30 Gallon Fish Tank Filters: Power Filter For Aquariums


Grab 30 gallon power filters for fish tanks in our 30 gallon aquarium filter list.

Our 30 Gallon Power Filter For Aquariums Recommendation

MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter, 200GPH (PF0200B),Black
30,782 Reviews
MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter, 200GPH (PF0200B),Black
  • WITH ROTATING BIO-WHEEL: Patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration.
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Delivers mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration to maintain a clean...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Use with Marineland Rite-Size Filter Cartridges (see individual filter for sizing recommendations).

Keeping fish in compact spaces can turn out to be disastrous and even result in a loss of fish. Therefore, a suitable sized aquarium is a must when you have pet fish. However, that’s not all. You will need to install some necessary equipment in the tank if you wish for your fish to stay alive and healthy. One of the most important equipment that you can get for a fish tank is a filter.

These products are necessary when you want to keep the water crystal clear and the environment healthy. A 30 gal aquarium can easily accommodate a filter and ensure that no chemicals, toxins and debris stay in the water for long.

Mainly, there are 3 types of solutions available out there: biological, chemical and mechanical. These products are designed to keep a tank clean and the water clear. A super clean tank not only looks alluring but it is also what the fish want and need.

These items are not expensive, and have a long life. A cartridge typically lasts six months, and in most cases can be replaced with a new one.

You can extend a filter’s life with the help of proper maintenance. You must make sure to let no dirt accumulate inside a filter, as it would not only shorter a filter’s life, but may also impact the quality of work.

These products can accumulate debris in them and it can turn into ammonia and pass into the tank water, therefore, make sure you clean in a timely manner and change the cartridge every 6 months, or as suggested.

Now, without much ado, let’s have a look at our list of offers for super happy fish:

30 Gallon Aquarium Filter #1

Tetra Whisper Power Filter

Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums, 3 Filters in 1, Up to...

This is one of the cheapest products you will find out there. However, it being cheap doesn’t mean that it lacks in performance. In fact, this option works like a charm when it comes to keeping a 30 gal aquariums ultra clean at all times.

Whisper Power Filters  are popular because they serve three operations simultaneously. Installing this offer will eliminate the need to add any other cleaning media because with this, you can clean the tank water mechanically

(cleans food/plant/fish waste etc), chemically (eliminates the odor and chemicals that harmful for the fish), and finally, biologically (promotes growth of beneficial bacteria)

All things considered, this is the ultimate offer for your fish tank, however, there is one thing that may be troublesome – it can be a bit noisy at times.


  • Performs a 3-way filtering process.
  • Cheaper.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Noisy.

30 Gallon Aquarium Filter #2

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filters, Size 30-200GPH

If you’re looking for a filter that offers top notch filtration then your search ends at Aqueon Quietflow LED PRO aquarium power filter . The best thing about this choice is its 4 stage capability which ensures that the water in the tank stays clean. The 4 stages are mechanical, biological, chemical and wet-dry cleaning.

Stage#1: The waste particles and accumulated debris are removed by a dense floss. (Mechanical)

Stage#2: Harmful chemicals and toxins are removed from the water by activated carbons. (Chemical)

Stage#3: Nitrite and toxic ammonia that can be formed by fish waste is cleaned by bio-holster. (Biological)

Stage#4: In this stage, oxygen is regulated throughout the tank so that your pets can stay healthy.

The water flowing rate is higher compared to other products in this price and this option also works on a self starting system. So you can rest assured that your fish will stay safe and healthy when you install this offer in the tank. Also, there’s an LED that informs you when it is time to change cartridge.

While it is an amazing product, it does have one small flaw. This option can be hard to clean at times, but with a bit practice you will learn the art.


  • Super quite.
  • Offer 4 different types of cleaning.
  • Self-Start.


  • Difficult to clean the filter.

30 Gallon Aquarium Filter #3

Marineland Penguin Power Filter

MarineLand Penguin 200 Power Filter, 200GPH (PF0200B),Black

Marineland filters  need no introduction as they have been making equipment for aquariums for a long time. This particular choice is a powerful one as it can filter 200 gallons per hour, which is a lot considering other products that claim to be as good as this choice.

When you have this option in your tank then you won’t be seeing any debris floating or resting at the bottom thanks to the mechanical filtering it does. Also, this offer makes sure that the tank’s water doesn’t get cloudy or smelly as it can also clean chemicals and toxins with its chemical filtration.

Lastly, biological filtering ensures that bacteria is grown nicely and toxic ammonia is removed, thanks to the bio-wheel attached in the filter, doing this is a piece of cake for this choice.

While assembling this option is very easy if you follow the manual, however, this offer can be a little louder. Other than that, this is a great option.


  • Offers biological, mechanical and chemical filtering.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable.


  • Noisy.

30 Gallon Aquarium Filter #4

AquaClear Power Filter – 110 V

AquaClear Fish Tank Filter, Aquarium Filter for 10- to 30-Gallon...

This option from AquaClear is preferred by a lot of pet lovers for their fish tanks because of its high filtering rate (7x more than similar products).

This AquaClear filter doesn’t degrade the view as it can be hung on and hidden at the back. Also, it is up to you to set a flow rate because it offers a customized filter performance which a lot of products fail to do. The benefit here is that with this AquaClear product you can reduce the flow rate up to 50% and the water will get re-filtered multiple times, hence cleaner water.

Like other products on the list, this AquaClear product on Amazon provides all the filtration types. Buying this option will make your water cleaning task hassle free because this offer really is worth it and is one of the most ideal products  you can find.

However, on the downside, this AquaClear product requires a lot of maintenance and must be cleaned every 10 days or so.

AquaClear on Amazon PROS

  • Cleans water like a pro.
  • Super quiet.
  • Adjustable flow rate.

AquaClear on Amazon CONS

  • Needs a lot of maintenance or might get leaks.

30 Gallon Aquarium Filter #5

Grech CBG-500 5W UV Sterilizer Hang-On Back Filter

GRECH CBG-500 5W UV Sterilizer Hang-On Back Filter, 10-30...

This offer performs best in tanks ranging from 10 to 15 gallons . This choice is super stylish and enhances the look of your aquarium once hung on. You can control the water flow rate according to the size of the tank and your pets.

There’s also a surface skimmer that comes with the filter. Its job is to clean the oil from the surface of the tank. Apart from that, the UV fertilizer helps to reduce bacteria and algae that makes the water cloudy.

The flaw of the product is that when you are adjusting the water flow rate, the pump generates and passes air bubbles into the water and also makes noise.


  • The 5W UV sterilizer keeps the algae and bacteria suppressed.
  • Adjustable water flow with knobs.
  • Surface skimmer cleans oil from the top.


  • Noisy.


These are our 5 favorite options for sale online. However, keeping the tank and filter well maintained and clean is also necessary.

Contrary to the popular belief, 30 gal aquariums are easy to clean, along with the filters.

All you need to do is drain 10%-15% of tank water to lower the water level and extract any debris. Once done, clean the tank’s walls and the filter too.

Filter cartridges should also be rinsed and left to dry to prolong their life.

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