8. Hydro Tools 8350A Value Pool Pole

HydroTools by Swimline 3-Piece Value Pool Pole

If you’re looking for a pole for your pool vacuum that bridges the gap between affordability and durability, you need the Hydro Tools 8350A Value Pool Pole in your setup right away. This pole comes in three separate pieces that make storing it very simple and easy. All you have to do, when you’re ready to use it, is snap the three pieces together and make sure they’re locked in place. From there, you’ll be able to use your pole for cleaning even the hardest to reach parts of your swimming pool with ease. Because of its adjustable nature, this pole can be shortened all the way down to 4 feet or all the up to 12 feet with no trouble.



  • This is a very lightweight pole that is easy to pick up and maneuver even with one hand.
  • It’s very easy to take this pole apart for proper storage when your pool season is over.
  • The pole is designed to stand up to frequent use with pool treatment chemicals without showing any signs of damage.
  • This pole has been known to snap easily with frequent use, especially when stored in direct sunlight.
  • There are a few different vacuum hoses and heads that are unable to be used with this pole, so be sure to check on your model before you purchase it.
  • Even if the pole doesn’t snap, it may bend easily due to its lightweight nature.

9. JED Pool Tools Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole

JED Pool Tools 50-560-16 Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole, 16-Feet

When vacuuming your swimming pool, you need a nice long pole to help you reach even the most out-of-the-way parts of the pool itself. With the JED Pool Tools Professional Deluxe Anodized Telescopic Pole, you’ll be able to get to anything you need to clean without having to strain or put forth too much effort. This pole can be purchased in a package set that includes a leaf rake, brush, or skimmer, but you can also buy it by itself if you already have these products and just need a great, strong, sturdy pole to help you get your pool as clean as possible.



  • This pole can be used with a lot of different products, including several different types of vacuums and vacuum heads as well as multiple kinds of hoses.
  • This pole is generally much sturdier than the other poles available on the market today and is made of much more durable material.
  • It’s easy to operate this pole with just one hand because of its lightweight construction.
  • This is the most expensive pool vacuum pole on the market today, and it’s also one of the most expensive products related to pool vacuums on our list.
  • This pole has been known to come apart at its connections, especially when used very frequently.
  • The locking mechanism included has been known to be incapable of locking correctly in some instances.

Vacuum Hoses

10. JED Pool Tools Deluxe Filter Connecting Hose

JED Pool Tools 60-345-06 Deluxe Filter Connecting Hose for Swimming Pool, 1-1/2-Inch by 6-Feet

When you’re looking for a great pool hose that won’t destroy your budget, try the JED Pool Tools Deluxe Filter Connecting Hose. Although this hose might not be as nice to look at as some of the others listed here, it can still provide you with plenty of excellent use time and time again throughout your pool season. When you need a product that’s going to last a while without having to worry too much about whether or not it will work with your existing products, you can’t go wrong with this great hose.



  • This is the most affordable pool vacuum hose on the market today, and it should be able to fit into any budget easily.
  • The hose is very easy to install on your vacuum and can be used with a lot of different vacuum head pieces interchangeably.
  • When stored correctly, this hose doesn’t develop any damage or kinks.
  • This hose is not made from materials that are as durable as those used in some of the other hoses listed here.
  • If you leave this hose out in direct sunlight for too long, it may weaken and develop cracks.
  • The included nozzles may break easily, especially with frequent use.

11. Haviland NA101 Vac Hose for Above Ground Pools

When you need an affordable hose to help you get your above ground swimming pool clean with minimal effort, look no further than the Haviland NA101 Vac Hose for Above Ground Pools. This excellent eighteen-foot hose is designed for use with just about any above ground pool universally, and it’s sure to help you keep your water cleaner than ever before. Best of all, since this product is built of quality materials, it’s able to resist a lot of wear and tear even in the extreme weather conditions or with frequent exposure to your harsh pool chemicals.



  • If you need an even longer hose, you can easily attach this hose to another one to give yourself plenty of length to work with.
  • This hose is able to be used with just about any vacuum head universally, with only a few exceptions, so if you already own a vacuum head piece you may be in luck with this product.
  • The hose is very sturdy and rigid without sacrificing anything in terms of flexibility and lightweight design.
  • In some rare cases, the hose has been known to arrive damaged and cracked during shipping.
  • If you don’t take care to store this hose properly, it will develop knots and kinks and be difficult to use next time around.
  • The plastic connection nozzles included with this hose have been known to arrive damaged or, in some rare instances, missing.

12. Haviland NA205 Vacuum Hose for In-Ground Swimming Pools

When you’re ready to vacuum your swimming pool, you need the right hose to help you get the job done. With the Haviland NA205 Vacuum Hose for In-Ground Swimming Pools, you’ll have the perfect hose ready and waiting for you the next time you’re ready to clean your in-ground pool. This thirty-foot hose is built to last and made from high-quality, durable materials that won’t tarnish or rust with frequent use. Even when you leave it out in the yard or expose it frequently to chemically-treated pool water, this hose is sure to help you keep your water clean time and time again with no trouble.



  • This hose will last you several years or many seasons in comparison to other, similar hoses on the market today.
  • The hose is very flexible and can be rolled up and unrolled easily in a short amount of time.
  • The hose is long enough to help you reach depths in just about any pool without being too large and heavy to be difficult to work with.
  • The connection nozzle that attaches to the skimmer lid has been known to crack or splinter very easily with frequent use.
  • The box this item comes in has been known to arrive damaged during shipping, although the product inside is fine.
  • Without proper storage, the hose may develop cracks between the pleats over time.


While there are several different components of your pool vacuum system to keep in mind, try not to get too overwhelmed. You really only need to purchase a pole, hose, vacuum head, skimmer net, and a hook in order to have everything you need, but you can get started without all these products, too. If you’re cleaning your pool on a budget, it’s possible to take care of the vacuuming process without a skimmer net or hook, although some of the tasks may be a little more difficult.

Be sure to think about the type of material your pool is made out of when choosing the right vacuum head for your cleaning purposes. Don’t choose something that will damage vinyl or scratch concrete. Think about your storage options when you choose your pole, too, and don’t select something that will rust easily if your pole will be kept anywhere near your pool water or treatment chemicals.

Once you take some time to sit down and think about what you need for your specific pool setup, you won’t have any trouble finding the right items to help keep your pool’s water crystal clear from the start of the pool season all the way up until cold weather rolls around again.