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Rx Clear Radiant Complete Sand Filter System | for Inground...
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Do you have an inground pool in your backyard? Are you planning to install one?

Are you worried about getting the right type of filter for an inground pool when it seems like a lot of the options you run into are designed for above-ground pools instead?

If you’re looking for a great inground pool pump and filter combo to get you started or replace the filter setup you already have in your swimming pool, this article is here to help you!

Below, we’ll explain to you the pros and cons of buying your own separate filter system pieces versus picking up pool pumps and filters for inground pools as a set. You’ll learn everything you need to know about buying a pool filter kit as well as what buying the pieces on their own can accomplish, and you’ll even get a quick crash course in the different varieties available, too.

After that, we’ll introduce you to 10 of our top picks for the best inground filter systems you can buy. Whether you’re looking for sand, DE, or cartridge style filters, you’ll find plenty of options in our list below. And if you’re wondering what our number one choice is, just read on and find out!

Now, let’s get started learning about inground pool filter systems.

Inground Pool Sand Filter Systems

If you ask anyone about upgrading your inground pool filter system, chances are good they’ll recommend going with a sand filter. Sand filters tend to fall in the mid-range of prices for the three most common types of pool filters, and they offer a lot of power and many years of use without having to worry about replacing or repairing anything too significant.

One of the biggest draws of a sand filter is its ability to use the same filter media for many years. When you fill your filter tank with sand, you can use the same sand for a long time without noticing any negative results in your pool water. And when the time finally does come to change the media entirely, the process is usually pretty simple.

Sand filters are often used for mid-size to larger pools, but there’s no reason why you can’t use one on a smaller pool if you like. Just be sure to choose the right pump size and you’ll have no trouble with your new, strong sand filter.

1. Hayward S144T1540S Pro-Series Top-Mount Sand Filter

Hayward S144T1540S ProSeries 14-Inch 40 GPM Sand Filter System

When you’re looking for a powerful, durable filter that isn’t going to quit on you right in the middle of your busy pool season, look no further than the Hayward S144T1540S Pro-Series Top-Mount Sand Filter. This inground pool pump and filter package comes with the pump included, as well as the hose you need to get everything set up and ready to go. With a top-down diffuser system, you’ll be able to get maximum filtration from this excellent filter system. The included 7-way valve makes cleaning your pool and backwashing your filter a breeze, no matter what type of maintenance you need to perform.



  • The filter tank is made of non-corrosive plastic, which means it can be exposed to the weather as well as to your treated pool water without rusting or weakening.
  • This filter system comes from Hayward, which is generally considered one of the best brand names in the industry.
  • The filter comes with all the hoses, fittings, and valves needed to get it set up without making any extra purchases other than filter media.
  • The filter has been known to develop leaks where the screws are attached in the back of the tank.
  • In some cases, the pressure gauge has arrived broken during shipping, but the company will replace it if this occurs.
  • Over time, the connection pieces may need to be replaced or they will not be able to be tightened enough.

2. Rx Clear Radiant 24” In-Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter System

Rx Clear Radiant Complete Sand Filter System | for Inground...

Choose the Rx Clear Radiant 24” In-Ground Swimming Pool Sand Filter System when you want an in ground pool pump and filter combo that comes with everything you need to get started, including a high-quality sand filter. This filter is large enough to handle most backyard pools but small enough that maintenance won’t be a hassle. It holds 300 pounds of sand and comes with its own built-in base to make placement safer and easier than ever before. Best of all, even if you’ve never put in a pool filter system before, you should have no trouble assembling and installing this set. You’ll have cleaner water in no time with this set.



  • This filter is not too prone to allowing sand to wash into your swimming pool water, even during the first couple of cycles.
  • The filter is capable of cleaning up even the murkiest of pool water in only a couple of days.
  • This is a very quiet filter that won’t disrupt your outdoor fun while it’s running.
  • This filter system doesn’t come from a well-known brand name, which may be a detriment for some buyers.
  • Although the filter system is easy to put together, the included directions can be confusing and may require additional research online.
  • The valves have been known to develop leaks very quickly after installation in some cases.

3. Pentair 22.5 Inch Sand Dollar In Ground Pool Sand Filter System

Pentair 22.5 Inch Sand Dollar In Ground Pool Sand Filter System -...

The Pentair 22.5 Inch Sand Dollar In Ground Pool Sand Filter System comes with both the Pentair 145322 sand filter and the 340037 pump to help you get started with cleaner, clearer water right away. This filter includes a six-way valve that includes plenty of settings so you never have to struggle with complicated backwashing. You can even use this filter and pump system to help you clean and vacuum the bottom of your pool simply by adjusting the filter valve to the right position. With one of these in ground pool filter systems, you have everything you need to enjoy your swimming pool for a long time to come.



  • This filter system comes with its own built-in base so you don’t have to worry about finding a safe, proper place to position it when installing.
  • It’s very easy to set up this filter on your own, even if you don’t have any prior experience putting one in.
  • The filter is designed to run very quietly so as not to interrupt your pool enjoyment.
  • It is possible for the pressure gauge on this filter to arrive broken due to its location on the filter tank.
  • This tank may start to weaken and leak at the seams over time without proper maintenance.
  • You may still need to purchase hoses to set up this system, although it does come with everything else you need.

4. Hayward Pro Series 24 Inch In Ground Pool Sand Filter System

Hayward Pro Series 24 Inch In Ground Pool Sand Filter System

With the Hayward Pro Series 24 Inch In Ground Pool Sand Filter System, you’ll have your pool up and running in no time with the cleanest water around! This system comes with both the filter and the pump, as well as all necessary fittings, hoses, valves and more so you don’t have to rush out and buy anything that might be missing from the package. All you’ll need to purchase extra to get this filter started right away is 300 pounds of pool-grade filter sand. With easy installation and all the great customer service and quality commitment you can expect from Hayward, you’re sure to love this filter from the moment you take it out of the box.



  • The filter is made of non-corrosive plastic that won’t fade in the sun and won’t become weak, rusty, or damaged from exposure to the elements or pool treatment chemicals.
  • The included pump is powerful enough to handle any pool size under 30,000 gallons with no trouble.
  • The filter comes from the Hayward company, which is one of the best-known name brands in the pool filter market.
  • This is more expensive than many other inground pool sand filter systems, so it may be over budget for some buyers.
  • The filter’s pressure gauge is very easy to break because of its location on top of the filter.
  • In some rare cases, the fittings have been known to become loose very quickly after just a few cleanings with this filter.

Inground Pool DE Filter Systems

DE, or diatomaceous earth, is one of the more recent additions to the world of pool water filtration. This material comes from a type of algae that was fossilized a long time ago. These remains turn into a fine white powder when ground, and they have a lot of uses across the board. DE is often used in water filtration because it’s porous, which means the individual grains of earth can pick up contaminants and keep them from entering your water.

pump and filter combo

DE filters feature internal manifolds that are fitted with paper or fabric grids. The DE filter media is added to the tank of the filter system and is sloshed around until it sticks to these grids. As water passes through the DE, it is cleaned before it ever reaches your swimming pool.

Some people are concerned with using DE because it has been known to increase the risk of cancer when inhaled. However, if you take precautions such as wearing a mask when refilling and cleaning your filter, you should have no trouble using DE. If you prefer not to, you can find a few alternatives to this filter media.

5. Rx Clear DE Element In-Ground Swimming Pool Filter System

Rx Clear DE Element Inground Swimming Pool Filter System with...

If you’ve been searching for a great DE filter that won’t break the bank to set up, you’re in the right place. The Rx Clear DE Element In-Ground Swimming Pool Filter System is an excellent product that’s designed to do all the work you would expect from a more expensive DE filter setup. It comes with the filter and the pump, which can give you a great start toward putting together your new pool cleaning system. With a latching lid and a unique taller design, this filter is as easy to work with and maintain as it is to install, regardless of whether or not you have any previous experience.



  • This filter is very affordable compared to most other in ground pool pumps and filters on the market today.
  • The filter can be operated with only 3 pounds of diatomaceous earth, which makes it a great low-budget choice in the long run.
  • The DE element inside the filter can be easily removed for very simple cleaning when the time comes.
  • Some buyers may not like to buy a product that doesn’t come from a popular name brand.
  • This filter doesn’t come with any of the fittings or hoses required to complete the setup process.
  • Some types of DE alternatives may not be compatible with this filter.

6. Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE In Ground Pool Filter System

Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE In Ground Pool Filter System with...

Do you have a small to a mid-size inground pool that needs an excellent filter to keep it clean? Are you looking for something that’s sure to give you the cleanest water on the block without relying on frequent cleanings and filter media changes? If so, you need the Hayward EC75 Extended Cycle DE In Ground Pool Filter System as part of your pool setup today! This filter system comes with a 1 HP Hayward brand pump that’s capable of turning over 38,000 gallons of water in a normal 8-hour cycle. With all that power behind a quality DE filter, you can expect incredibly clean water all season long!



  • This is a very quiet filter that you’re sure to not even notice while it’s running.
  • The filter runs on 8-hour cycles, which means you’ll have plenty of crystal clear pool water at all times due to this frequency.
  • This system is very easy to install and is great for anyone, regardless of prior plumbing or pool filter experience.
  • This pool filter system doesn’t come with an attached electrical cord, so you may incur an additional cost to have one installed.
  • This is a very expensive pool filter that comes in at well over most inground pool pump and filter systems on the market today.
  • This filter doesn’t come with all the hoses and fittings needed to get it set up.

Inground Pool Cartridge Filter Systems

Cartridge filters have been around for a long time, and they still remain a very popular choice for most pool owners. These are usually the most affordable types of filters on the market today, with a few exceptions, and they are often the easiest to set up and clean as well. They tend to be included with pop-up pools as well as with pool “kits” that can be purchased all at once. Sometimes, the filters included with these sets are not very strong.

inground pool cartridge filter systems

One of the downsides to using a cartridge filter system is the need to replace the cartridges inside pretty frequently. While DE can last a few years only needing a little bit added back to the filter every now and then, and sand can be used for five or more years with no trouble, cartridge filters usually need to be replaced every year. You can extend the life of your media by buying two and alternating them each time you clean your filter.

Since cartridge filters are popular, they’re very common, but it may be hard to find options that are strong enough for an inground pool. Be sure to stick with cartridge filters that are designated for use with inground pools, because they might not have enough power to handle the water otherwise.

7. Hayward C2251540LSS Micro Star Clear Pool Filter System

Hayward C2251540LSS Micro StarClear 40 GPM Above-Ground Pool...

When you want to enjoy all the benefits of a Hayward brand product with very little of the initial startup expense, try the Hayward C2251540LSS Micro Star Clear Pool Filter System. This is a great small pool filter setup to help you get started cleaning your smaller pool. The setup is designed to function properly like other pool filters on the market while reducing the amount of energy it takes to operate. In this way, the filter is built to be energy-efficient and better for you and for the environment. Although this is a smaller filter than most of the ones listed here, you can still get a great deal of use out of it and experience excellent, clean water the way Hayward can provide.



  • This filter comes with the filter tank, base, pump, and all the hoses and fittings you need to get started. It even comes with a starter cartridge!
  • This setup is very easy to install and works great as a replacement for the inground pool cartridge filter systems that come included with most pool setups.
  • Although it’s small, this system can handle a significant amount of water in a smaller pool, as well as frequent use with no trouble.
  • Although this filter can be used with an inground pool, it is sometimes considered to be better suited for above-ground pool use.
  • The included power cord is very short, and you may need to have it changed out for a longer one depending on the location of your pool.
  • The filter pump may be too small to be used with most pool heaters.

8. In-Ground Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter System with 2 Speed Pump

Splapool/Pooline In-Ground Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter System...

This powerful In-Ground Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter System with 2 Speed Pump is an excellent way to get started cleaning your pool’s water without having to spend a lot of money for the initial setup. The filter is smaller than some of the others listed here, but it is capable of handling up to 90 square feet of filtration with no trouble. The tank is designed to be strong enough to withstand the elements as well as your pool water itself, but easy enough to clean that maintenance is sure to be a breeze. With the included pump, you’ll be able to get your pool water clean and crystal clear in no time.



  • This filter system comes with everything you need to get started, including hoses and fittings.
  • The filter is designed to operate under regulations requiring pool filters to be more energy efficient.
  • You can increase the power in the filter if necessary when your pool water gets too murky or dirty.
  • This filter has a built-in pressure gauge that may not always work correctly upon arrival.
  • The filter’s design is lightweight compared to many others, and it may become easily damaged with frequent use.
  • This is not a brand-name filter and may not be a top choice for some buyers.

9. Hayward Star Clear Plus 120 Sq. Ft. In Ground Pool Cartridge Filter System

Hayward Star Clear Plus 120 Square Foot In Ground Pool Cartridge...

If you’ve got a large inground pool in your backyard, you need a pool filter and pump setup that can handle a lot of gallons of water at once. With the Hayward Star Clear Plus 120 Sq. Ft. In Ground Pool Cartridge Filter System, you can filter up to 57,000 gallons of water without concern. This pump can handle a very large inground pool, and the filter cartridges can be easily cleaned and reused several times with no trouble, even if your pool sees a lot of use. Although it may be a little more expensive than some of the other comparable products listed here, you can’t go wrong with this excellent filter system.



  • The filter comes with a cartridge to get you started, so you can wait a few months before you need to worry about buying an additional one.
  • The filter comes with all the hoses, fittings, and valves you need to install it right out of the box.
  • You can even use this filter for a hot tub if you choose.
  • In many cases, customers have needed to install adapters to allow the fittings included with this filter to fit their pool’s pipes.
  • Every time you clean the filter, the included O-ring will loosen, so you may need to replace it about once a year or so.
  • In some instances, the filter has been known to develop leaks around the locking seal.

10. Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 320 Square Foot In Ground Cartridge Pool Filter System

The Pentair Clean and Clear Plus 320 Square Foot In Ground Cartridge Pool Filter System is just what you need for your large or very frequently used backyard pool. This is a very popular choice for pool owners who live in warm climates where the pool operates year-round because it’s capable of handling a significant amount of water without damaging the pump or overloading the cartridge filter media. Since this is such a powerful filter, it features a four-cartridge style that’s sure to trap any contaminants that might be present in your pool water before you ever have to worry about coming into contact with them.



  • The pump that comes with this filter system is one of the most popular pool filter pumps on the market today, and it’s very powerful.
  • The whole system is very easy to clean when the time comes.
  • It’s very easy to find replacement cartridges for this system, and if you buy them in bulk you can save a lot of money in the long run.
  • This is the most expensive inground filter system listed here and may be well over budget for many buyers.
  • This filter system is considerably louder during operation than many of the other options on our list.
  • The filter and pump both may be a little more difficult to install than some of the other sets listed here, and they may require additional help from a pool technician.

Buying Pre-packaged vs. Buying Individual Filter System Pieces

Buying a pre-packaged filter set can be a great way to get your filter ready to go quickly, but there are some downsides to this choice, too. Check out our list of pros and cons to see if buying a filter system together is right for you, or if you might be better off purchasing the pieces individually and building your kit yourself.

Buying Pre-Packaged

  • You can save money by buying prepackaged. Usually, the companies that put these kits together give you a small discount when you buy the pieces all at once. If you look at the individual costs of the pieces you’d needed, you can see the difference in price pretty clearly in most situations.
  • You don’t have to worry about matching items together when you go this route. Especially when you’re new to swimming pools and their filter system, you may feel confused looking at all the different model numbers, strengths, and sizes of these products. By buying a filter kit all at once, you take away the guesswork of choosing the right products one at a time.
  • Buying prepackaged means all your products are under the same warranty. While you might think this is a strange thing to consider, think about what might happen if your whole system should break down at once. While this isn’t too common and it’s certainly an unfortunate consideration, it’s still something to keep in mind. With all your pieces under the same warranty, your whole system is protected and you won’t have to chase down a lot of different customer services if something should go wrong.
  • You can install everything at once when you choose a prepackaged set. When you bring everything home at once, it’s all contained in the same box. This makes installation a lot easier than it would be if you had to track down individual pieces you’d purchased over time. You’re also less likely to forget something you might need when you buy the whole kit together!

Buying Individually

  • Individual purchases allow you to customize your kit much more. For example, if you want a mid-size filter but prefer to use a more powerful pump that’s generally meant for larger pools, you can accomplish this by buying your pieces separately.
  • If you have existing pool equipment that will work with your new products, you can save money buying individually. Sometimes, the hoses and connections that come with a kit may require an adapter to function properly with your existing pool pipes. When you buy individually, you can pick and choose pieces that will work with the pipes you already have in place, so you don’t have to worry about getting adapter pieces.


There are a lot of inground pool filters for you to choose from! Whether you prefer a sand filter, a DE filter, or a traditional cartridge filter, you can easily find just what you’re looking for on our list above. Remember that, whichever filter you choose, you’ll need to brush up on how to clean it and what type of media you need to purchase.

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