Drinking Water Makes Me Bloated – What’s Wrong With Me?

Do you feel like you’re puffier than you used to be after you have a glass of water?

Do your pants feel a little tighter and more uncomfortable just from having something to drink?

Do you often think, “Drinking water makes me bloated”?

If this sounds like you, don’t worry—you’re not the only one. Although it’s not that common to feel bloated after drinking water, it’s not usually a sign of any serious conditions. With that said, however, you do need to speak to your doctor if this happens often or if it’s very painful, and you should also bring it up if this is the first time it’s ever happened to you.

Bloating feels like the bloated part of your body—stomach, ankles, face, or hands usually—is bigger and heavier than it normally is. This part of your body may not fit into clothing the way it normally does, and this is what leads to your stomach feeling constricted by your pants, underwear, or bra when you’re badly bloated.

For many people, this feeling can be very uncomfortable or even painful. Severe bloating can even cause shortness of breath or a pounding heart rate. If this is happening to you for the first time, again, seek medical attention. Keep in mind, however, that all of this can be a normal symptom of bloating in many people and it’s not always something to be alarmed about.

To find out more about water and bloating, read on.

Water and Bloating

Here are some facts about water and bloating. Read through this information so you can have a better understanding of what might be causing this in your body. If you’re dealing with any of the concerns listed below, you may find yourself bloating up more often than not. By narrowing down the possibilities and determining which ones of these issues might be causing your bloating, you’ll have a better idea of how to tackle the problem and what you might want to ask your healthcare provider about next time you go in for a checkup, too.

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  • Chugging water may bloat you more than sipping it. When you chug water, you’re gulping a lot of air with it, and that may make you feel more bloated than you would if you took smaller sips. Many people are guilty of drinking water too fast, especially when feeling hot or thirsty, but it can actually do more harm than good if you aren’t careful!
  • Carbonated water will always bloat you up more than regular water. This is a given thanks to all the air bubbles present in carbonated water. If you like the taste of carbonated water but you don’t want to deal with the bubbles anymore, try looking for flavored or mineral water that is not carbonated instead. Just remember to stay away from those that are flavored with fake sweeteners, since these types of chemicals are not good for your body either.

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  • Drinking too much water in a day may lead to bloating. While it’s always very important to drink your eight glasses of water (eight ounces per glass) a day, it can be detrimental to your health to go severely over this number. Of course, you may need to drink more if you work out heavily or do a lot of manual labor, but even then, you shouldn’t go way over this volume of water in a day. Doing so may fill your stomach too much with water and may, in turn, make you feel and look much more bloated than you would otherwise. Cut back on the water if you notice this happening a lot.
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    Drinking a lot of water with a big meal may lead to bloating. If you eat a lot and drink a lot at the same time, it’s simple: your stomach is going to be very full of both food and drink. And if this happens, you’re likely to feel bloated and much too full for comfort. This is why it’s important to eat slowly and drink slowly as well, and make sure you swallow your food before you stop to take a drink of water. By taking your time throughout a meal, you’ll be better able to digest properly and won’t get too full or cause yourself to get bloated, either.
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    Some illnesses and medications can affect this as well. If you are sick with a stomach bug, you might find yourself getting more bloated when you drink water. And if you have a digestive disorder like IBS or something more serious like Crohn’s disease, this can also be a symptom. Medications may also make you feel bloated more easily and may cause your stomach to bloat up even when all you’ve had to drink is water. If you think the problem might be caused by a medication, speak to a pharmacist or to your doctor to find out more information and to see if you have any other options.
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    You may get water intoxication from drinking too much water. This is rare, but it causes painful and severe bloating as well as vomiting. This condition can be deadly. Water intoxication is caused by drinking far too much water in a short amount of time. It overloads your body and causes you to get sick since your system is not able to process the water or waste in your body in enough time. It also throws your electrolytes out of whack completely. You may find yourself bloating up with no relief as an early sign of this condition, so be sure you get to a hospital if you think this might be what happened to you. You must be treated at a hospital if you have water intoxication.


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So were you able to find out what’s causing your bloating? It’s not impossible to be bloated from drinking water, and as long as you’re sure you haven’t had so much to drink that you may be suffering early stages of water intoxication, then you probably don’t have anything to be too worried about. However, it can be very uncomfortable to be bloated from water, and so it’s a good idea to make sure you know how to avoid this problem in the future. It's really best to understand the facts to be able to make a good diagnosis.

But what can you do to prevent bloating from drinking water? Isn’t it something that’s just going to happen to you sometimes?

You can give yourself a fighting chance at avoiding this type of bloating by making sure you sip your water slowly and don’t take big gulps of air when you drink it. You should also avoid lying down right after having water, and try not to drink too much water with a meal, too. Keep all of this in mind and you’ll be better able to prevent yourself from getting painful and unpleasant bloating episodes after you have water.