5 Of The Best Places To Buy Saltwater Fish Online (Our Top Picks)


Are you trying to figure out how to bring the beauty of the ocean indoors? Are you sick of scouring pet shops in quest of the ideal saltwater fish for your aquarium? Are you looking for a dependable supplier who can give you access to a variety of saltwater fish from the convenience of your own home? A quick and handy option to get the ideal fish for your tank is to purchase saltwater fish online. It will not only help you save time and money, but it also provides a number of possibilities so you can locate exactly what you need. Buying saltwater fish online is a safe and dependable alternative thanks to renowned online retailers that provide secure payment methods and delivery guarantees. Continue reading to discover more about how building your ideal aquarium can be facilitated by purchasing saltwater fish online.


Buying saltwater fish online is a convenient and cost-effective way to add vibrant life to your aquarium.

  • You can find a wide variety of species from around the world.
  • Online stores offer competitive prices and discounts.
  • You can get expert advice on how to care for your new fish.

Start exploring the amazing world of saltwater fish today!

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Are you planning to buy some saltwater fish for a new aquarium or to add more stock to an existing one?

Are you looking for great deals on fish that will be healthy and hardy too?

Do you want to find the best places to buy saltwater fish online?

If so, you’re in luck! Below, we have reviews for some of the best places online where you can buy saltwater fish as well as lots of other aquarium supplies, too.

Whether you’re looking to set up a brand new aquarium or you want to improve one you’ve already got going, you can find everything you’re looking for and a lot more from the stores listed below.

Take your time, shop around, and look for what you need most to make your saltwater aquarium come to life. And remember to always be shopping for saltwater fish—if your aquarium is salty, your fish need to be the type that can live and thrive in salt water. So stay away from the freshwater and brackish water sections of these sites when you do your shopping!

In no time, you’re sure to find the perfect new fish additions to your aquarium, and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing you’re buying them from web sites that are highly recommended.

Now, let’s get started!

Online Saltwater Fish Shopping

If you’re looking for great places to buy fish online, there are plenty of options out there for you. Check out our list of picks below to help you find the right fish for your setup in no time. You’re sure to be pleased with the results form any of these stores:

1. SaltwaterFish.com

This site offers free shipping for your first order when you sign up for their email newsletter, which can be a great way for buyers to get a good deal even without having to spend a certain amount first. There are also some “discount” fish options here, and this site carries a variety of different quality aquarium supplies to help you get everything set up the way you want it. Some of their fish photos are of the actual fish you will get. This site is known for its butterfly fish, eels, and lion fish—some of which can be very hard to find.

2. YourFishStore 

This site offers free shipping on live orders with no minimum purchase. You can also set up a wishlist here to keep track of fish you may be interested in for future purchases. Here, you can find octopus for sale, which can be hard to come by. You can also find dart fish, angel fish, parrot fish, and lots of others, some of which are rare fish that can be tough to locate in other stores.

3. VividAquariums 

When you’re looking for a site that offers free shipping over a certain amount spent as well as a very good money back guarantee on live fish, this is the place to go. This site also has a physical store in California, so if you’re local, you can check them out in person. This store is known mostly for its coral, but it’s also a great place to buy triggerfish, hawkfish, and various colorations in clown fish, among others.

4. ReefHotspot 

This web site focuses largely on fish and coral, but has recently added fish food, supplements, and live rock options to its catalog, too. Live orders over a certain amount can enjoy free shipping, and this store offers a wide selection of saltwater fish options. Customers often choose this site for their blennies, angler fish, and clown fish, among many other great options in their catalog.

5. BlueZooAquatics

This site is known for its aquarium supplies, corals, and fish as well. They offer some photos of the actual fish you can purchase, and they are known for their angelfish as well as their pipefish and gobies. If you’re looking for dragonet, this is a great place to find them without breaking the bank. Be sure to check out their extensive collection of invertebrates and don’t forget to see their hermit crabs, too—if you have the right enclosure for hermit crabs!


Did you find the fish of your dreams? All of the stores listed above are great places where you can buy beautiful saltwater aquarium fish without having to locate a local fish shop to get the job done. Just remember that you need to think hard about the types of fish you’re putting in your tank, and that you should stay away from aggressive fish altogether unless you have a lot of experience and are sure you can provide them with the right environment to keep them from attacking the other fish in your tank.

When looking for the right place to buy fish online, there are several things you need to keep in mind. Here are a few factors that make an online fish shop more attractive to buyers:

rare freshwater fish for sale
  • Real fish photos: Not every web site has precise photos of the fish you’ll be getting when you order, as this would take a lot of time, effort, and money to achieve. However, you should be looking for a site that takes pictures of its own stock and doesn’t use photos from other companies or stock photos they’ve found online. Lesser quality fish stores online may not show you photos of their own fish at all, and this is a negative.
  • Money back guarantees: Sometimes, even when everything is packaged properly and the fish leave the store in good shape, they may unfortunately arrive dead or very sick. This is a risk you take when buying online, but a good online fish store will always offer a money back guarantee for times when this happens.
  • Free shipping: Not every store offers free shipping at all times, but many of them have free shipping deals some times out of the year, or when you spend a certain amount. This is always a plus when buying fish online, especially since it takes a lot of funds to pack up and ship fish in a way that’s safe for the animals and will ensure they arrive alive and well, too.

By choosing one of the stores above, you’ll be able to enjoy all of these benefits and much more. Check them all out and see for yourself why they’re all so recommended to fish hobbyists!

5 Tips for Buying Saltwater Fish Online

  1. Research the fish you want to buy before making a purchase. Make sure you know what type of environment they need, what kind of food they eat, and any other special requirements.
  2. Check the reviews of the online store you are buying from. Look for customer feedback about their experience with the store and the quality of their fish.
  3. Look for stores that offer live arrival guarantees. This will ensure that your fish arrive in good condition and are healthy when they arrive.
  4. Make sure to ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns about the fish you are buying. A reputable store should be able to answer all your questions.
  5. Be prepared to quarantine new fish for at least two weeks before introducing them into your tank. This will help prevent any diseases from spreading to other fish in your tank.

ALSO: Consider joining an online community dedicated to saltwater aquariums! You can get advice from experienced hobbyists and learn more about how to care for your new fish.

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