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Are you trying to figure out how to bring the beauty of the ocean inside your house? Are you sick of seeing the same old fish tanks that fall short of the grandeur of a true aquarium? Do you want to build a gorgeous aquatic setting that will make your relatives and friends envious? The ideal solution is 200-gallon fish aquariums! They give sufficient room for your fish as well as an immersive experience that will make you feel as though you are a part of the aquatic world. These tanks can turn any space into a lovely sanctuary because to their enormous size and remarkable features. Additionally, anyone can enjoy this great experience without worrying about confusing instructions or expensive maintenance because to their simple setup and maintenance. So continue reading to learn more about 200 gallons if you're ready to upgrade your home aquarium.


200 gallon fish tanks provide a unique and immersive experience for aquarists.

  • They are large enough to house a variety of fish species.
  • They require more maintenance than smaller tanks, but the rewards are worth it.
  • The larger size allows for more creative design options.

With a 200 gallon tank, you can create an underwater paradise that will be the envy of all your friends!

300 Gallons


Clear-For-Life 300 Gal Aquarium

300 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium

Our Rating: 4.5 / 5

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty against leaking
  • Tank is brighter and safer for fish
  • More durable than glass aquariums

In this stunning Clear-for-Life 300 Gallon Rectangle Aquarium, the colors of your fish will come to life. Not only will your fish look nicer, but they will be safer as well; acrylic will not shatter like glass and is a far superior insulator to keep your fish secure from temperature variations which are harmful to fish.

All Clear-For-Life acrylic aquariums include a Limited Lifetime Warranty against leaking, so you can be assured that your investment is secure. These aquariums are ideal for freshwater, marine, reef, and planted aquarium settings.

***These options we've featured above are our top choices for 180-300 gallon aquarium tanks on the market. If you'd like to see more, here are some of the latest Aquarium offers from Petsmart. Otherwise, please read on for some of the best places to find large aquariums online.

Are you looking for a great aquarium for sale online?

Do you need a reliable fish tank to give your fishy friends a home they can be proud of?

Are you wondering what the best aquariums for sale are, and where you need to go to find them?

If any of this sounds familiar, you're definitely in the RIGHT PLACE. Read on...

If you are a fish lover, the first thing you will need to purchase is an aquarium. An aquarium is basically your pet’s home where they live and grow. You must make sure to provide your fish and other aqua pets with an aquarium that is big enough for them.

A small or medium sized fish tank can’t hold more than 10 fish, so you must go for a bigger one if you want to keep more fish or other pets.

You need to be careful when it comes to purchasing a big fish tank. The right size is 200 gallon (the amount of water they can hold). A lot of sellers produce such big tanks, but you need to be very careful when picking one.

The first priority when buying a 200 gallon fish tank should be choosing a reliable and friendly website. This is important because purchasing larger fish tanks from websites that are selling fish tanks on sale can help you save serious money.

Not many companies are making 200 gallon fish tanks these days, which is why buying a used aquarium is your best bet.

All things considered, it sure is possible to find 200 gallon aquariums for sale, however, buying them require extra caution due to a number of reasons:

*Firstly, 200 gallon aquariums come in the category of larger tanks, and such tanks are not easy to find. However, we have performed the required research for you to make it easy for you to find such big tanks.

200 gallon aquarium dimensions

We have shortlisted five reliable sites that offer 200 gallon aquariums for sale. These websites have 200 gallon aquariums for sale, however most of the aquariums are used, repaired or refurbished, but in good condition. Hence, you need to be careful when buying such big tanks.

One good way is to ask the seller to fill a tank up so that you can check if it has any leaks or not.

Plus, such tanks are very expensive and you need to be careful before spending so much of money. When you spend this much money, you need to be sure that the seller has accessories installed in the aquarium such as filters, sumps, LEDs etc.

These equipment are very important because they are the reason your tank inhabitants can survive for long and buying them separately can cost you a lot.

Lastly, make sure to have enough space to keep the aquarium, so buy accordingly. Also, remember that such aquariums are hard to maintain so keep this point in mind as well.

So, make sure you consider all the things before buying one.

Now, without much ado, let’s have a look at 5 websites that are offering 200 gallon aquariums for sale:

1. Amazon

This site requires no introduction as it is one of biggest online portals out there. With more than 300,000 employees and gigantic warehouses, you can rest assured that you’re buying products from a professional company.

Quality: As per the customers, both the quality and the service offered for larger aquariums is commendable. They have a return policy that is far better than other websites and the discounts they offer are also one of a kind.

Products: You can find a plethora of products from this website. May it be aquariums, fishes, fish food, accessories or aquarium furniture, Amazon sells it all.

Drawback: Rarely, they won't have as broad of a selection on certain, specific items.


  • Largest online website.
  • Quality products.
  • Discounts available.


  • Quality of products will vary.

2. Fish Tanks Direct

200 gallon fish tank

This website is one of the largest distributors of aquariums and related products. They’ve been selling aquariums for a long time now and have a long chain of customers that are more than satisfied buying from them.

Price Range: They deal in a variety of products including aquariums. Their aquariums come in various sizes, including 200 gallon aquariums for sale that can be bought for as low as $2000.

Quality: The aquariums sold here are of top notch quality and even if there’s an issue, you can turn to their reliable customer service. Most of the aquariums are in good condition with little scratches that are not much of a problem.

Products: On this website, you can find it all that you need including fish stands, aquariums (1 gallon to 600 gallons), equipment (filters, sumps, skimmers, lighting and much more).

Drawback: The downside of the website is late shipments. It maybe due to the large business they’re dealing with. But thanks to their quality products, the wait is worth it.


  • Diverse range of products.
  • Affordable products.
  • Good customer service.


  • Deliveries are not very timely.

3. Glass Cages

200 gallon aquarium

A lot of people prefer buying 200 gallon aquariums from Glass Cages because of the customizing options the company offers.

You will get a chance to customize your aquarium when you make a purchase. The process is easy and gives you great freedom.

The company has been in the business for years, but it was only in 2015 that it expanded and became a household name.

Price Range: You can get a 200 gallon tank here for as low as $1200.

Quality: The quality of the larger aquariums sold on this website is amazing. Every product is thoroughly packed and shipped in time. Customers rarely find any defect in the tanks.

Products: They deal in a number of products, namely: aquariums, glass/acrylic, stands, lights, pumps, filters and other accessories.

Drawback: The flaw of the website is that they are not very friendly with the transportation as it is the customer’s responsibility to load or extract the product.


  • Variety of products available.
  • Quick customer response.
  • Quality products.


  • Poor transportation.

4. Craigslist

fish tank for sale craigslist

The website deals in a variety of things such as finding jobs, apartments and personal items too. You can find plenty of aquariums here, however, the supply is limited.

Price Range: You may have a difficult finding 200 gallon tanks here, however you can buy 180 and 300 gallon reef aquariums from here, but they are quite expensive.

Quality: The quality is good but not better than the above mentioned websites because some products on sale are very old.

Products: You can shop for many things here including new pets for your aquarium, filters and other aquarium related products.

Drawback: On the downside, you may not find what you’re looking for if you wait for too long because of limited supply.


  • Product prices are cheaper.
  • Good shipment options.


  • Product inconsistency.

5. Ebay

large fish tanks for sale

eBay is a known name for all the right reasons. When it comes to aquariums, you can easily find what you’re looking for here.

Price Range: 200 gallon aquariums can be bought for around $2500, which is expensive but product quality is great.

Quality: In terms of quality we’d say it’s one of the best. The larger aquariums are not damaged in any way and customers seem happy with their service.

Products: You can find almost anything on this website regarding aquariums or marine life. The plus point is, they also offer discounts.

Drawback: On the downside, it is common to come across fake sellers with poor products. However, eBay has strict policies and is trying its best to reduce scams.


  • Diverse range of products.
  • Quality products.
  • Affordable (discounts available).


  • Some sellers are not reliable.


Among all the 5 websites, we’d pick Amazon as our 1st pick because it reigns supreme in the online business. If you read aquarium reviews that are purchased by customers from there, they have nothing but good things to say.

At the end of the day, make sure you go with someone that has a good return policy to ensure you will be happy with your purchase.


5 Tips for Setting Up a 200-Gal Aquarium

  1. Choose the right filter system for your tank. A good rule of thumb is to use a filter that can turn over the entire volume of water in the tank at least four times per hour.
  2. Make sure you have enough substrate to cover the bottom of the tank. The substrate should be at least two inches deep and should be made up of materials such as gravel, sand, or crushed coral.
  3. Be sure to add plenty of decorations and plants to your tank. This will provide hiding places for your fish and make the tank look more natural.
  4. Test your water regularly to ensure it is safe for your fish. You should test pH levels, ammonia levels, nitrite levels, and nitrate levels on a regular basis.
  5. Keep up with regular maintenance on your tank. This includes cleaning out debris from the substrate, changing out some of the water every week, and checking all equipment regularly.

ALSO: Consider adding an aquarium chiller if you live in a warm climate!

Beneficial Information For Readers

The experience of owning a 200-gallon fish tank is thrilling and fulfilling. You'll have the chance to make a special and bright environment for your aquatic friends to thrive in, in addition to admiring the beauty of your aquatic companions. There are several significant considerations that must be taken into account when putting up a 200-gallon tank. You must first confirm that your tank is adequate for the kind of fish you intend to keep. In order for your fish to remain healthy and happy, you'll also need to make sure that your tank has sufficient filtration and aeration systems in place. Additionally, it's crucial to pick the proper substrate for your tank because it will keep the water quality excellent and give your fish a cozy place to live. In order to create a welcoming environment for both you and your fish, adequate lighting is crucial. Keeping a 200-gallon aquarium can be very pleasurable if you keep these things in mind!

Ideas for Use: What Are They Effective for?

There are three main uses for these tanks: first, they are ideal for setting up a sizable and stunning aquarium show. Due to their size, you have plenty of room to add decorations and plants in order to produce a wonderful visual effect. Second, they are excellent for housing bigger fish species that need more room than smaller tanks can offer, including cichlids or catfish. Finally, in a controlled environment, these tanks can also be used to spawn fish. This is particularly helpful if you want to raise uncommon or exotic species that might not be offered in pet stores. A 200-gallon tank is the best option for any dedicated aquarist wishing to put on an outstanding display or breed uncommon fish species due to its size and adaptability.

Drawbacks: What To Watch Out For

Having a 200-gallon fish tank has a lot of advantages, but there are some negatives as well. First off, it can be expensive to put up and maintain a tank this size. You must also buy all the essential supplies, including as filters, pumps, lighting systems, and other add-ons, in addition to the tank itself. Due to its size and water volume, it also needs water changes more frequently than smaller tanks. This calls for increasing the amount of money spent on water conditioners and dechlorinators as well as the amount of time spent on maintenance duties like removing algae from walls and changing filter media. Researching various equipment kinds before making any purchases will help you identify the most affordable options for your needs, which will assist to offset these drawbacks. Additionally, purchasing an automated system for keeping track of temperature and pH levels can assist in lowering the amount of manual work necessary for maintenance duties. Finally, employing organic cleaning agents that won't endanger the health of your fish, like living plants or driftwood, can help keep your aquarium clean.

What Factors Should Be Used To Evaluate Them?

The most crucial quantitative factors to take into account while assessing these useful products are size, capacity, cost, and simplicity of maintenance. Size is crucial since it dictates how much area or space the tank will occupy in a room or house. The tank's capacity, which defines how many fish may be kept inside without strain, is also crucial. Any purchase must take into account the cost, and because 200-gallon tanks are larger than ordinary, they are typically more expensive than smaller tanks. In addition, larger tanks need more regular cleaning and water changes than smaller ones, therefore simplicity of maintenance should be considered.

Firsthand Experience: What to Expect

For those seeking to build an outstanding and bright aquatic environment, these trustworthy products are a fantastic option. They offer lots of room for different fish, plants, and ornaments. These tanks may house a wide variety of fish species and, with proper care, even serve as a breeding site for some species. It's crucial to think about the kind of filtration system that will best serve your needs when setting up the tank. Due to their capacity to remove big particles from water while yet allowing beneficial bacteria to exist in the tank, canister filters are frequently advised. Additionally, it's critical to make sure there is enough lighting to support healthy plant growth and prevent algae blooms. In order to maintain optimal water quality levels and avoid any accumulation of toxins or waste products in the tank, regular water changes should be performed. These useful items can give aquarists of all skill levels years of delight with the right upkeep and care!

There are a few steps to remember when assembling a tank of this size. Make sure you have the appropriate tools for the job before anything else. This includes a reliable stand, a suitable filter setup, and, if required, a heater. After that, add water to the tank and inspect it for fractures or leaks. Third, fill the tank's bottom with substrate, like gravel or sand. Fourth, furnish your aquarium with extras like rocks and plants to give your fish a real habitat. Fifth, introduce healthy bacteria to the tank's cycle to aid in the decomposition of garbage in the water. Add your fish last, and then periodically check on their health. You can simply set up and maintain a 200-gallon fish tank if you keep these easy steps in mind.

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