Q: Why Do We Need Water To Survive? (Water & Health)

Do you want to learn a little more about water and what it does for human life?

Do you feel like you don’t totally understand just how important water really is?

Why do we need water to survive, anyway?

In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need to fully understand the relationship between water and human life. We’ll break it down into easy-to-comprehend facts and leave out all the complicated science stuff—this way, you’ll know just what you need to know about why water matters. And by the time you finish reading below, you should be able to share these facts with your friends and family, too.

Many people know that water is important, but often, individuals don’t realize just how important it really is. And this often leads to people being a little dehydrated every day because they don’t drink enough water. You can do a lot for your overall health and wellbeing by making sure you’re drinking enough water every day, and you should also encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Read on to get a better understanding about water and to figure out just how much it does for you every day of your life!

Facts about Water and Survival

You probably already know that we need water to survive. However, you may not have a very solid understanding of why. It’s always important to fully grasp why your body works the way it is and just what you need in order to feel good and function properly. Here are several facts to help you better understand this relationship:

importance of water in human body

1. Water keeps us hydrated. 

This is the first and foremost fact about water, and it’s the most important! Water keeps the cells hydrated, which means everything in your body functions as well as it possibly can. If you’re sick or injured, water can help you get better sooner. And even if you’re just not feeling well, there’s a good chance the culprit is dehydration. People who drink a lot of soda and coffee and don’t balance it with enough water may find themselves feeling like they’re “sinking” during the day, which is a sign of mild dehydration.

2. Water removes waste from the body. 

This is how urine forms, and it’s a very important part of human biology. By drinking enough water, you’re giving your body a good chance to get rid of all the toxins and contaminants it gathers throughout day to day life. Even if you eat something bad for you, staying hydrated is a great way to feel better fast.

importance of water in the body

3. Water helps us grow food. 

You use water to grow the plants in your garden, and farmers do the same thing on a much larger scale. This is why it’s crucial that water remain as clean as possible, because it comes into contact with our food. When contaminated water is used to grow food, it makes the food contaminated too, and this causes the spread of foodborne illnesses like e. coli.

4. Water keeps us and our food clean. 

Every day, you use water to wash your hands, take a shower, and rinse the vegetables and fruit you eat. You want to be sure you’re using clean water when you do this, too, in order to prevent the spread of disease and illness. Having access to plenty of fresh, clean water is a key aspect of making sure the food you eat doesn’t make you sick. It’s also crucial to practicing good, healthy hygiene and keeping your body looking and feeling great.

why do we need water in our diet

5. Water hydrates the animals we eat, use, and keep as pets. 

Do you enjoy eating meat? Do you have a farm where you use animals for work purposes? Or do you just have a beloved dog or cat at home? If any of this is true of you, then you use water to take care of your animals. Even the animals we eat are given water, of course—and once again, if that water is contaminated, there’s a good chance the animals will be too.

6. Water can help fight infections and fevers. 

If you get sick with a bacterial infection or a virus, your body will flush the illness out through urine (and sometimes through vomit). Staying well-hydrated is a great way to encourage your body to heal as quickly as possible. This goes double for times when you have a fever, since sipping on cool water or eating ice chips can help you reduce your core body temperature and feel better faster.

7. Water can even sometimes help treat migraines and other aches, such as joint pains. 

why do we need water on earth

Water alone is often not enough to completely remedy joint pain, arthritis, or migraines. However, it can go a long way toward helping you manage a flare-up of any of these problems. Water hydrates your body, including your joints, and helps them stay more lubricated and operate properly. Water can help treat migraines by constricting the blood vessels in the brain that contribute to migraine pain in the first place.


As you can see, there’s a lot that water does for us all. Whether you’re looking to get hydrated again after a good workout or you’re searching for something to help you treat and manage your migraines, water can do a ton for you. Making sure to drink enough water on a regular basis is a very important step toward healthier living overall, no matter what you’re looking to accomplish.

Is water really that necessary, though? Can we even survive at all in a world without water? In short, no—although it’s impossible to even really comprehend what a world without water would be like. Water is the most basic building block of life on our planet, and the planet itself is a lot more water than it is anything else. This is why we have yet to find life on any other planet—because the water isn’t quite right, and without the perfect temperature and type of water, life just can’t happen. Some planets don’t seem to have any water at all, which means they’re truly uninhabitable.

When it comes down to it, your body needs water more than it needs anything else. You can go weeks without food if you have to, but you can only go a few days without water before you will become too weak to function and even eventually die from dehydration. This is why it’s crucial to make sure you’re getting enough water in your day to day life.

Drinking enough water is a great way to encourage your body to be healthy and as in shape as possible, too. Give yourself the best chance at healthy living by drinking and eight-ounce glass of water eight times a day!