Alkaline Water

If you’ve been paying attention to health trends in the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard something about alkaline water. The term “alkaline” might not sound too good when you’re talking about something in your water supply since it usually calls to mind batteries and harsh chemicals. However, in this instance, water being alkaline is a good thing, and some people believe it may even contribute to longer life and a healthier existence.

Alkaline water has a lower acidity than regular tap water. This has a lot to do with the pH quotient of the water. When water has a lower pH number, it’s very acidic, and when it has a higher pH number, it’s very alkaline. Most of the time, water that’s labeled “alkaline” has a pH that falls somewhere between 7 (pure water) and 10. Any higher than that and it would be verging on too dangerous to drink.

The theory behind alkaline water is that it can potentially make human blood less acidic. Higher acidity in the body for an extended period of time can contribute to metabolic issues, which in turn can lead to chronic obesity, bone issues, and hormone imbalance. This can also cause a lot of digestive upset, which is why medicines exist to reduce acid buildup in the stomach.

There are two ways to get alkaline water:

Natural spring water – This is the healthiest form of alkaline water. Any water that comes from a spring full of natural minerals that haven’t been put there by a machine or by human intervention is going to be more alkaline than other types of water. Certain brands of bottled water are much more alkaline than others simply because of where they come from. If you’re looking for the perfect alkaline bottled water to try as part of your new health regime, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Ionized waterIonizing machines are another popular way to get alkaline water, and they’ve become more and more popular for home use in recent years. These machines pass water through platinum or titanium to ionize it and bring up the pH of the water in a less natural method. This is generally a less healthy alternative simply because it doesn’t introduce any necessary minerals into the water. However, if this isn’t the only way you get your water, it’s still a good option as long as you supplement it with other water sources containing vital minerals.

Although it’s relatively easy to find, alkaline water might not be for everyone. People who have kidney issues shouldn’t drink alkaline water since it can actually make these conditions much worse. Lowering the acidity of the body too much can also lead to alkalosis, which may cause twitching, tingling, tremors, nausea, vomiting, and confusion. However, if you have a clean bill of health, there’s no real reason not to give alkaline water a try. Just remember to discontinue using it if you notice any health problems starting to arise.

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