Automatic Air Relief Valve Pool Filter: Get Your Safety Valve


Are you sick of having to manually drain your pool filter each time it has to be inflated? Are you concerned about the possible harm that could result from improper filter drainage? A secure and dependable solution to this issue is offered by automatic air relief valves for pool filters. They assist in preventing any harm to your equipment and guarantee that your filter is constantly free of air pressure. You can relax knowing that your pool filter will be taken care of without having to manually drain it thanks to an automated air relief valve. Continue reading to find out more about how an automated air relief valve might help your pool filter and you.


Automatic air relief valves are an essential component of pool filters, ensuring proper filtration and water circulation.

  • They help to maintain the correct water pressure in the filter system.
  • They prevent air from entering the filter system, which can cause damage to the pump.
  • They allow for easy maintenance and cleaning of the filter system.

Installing an automatic air relief valve is a simple way to ensure your pool filter is running efficiently and safely!

Our Choice Recommendation

Hayward DEX2420MAR2 DE and Cartridge Filter Manual Air Relief...
  • Fits Pro-Grid De, Swimclear And Swim Clear Cartridge Filters
  • Fits Hayward Pro Grid Model De Filters
  • May Require Additional Purchase Of Dex2420Z8A O-Ring Kit Set Of 2 O-Rings

A pool filter pressure gauge air relief valve is a component that helps in improving water circulation in the pool and keeps an eye out on the overall health of your pool.

There are no electrical parts and it runs on pressure. This measuring device on top of your filter tank let’s you know the amount of pressure inside your tank, and figures out if the water is flowing normally or not. This is important because the pressure is responsible for running the whole process of cleaning the pool water.

There is also an air relief valve attached that helps in releasing any trapped air in the filter system. It is bad for your pool if air gets trapped inside the filter system because pressure could increase and disturb the flow of water, hence it is vital that you keep your pressure readings within normal range by getting rid of trapped air using an air relief valve.

A pool filter’s job is to keep your pool free from debris and dirt while a gauge lets you know if there are any problems in the pool valves or lines such as a clog or a leak. This can indicate that there’s a problem when it’s time to clean your filter.

Different filter systems run on different readings depending upon the pool size and this is why it is vital to know how to read and use your gauge and release valve properly.

Option #1

Zodiac R0357200 Air Gauge Release Valve Assembly Replacement for Select Zodiac Pool and Spa Filters

Zodiac R0357200 Air Gauge Release Valve Assembly Replacement for...

Compatible With Filter Type: D.E(DEV And DEL series) – Cartridge (CV And CL series) – Sand (Js, DEV And DEL Series)

This option  works like a charm and helps keep your pool in good shape. The durability of this offer is commendable and can easily last 3-10 years depending upon the weather and use.

The pressure on this choice is accurate which is a great help because you’d know when to turn the pump off and look for the problems if the pressure is not normal.

However, this option is made up of plastic which can be a bit troublesome. You have to handle it with care and avoid direct sunlight hitting it so that it keeps working smoothly.


  • Takes only 5 minutes to install because it is already assembled.
  • Displays accurate pressure.


  • Made up of plastic and can bend if too much force is exerted on it.

Option #2

Heavy Duty Air Relief Valve For Pool Filter Pressure Gauge Clean Clear, FNS 98209800

No products found.

Compatible With Filter Type: D.E And Cartridge

If you are looking for a reliable offer then this No products found. is the best fit for you. Thanks to its metal brass gauge, it eliminates the worry of the product getting bent, sustaining cracks or leaks. You can buy this beauty and rest assured as it does not need to be replaced for a good few years.

The air valve is made up of graphite and not plastic so that’s a relief too. Apart from looking elegant, it is also a durable component that gives no problems while operating the valve.

With such a durable body, this one is highly efficient and reliable. There is though one problem, it only supports DE and cartridge filter types.


  • Extremely durable.
  • Efficient performance.
  • Long lasting service for years.


  • Not compatible with sand filter.
No products found.

Option #3

Automatic Air Relief Safety Valve AR300 By Vacless Safety Products

Automatic Air Relief Safety Valve AR300

If safety is your concern when it comes to air relief valves, then Automatic Air Relief Safety Valve AR300  should be your first choice. This offer is specially designed to ensure security against accidental blow offs from the filters.

The air relief valve works automatically and releases trapped air when there is disturbance in the water flow. You don’t need to manually operate the valve to release the air, putting less pressure on you.

It not only protects your life but also provides security to the equipment inside the pool such as filters and pumps. This option works accurately and keeps your pool clean and safe at all times.

However, it is difficult to install and may cause you to lose water if it is not properly installed. Other that that, it is a highly recommended option.


  • Provides security against accidental injuries sustained from blowing of filters.
  • Works automatically.
  • Protects equipment in the pool.


  • Difficult to install.

Option #4

Pentair 24850-0105 Valve and Gauge Assembly Replacement for Select Sta-Rite Pool and Spa Filters

Pentair 24850-0105 Valve and Gauge Assembly Replacement for...

Compatible With Filter Type: D.E – Cartridge – Sand.

This filter it is compatible with almost all the SD, SS and SM pool series, covering sand, cartridge and D.E filter systems . Unlike other valve systems, it comes with a thumbscrew valve system that is extremely easy to use and can be operated by anyone.

Once the components are attached perfectly, it provides a top notch working mechanism which is error free when it comes to reading pressure and maintaining it.

However, on the downside, it doesn’t come assembled and may be a bit difficult for beginners to install it.


  • Easily fits many filters in pools and spas.
  • Efficient in operating.


  • Difficult to install

Option #5

Hayward DEX2420MAR2 DE and Cartridge Filter Manual Air Relief Assembly

Hayward DEX2420MAR2 DE and Cartridge Filter Manual Air Relief...

Compatible With Filter Type: D.E And Cartridge.

This is one of the best choices  on the market from Hayward as it is compatible with almost every D.E and cartridge filter out there and fits perfectly, which is why it never causes leakages.

This Hayward offer is also very easy to install thanks to a step by step installation guide that makes it possible to get the job done in a few minutes.

However, its durability is questionable since it is made up of plastic. Of course, Hayward is a reliable brand name and is well worth your attention.


  • This offer from Hayward is easy to install on a filter tank.
  • No leaking problems.


  • ​Some customers have reported that this product from Hayward might not very durable, but this is unlikely considering the Hayward brand reputation.

5 Tips for Installing Automatic Air Relief Valves for Pool Filters

  1. Make sure to install the air relief valve in a location that is easily accessible and visible.
  2. Ensure that the valve is installed at least 6 inches above the water level of the pool.
  3. Check that the valve is securely attached to the filter system before turning on the pump.
  4. Test the valve by manually opening it and closing it to make sure it is working properly.
  5. Clean and inspect the valve regularly to ensure it is functioning correctly.

ALSO: Consider using a timer switch to automatically open and close your air relief valves at regular intervals!</p

Additional Useful Information For Readers

Every pool filter system must include automatic air relief valves. They aid in ensuring that the water pressure in the filter stays at a secure and constant level, guarding against harm to the filter and other system parts. By releasing extra air from the filter before it can build up and produce loud noises, the valve also contributes to a reduction in pump noise. Additionally, by allowing more water to travel through the filter without having to be recirculated back into the pool, these valves can aid in filtration efficiency improvement. With all these advantages, automatic air relief valves are a need for any pool owner seeking the best filtration system performance.

Good Usage Ideas: What Can You Use Them For?

There are three main applications for these valves. First, they are intended to remove trapped air that has built up inside the filter system. This keeps the water flowing steadily and avoids pressure from building up, which could harm the filter. They also assist in lowering noise levels by letting out any extra air produced when the pump is running. Because the filter system won't be making any loud noises, it's simpler to enjoy your pool. As a safety measure, these valves also automatically turn off the pump if there is a problem with the filter or if it clogs. By doing this, you can shield your pool from harm and avoid having to pay for expensive repairs in the future. Automatic air relief valves are a crucial component of any pool filtration system due to the combination of all these features.

The Negatives: What To Watch Out For

There are a few disadvantages to take into account despite the many advantages of these useful products. First, due to trash and other particles that may enter the system, these valves are susceptible to blockage. As a result, either too much or too little water may be filtered by the system depending on whether the valve is jammed open or closed. These valves can also deteriorate over time from exposure to chlorine and other pool chemicals if they are not properly maintained. This rust may eventually cause leaks and more damage. Fortunately, these drawbacks can be addressed with several doable remedies. Regular maintenance is essential; this entails clearing away any debris that may have gathered around the valve and routinely inspecting for corrosion symptoms. A valve will also endure longer and be less prone to corrode over time if you invest in higher-quality materials like stainless steel or brass. In case your automated air relief valve fails unexpectedly, installing a backup manual override switch will add an additional layer of security.

What Specifications Should Be Used To Evaluate Them?

The most crucial quantitative metrics for assessing these useful items are their speed and efficacy in releasing air from the filter system, their resilience to extreme weather, and their affordability. Their efficiency is gauged by how rapidly they can sense a change in filter system pressure and open to release air. How well they can endure severe temperatures, UV rays, and other environmental elements determines how durable they are. Last but not least, cost-effectiveness is assessed by contrasting the valve's purchase price with its predicted lifespan and performance. These three criteria offer a thorough evaluation of how an automatic air relief valve compares to its rivals.

Using It First Hand: What To Expect

Using a pool filter with an automatic air relief valve is a good way to keep your pool clean and free of debris. These filters are made to automatically release any air pressure that builds up in them. This makes sure that they work well and efficiently. Also, they have settings that can be changed so that you can make the filter fit your needs. The filters are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them perfect for busy pool owners who don't have time for regular upkeep.

These gauges will allow you to monitor and read the pressure and know if it’s low, normal or excessive. A "low" reading will generally mean that there is a problem in the flow of water and something might be blocking a normal flow. Indication of "high" on the gauge indicates a flow problem due to a dirty pool. If your gauge is spiking up to 40 or 50 psi then shut off the pump immediately and look for what is causing the problem.

This could be due to several reasons, such as a faulty equipment or too much dirt in the pool. You might have to replace the cartridge and clean the filter to get the job done. A normal reading means that water flow is normal and everything within your pool is fine. However, there’s no normal "standard" reading as the right figure depends on the size of the pool. Thankfully, reading a gauge is easy. You simply monitor where the needle is pointing at and adjust accordingly.

Pool filters must have automatic air relief valves because they ensure that the filter is working as efficiently as possible. These valves assist in lowering system pressure and preventing clogging by allowing extra air to escape from the filter. Additionally, they aid in preserving a constant flow rate during the filtration procedure. These valves can offer dependable operation for many years with little maintenance if fitted and maintained correctly. They are suited for a range of pool kinds and sizes since they can be adjusted for various water pressures and temperatures. Automatic air relief valves can offer an affordable way to maintain a clean, clear pool all year long with correct installation and routine maintenance.

The general procedures for employing these valves are as follows: First, confirm that the valve is correctly connected to your filter system and installed. The valve should then be verified to be set to the appropriate pressure for your pool. Third, start the pump and let it run for however long it takes for the pressure to reach its highest point. Fourth, the valve will automatically open and expel air from the filter system as soon as the pressure reaches its maximum level. Fifth, the valve will close once more and reset itself after all the air has been expelled. Finally, keep an eye on your pool frequently to make sure everything is operating as it should. You can utilize an automated air relief valve for your pool filter system without difficulty if you keep these easy instructions in mind.

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