8 Best Hot Tub Filter Companies Around (Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Filter Parts)


Are you sick of having to replace your hot tub filter, both on a financial and logistical level? Are you looking for a dependable, affordable way to maintain your hot tub safe and sanitary for many years to come? For those wishing to maintain their hot tubs without breaking the budget, hot tub filtration businesses provide the perfect answer. These businesses offer high-quality filters that are simple to install and maintain, with a variety of products made to match any budget. They not only assist in keeping your hot tub clean and safe, but they also end up saving you money over time by lowering the frequency of replacements. Additionally, a lot of these businesses provide warranties on their goods, ensuring that your investment is safeguarded. Therefore, hot tub maintenance is the only surefire approach to maintain your hot tub clean and secure without spending a lot of money.


Hot tub filter companies provide an essential service for keeping hot tubs clean and safe.

  • They offer a variety of filters to suit different hot tub sizes and needs.
  • They provide regular maintenance services to ensure the filters are working properly.
  • They can help diagnose any issues with the hot tub's filtration system.

By choosing a reliable hot tub filter company, you can enjoy your hot tub worry-free!

Is it time to replace your Jacuzzi pool filter parts? Are you completely lost when it comes to shopping for these replacement pieces?

Do you find it more confusing than helpful to try to look up information about Jacuzzi filter parts online?

If you find yourself in need of new parts for your hot tub or pool but aren’t sure where to shop, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll be introduced to the different companies that manufacture these important parts, and you’ll be able to choose the best Jacuzzi filter company to suit your needs. Shopping for replacement parts for your filter, pump, jets and more will never be complicated or confusing again!

Read on to learn how to identify the best hot tub filter part company to supply you with the parts you need. From there, you’ll be one step closer to stocking up on all the important pieces it takes to keep your pool and spa working at the top of their game.

The Best Hot Tub Filter Companies Around

In this section, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the eight most popular and well-known filter part manufacturers in the United States today. Many of these companies also supply parts to vendors around the world, and most of them have become recognized as the best options in their particular field of spa parts. If you’re looking for parts with which to replace many of the pieces of your hot tub filter, as well as other parts of your spa, these companies are easily the best places to get started. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might want to choose one company over another one, so don’t be afraid to do a little shopping around. Any of these companies are sure to provide you with excellent customer service and a commitment to quality that can’t be beaten.

1. Jacuzzi

In Business Since: 1915

When You’re Looking For: Name brand products, high-quality cleaners

The Jacuzzi brand is the best-known name brand in the hot tub industry. Whether you are just looking to replace any damaged parts of your filter or other hot tub pieces with name brand products or you want something you know you can rely on in terms of quality, Jacuzzi is definitely the way to go. This company provides both traditional cartridge filters and some microfilters, so depending on the type of spa you have, you can easily find what you need. This is also a great place to buy tablet cleaners for your hot tub that can be used with many different types of spas.

History: Unlike any of the other companies on this list, the Jacuzzi company actually did not get its start working with hot tubs at all. The company was originally founded by a group of seven brothers who aptly called their company Jacuzzi and Brothers. They produced wooden military-grade airplane propellers and were based out of California. At one time they even made their own aircraft, although it was a short-lived project that never went very far. The company looked as though it was going to be relegated only to propellers, but in the 1950s, one of the Jacuzzi family members had the idea to use those propellers to help move water to create a hydrotherapy pump. The product was moderately successful, particularly with hospitals looking to treat patients with sore and stiff joints. By the 1970s, the family had further developed this product to be used in bathtubs in the home, and they were well on their way to manufacturing and selling the whirlpool tubs that are so widely known around the world today.

2. Hayward

In Business Since: 1915

When You’re Looking For: Cleaning canisters, filter nozzles, filter hoses, pipes

The Hayward company specializes in the working parts of hot tubs and the many components that combine to create those parts. If you’re looking for hard-to-find replacement pieces to your hot tub filter, pump, pipes, and other parts, this is a great company to check with. Many of the parts they sell are interchangeable between several of the most common spa brands on the market today, so you should be able to find the right size to suit your needs easily among the items they have for sale.

History: Over 80 years ago, the Hayward company began in the hopes of making it easy and worry-free for individuals and companies such as motels to maintain their pools and spas safely and effectively without all the hassle. Throughout its history, the company has prided itself on keeping up with the times and even leading the industry in terms of technological advancements for pools and spas. When shopping with Hayward, you can usually find a wide variety of products ranging from simple pipes to much more advanced cleaning canisters and more. They dabble in a little bit of everything now, although the company began focusing on larger equipment such as pumps and filters. Today, Hayward hopes to be the first and last name anyone thinks of when it comes time to replace these vital working parts of the hot tub. As time goes on, Hayward continues to develop products that are as hassle-free as possible and make it more relaxing than ever to own a spa.

3. Tork

In Business Since: 1922

When You’re Looking For: Replacement filter nozzles, temperature gauges, plugs and pipes

The Tork company focuses more on the smaller working pieces that make up much of the hot tub’s functionality. This is a great company from which to purchase timers, plugs, and gauges to measure temperature, pressure, and other settings in your spa. Although many of these items are intended for use with the whole hot tub and aren’t specifically made for the filter itself, some of the plugs and other accessories are necessary pieces to the hot tub filter.

History: Tork is a subsidiary of a much larger company known as NSi Industries. However, the Tork brand name is the most specific of the companies within this industry when it comes to hot tubs. This company is committed to providing very high-quality products that can help make your pool and spa both function much better than ever before. They are almost always at the ready to ship orders out on the same day, and they supply products to the public as well as to maintenance technicians, spa vendors, and pool stores around the world. If you’re looking for something electrical to replace a broken or missing piece in your hot tub, chances are good you’ll be shopping with Tork. And if you call someone to repair this type of vital part in your spa, you’ll probably find it replaced with a Tork product as well. This is a very well-known company that has been the number one choice for electrical contractors and spa repair techs for years, and it is poised to continue enjoying this level of success and popularity well into the future.

4. Unicel

In Business Since: 1956

When You’re Looking For: Traditional filter cartridges, replacement filter covers

The Unicel company has been supplying affordable traditional filter cartridges for a long time and continues to supply quality products at a greatly reduced price from some of the more well-known name brands. This company focuses largely on filter cartridges and doesn’t offer many other products, but they do make many different types of cartridges in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to work with just about any hot tub on the market today, as well as several of the older models that might still be around. You can also find filter housing unit covers and guards from Unicel.

History: When it comes to longevity in the world of hot tub filters, nothing beats Unicel. This company was founded in the 1950s and originally focused only on one type of filter, which was intended for use in pools. It took less than ten years for the company’s popularity to lead it to double in size, and soon enough, more filter options were made available. As cartridge filters became more and more popular, the Unicel company was required to change its format a little bit in order to keep up with the times. They did so with flying colors, and they soon helped produce the first polyester version of the cartridge filter, which was much stronger than the paper filters that had dominated the market for the few years prior. As pools and spas slowly became more popular and more common in the average household, the Unicel company continued to create and innovate new products and methods of filtration to help keep the water as clean as possible in these products. Today, Unicel supplies replacement cartridges both o the public and via wholesale to retailers, vendors and suppliers around the world. They also are responsible for supplying maintenance and repair technicians with replacement parts for almost all of the most popular hot tub varieties available on the market today.

5. Filbur

In Business Since: 1996

When You’re Looking For: Filter cartridge replacements, filter cleaning solution

Filbur is very similar to Unicel but does offer a few different products if you’re looking for something you can’t find through Unicel. Filbur focuses largely on filter cartridge replacements as well, and specifically the traditional paper and polyester version of these filters. You can find these filter replacements in a variety of different sizes and types, and there are also a few microfilters available from this company as well. Filbur is also a good company from which to purchase a specialized filter cleaning solution if you prefer to buy a name brand version of this instead of making it yourself at home. Filbur products do tend to be more expensive than Unicel by a bit.

History: Like many spa and pool manufacturing companies, Filbur began in California where the customer base was large. The company began by specializing in just about every type of pool and spa parts and equipment necessary to operate effectively but soon narrowed down its focus considerably to pleated filters. Filbur began making custom sized spa filters soon after its inception and the company has never looked back since. It remains one of the most well-known and highest-grossing hot tub filter supply companies around the world, and particularly in the United States. The company now offers over seven hundred different types of filters to make it easier than ever to find exactly what you need for your spa, pool, or any other water product. Although the company mostly works with pleated cartridge filters, it has recently begun supplying diatomaceous earth grid filters to the general public as well. No matter what type of filter or other product you need to purchase from Filbur, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy this company’s commitment to quality and focus on creating the only type of filter cartridge you’ll ever need again.

6. Aqua Klean

In Business Since: 1994

When You’re Looking For: Filter cartridge replacements

Aqua Klean specializes in filter cartridge replacements only. This company produces many different sizes and types of paper filter cartridge replacements that can fit several different types of hot tubs. You can easily find just about any size filter from the Aqua Klean company, and most of these are much more affordable than those you’d find from other comparable companies. These filters are designed for easy installation and removal, and most of them feature handles to make it even easier to work with them. This company doesn’t provide any other filter replacement parts at this time, nor does it work with other types of hot tub parts.

History: The Aqua Klean company began as a pool installation company that soon added spas to its lineup. Although the company began in California, it soon spread to other surrounding states and enjoyed some success continuing to provide local area residents with quality products. Over time, the company continued to grow and soon branched into providing replacement cartridge filters along with its pools and spas. Now the Aqua Klean company focuses almost primarily on selling filter cartridge replacements that are made to work with almost every type of hot tub on the market today. These cartridges are often made from paper instead of polyester or ceramic, but this change in filter media material makes it easier to keep costs as low as possible when supplying customers with affordable products that work. Today, much of the Aqua Klean company’s sales come from online purchases, and this company enjoys a healthy customer base through Amazon as well as other online marketplaces. These products can also be found in many pool and spa supply stores, as well as big box retailers that provide these types of products.

7. Pleatco

In Business Since: 2006

When You’re Looking For: Filter cartridge replacements

Pick up some excellent quality filter cartridge replacements from Pleatco when you’re looking for a great, durable product that won’t break the bank. Many of the Pleatco products are available in larger quantities, so you can purchase several at once and save a lot of money in the long run. You can easily find filters that fit into just about any type of hot tub, and many of the filters sold by Pleatco are also compatible with pools. If you have both a pool and a spa, you can really save by purchasing filters in bulk from this popular company.

History: Although the Pleatco company hasn’t been in business for very long in comparison with many of the other companies on this list, it has already made a great name for itself, particularly in the online shopping community. Pleatco was created in the hopes of providing a high-quality pool and spa part supply service through wholesale to suppliers and vendors around the United States, and it quickly expanded to selling these products to vendors around the world as well. This company prides itself on offering affordable alternatives to many of the most important parts of your hot tub, without sacrificing quality at all. The company itself doesn’t sell directly to the public, but Pleatco products can be found easily in most pool and spa supply stores. This company also has a huge online presence, and Amazon and other online marketplaces prove to be a great place to find quality Pleatco products from their vast catalog, which provides parts for several different types of popular hot tubs on the market today. Although this might not be one of the more well-known brand names in the world of spas, it’s still a great option for anyone looking to save money.

8. Sundance Spas

In Business Since: 1979

When You’re Looking For: Filter cartridge replacements, ceramic filters, sanitizers, jet replacements

The Sundance company offers a wide variety of different pieces you might need to make your hot tub experience that much better. When you shop with Sundance, you can replace your filter cartridge easily whether you have a traditional paper or polyester style filter or you want to make an upgrade to ceramic filters instead. You can also find nozzles, o-rings, washers, and jet replacements, along with light replacements and many other pieces you might find yourself needing over time. This is also a great company to go with if you’re looking for a sanitizer to use along with your spa filter. You can rest assured that any product you buy from Sundance is going to be a high-quality solution to your spa needs.

History: Sundance focuses on products that can help improve relaxation techniques and recovery through hydrotherapy. This company was built around the idea that reducing stress and improving range of motion from stiffness, injury and more should be top priorities for any hot tub manufacturers. The company first began in California and soon took over as the largest acrylic hot tub manufacturer in the country, even surpassing more well-known brand name spa companies. For the decades since its creation, Sundance has continued to improve on the hot tub design to create the most aesthetically pleasing and physically comfortable spas available. Now they are sold in sixty countries around the world and remain a very popular choice for people in the United States as well. The Sundance company makes a lot of replacement parts for different hot tub pieces, and although these parts are made specifically for Sundance brand hot tubs, they are often interchangeable with other brands as well.


With so many different companies working in the world of hot tubs, you can see why it’s so easy to find just what you need from a quality manufacturer you can trust. Whether you are looking for name brand products or the best way to save money on purchases that might not fall into these more popular brands, you can find exactly what you’re looking for when you shop with the companies listed above. Best of all, since they’ve all been around for at least ten years—and some much, much longer than that—you can expect a level of customer service that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

Remember that Jacuzzi isn’t the only supplier of hot tub parts on the market today, but that they do still represent one of the best options for many spa parts. If you have a Jacuzzi brand spa, you don’t have to buy Jacuzzi brand products, but you can increase the lifespan of your hot tub significantly if you do. On the other hand, if you don’t have a Jacuzzi brand spa, you might be surprised by how many Jacuzzi brand products you can use interchangeably with your spa to make it work better than ever before. Remember, however, that going with a popular brand name will cost you more than buying items from a lesser-known company, so in the end, the choice is up to you.

Whichever company or companies you plan to work with, remember to keep up with your hot tub maintenance and repair regularly, and always call a maintenance technician if you don’t feel comfortable completing a repair on your own.

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hot Tub Filter Company

  1. Research the company's reputation and customer reviews to ensure you are getting quality products.
  2. Look for a company that offers a wide selection of filters, so you can find the right one for your hot tub.
  3. Check to see if the company offers any warranties or guarantees on their products.
  4. Make sure the company has knowledgeable staff who can answer any questions you may have about their products.
  5. Compare prices between different companies to get the best deal possible.

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