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Mineral Water

Mineral Water: See our top 7 bottled water skin benefits for 2019! *LEARN NOW* Mineral water (both regular and sparkling mineral bottled water) can keep our skin healthy! Drinking the minerals in mineral water is good for nutrition and health. People who practice regular mineral water bottled drink management may also be healthier than most. Get started drinking good bottled mineral water at home today for healthier skin!


Have you ever considered washing your face and skin with mineral water?

Did you know there are a lot of reasons why you might want to do just that?

What is in mineral water, anyway?

Mineral water is a type of bottled water that comes from natural springs. It’s called this because the mineral content of the water is much higher than it is in other types. Normally, it contains a lot more calcium and magnesium, both of which are very good for the human body. In fact, these are two important electrolytes that mineral water can help you replace when you need them.

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about using mineral water for washing your skin, we’ve got you covered. Check out the information we have put together in this article and you’ll never again have to wonder about whether or not this type of water is good for your face or your whole body.

Read on to learn more!

Mineral Water Skin Benefits

If you never knew about all the positive effects you could experience from using mineral water, you’re in luck. By the time you finish reading here, you’ll know all about what you can enjoy from this type of water and how it can make a difference in your life, especially if you’re dealing with skin issues. Check out this list of seven great benefits you can enjoy when you use this type of water on your skin for more information.

1. Silica in mineral water nourishes the skin. 

This type of water contains silica, which is a substance found in groundwater as well as in the springs that are used for bottling this type of water. There are a lot of health benefits of silica, especially when it’s present in trace amounts, but keeping your skin healthy is one of the big ones.

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You may recognize the word “silica” from the packets of silica gel that are often found in clothing and in some food containers to keep moisture away. While you should never eat silica gel, don’t worry—it’s perfectly safe to wash your face in mineral water with silica in it.

2. Mineral bottled water keeps you hydrated. 

Of course, any type of water is hydrating to your skin, whether you use it on your face or on your whole body. However, if you’re looking for something that will encourage your skin to be even healthier than ever before, this type of water is the way to go. The more electrolytes that are present in water, the more likely that water is to be hydrating for your skin.

Using this type of water on your face every day is a sure way to help clear up dry and flaky skin in most instances.

3. Bottled mineral water makes your face look brighter.  

You may not be totally sure what people mean when they talk about brightening your face, but if you wash with mineral water, you’ll soon be able to find out! Between nourishing and hydrating your skin with electrolytes and healthy minerals, this type of water is sure to get your face looking more youthful and brighter in no time.

Some people have even found that This type of water can help them tighten the skin on their face and reduce signs of aging in a small way. Although this isn’t true for everyone, it works for some, and it’s worth a try!

4. Mineral bottled water fights face puffiness. 

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When your skin is dehydrated, it shows this by becoming puffy and bloating. Your body retains water when you’re dehydrated because it thinks it needs to hold onto all the moisture it can get, since you aren’t giving it enough otherwise. But when you give your body the water it needs—especially when that water is packed with electrolytes like mineral water is—then you’re doing it a huge favor and keeping it well-hydrated.

When your face is hydrated, you can reduce the signs of puffiness and bloating in your cheeks and jawline. This doesn’t work for every situation, but it’s an excellent place to get started.

5. Mineral bottled water can help reduce baggy eyes. 

Just like with the point above, you can reduce the bagginess under your eyes by making sure you wash your face with hydrating mineral water on a regular basis. This is crucial if you always seem to have unwanted baggy eyes.

6. Mineral bottled water helps strip skin contaminants.

This type of water is a great astringent that can help you get rid of toxins and contaminants that may be present on the surface of your skin. Whether you combine it with a good-quality face wash or simply use it on its own, you’re sure to see some positive results in no time when you use it to wash away these contaminants.

This type of water helps you get rid of old, dead skin cells as well as dirt that may be in the way of your pores, so it’s also good for fighting acne.

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7. Mineral bottled water will invigorate your skin. 

If you need something that’s sure to help your skin feel awake and energized for whatever the day might bring, mineral water is a great option for this as well! This type of water naturally helps your whole body feel awake and packed with energy, and your skin is no exception. Start your day off with a mineral water face wash and see for yourself!

Mineral Bottled Water For Good Health

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons why you might want to consider using mineral water to wash your face and skin. If you’re having trouble with your skin, this is a good place to start, since it may help you clear up the problem without having to resort to expensive or unpleasant treatments. Just keep in mind, however, that even though there are plenty of benefits, using this type of water on your face and skin can be costly, and it may also make your skin flaky depending on how you react to it.

There are a lot of reasons to give it a try, however, but is this true for both bottled and natural mineral water? Yes—but it’s not exactly the same for both types. Both types contain the minerals that make a difference in the treatment of our skin, but natural mineral water has quite a lot more, since it hasn’t been filtered and processed yet. On the other hand, however, it also hasn’t been treated to make it as safe as bottled mineral water, which means it could have more contaminants present. Keep all this in mind when choosing which option to go with.

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