18 Awesome Accessories for Your Swimming Pool and Filter


Are you sick of scrubbing your pool filter for hours on end? Do you wish there were a quicker, less labor-intensive way to maintain the cleanliness and clarity of your pool? Accessories for swimming pool filters may be the ideal choice for you! They save time and money while also making it simpler to keep a healthy and clean pool. You may take advantage of a sparkling, spotless pool with the correct accessories and little work. Additionally, you can be confident that these accessories will produce the finest results for your swimming pool because they have a history of producing outcomes for happy clients. Continue reading to discover more about how swimming pool filter accessories can maximize your pool's use.


Pool filter accessories are essential for keeping your pool clean and safe.

  • Filter cartridges should be replaced every two to three months.
  • Backwashing is an important part of the maintenance process.
  • Pool vacuums help remove debris from the bottom of the pool.

With the right filter accessories, you can keep your pool in top condition all summer long!

Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control System with 3-Way...
  • Solar pool heating control system comes with 2 by 2-1/2-inch 3-way valve, actuator and 2 PC sensors
  • Automatically maximizes solar heat collection by actuating a 24V valve when there is solar heat available
  • Includes LED indicators that shows status of system operations
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You never thought having a swimming pool at home involved so much work.

Setting the optimal cleaning cycle, checking for chemical levels, getting rid of leaves and any other debris that might clog the swimming pump and filter system, filter and pump maintenance, and keeping the pool at the right temperature are just some of the daily tasks involved in keeping a pool running.

However, there are a lot gadgets that can make your life easier, by helping you keep your swimming pool crystal clear, running smoothly and to optimize its functioning to save money.

If you didn’t get any of these gadgets when you first got the pool you need not to worry, you can browse the web and find the exact accessories that you need to help you keep your pool operation hassle free and efficient.

Here are frequent issues that pool owners face and six awesome pool accessories that will help you tackle them.

Efficient and Automated Cleaning Cycles

You have installed your pool and the pump and filter system to keep it clean.

Suddenly, you see yourself wasting time turning the system on and off and having to look after it to make sure it does not run for too long or too short a period of time.

This does not have to be so. Did you know you can purchase a device to program you filtering and cleaning cycles?

You read right! All you need to do is set the time and length of the cycle and the timer and filter system will do the rest. This is what timers are for. And there are timers specially designed to be used with swimming pool equipment.

Swimming Pool Filter Timers:

The most comfortable way to keep your swimming pool water clean is to automate your filter system. This way, you do not need to worry about turning the filter and pump on and off every day to clean the swimming pool.

For this, swimming pool filter timers are a handy piece of equipment that will save you not only time but money, by running you swimming pool’s pump and filter system for a specific amount of time every day.

Here are three timers that can help you automate your swimming pool’s pump and filter system:

1. Intermatic P1131 Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Pump Timer with Twist Lock Plug and Receptacle

Intermatic P1131 Heavy Duty Weatherproof Above Ground Pool Pump...

Intermatic is the biggest timers’ manufacturer worldwide. Their goal is to make products of the highest quality that last for years.

Intermatic P1131 Heavy Duty Above Ground Pool Pump Timer with Twist Lock Plug and Receptacle  was designed to be used with indoors or outdoors swimming pools and to save energy.

It has two on and off settings a day controlled by removable trippers. This can be modified by adding extra trippers.

The timer is built into an outdoor rated enclosure with a flip cover and it plugs straight into the wall outlet. If it is going to be used outdoors, it needs to be plugged into a water apt outlet.

You only need to set it up once and forget about it. It is easy  to set up and easy to use.

To set the timer you just need to insert the green (ON) tripper and the red (OFF) tripper at the appropriate times. At least one space needs to be left between each of them.

This product uses analog or mechanical technology and its dimensions are 6 x 4 x 8 inches and it weighs 1.4 pounds.

It comes with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • Easy to set up.
  • 1-year limited warranty by the manufacturer.
  • Easy to override to turn the pump on for vacuuming.
  • Excellent customer support from Intermatic.
  • You can add another ON-OFF cycle by purchasing an additional time tripper.


  • This timer has a 1HP pump maximum limit, higher power pumps will cause it to overheat and eventually fail.
  • The manufacturer does not sell replacement parts for this device.

2. Smartpool EQTM2400NA Programmable Timer

Smartpool EQTM2400NA Programmable Timer

The Smartpool programmable timers save swimming pool owners time and money as they are excellent to be used as swimming pool filter timers.

The Smartpool EQTM2400NA  programmable timer is weather and water resistant, which makes it great for programming outdoor pools and other outdoor equipment such as garden lights and holiday lights.

This piece of equipment is very versatile: it can also be used to time robotic cleaners and salt water chlorinators.

It comes with built-in supports so you can mount it as convenient and a 2 feet power cord. It can be easily mounted on wood or vinyl.

It has 5 cycle options and it can be easily set with one touch. It can be set to 4, 6, 8, 12 and 24-hour cycles.

This timer needs to be kept 3 feet above the ground for proper functioning.

It has a dimension of 4.8 x 2.8 x 4.7 inches and it weighs 12.8 ounces.

It is made of plastic and comes with a protective transparent cover.


  • It can be used for many outdoor equipment, even holiday lights.
  • It has 5 different cycle options.


  • It needs to be 3 feet above the ground, you may need to buy additional pieces to mount it.
  • It only has a 14-day limited warranty.

3. 24-Hour Above Ground Pool Pump Timer

Solutions Group Sa, Inc. Above Ground Swimming Pool 24-Hour Pump...

This is a heavy duty timer designed to be used outdoors manufactured by Solutions Group SA, Inc.

The 24-hour timer works great with above ground swimming pool pumps and garden lights.

This is a 24-hour timer that features 50 on and off settings per day and a manual override. It comes with automatic filter and chlorine cycles.

This 24-hour above ground swimming pool pump timer  is great for saving energy by making your swimming pool equipment efficiently.

It has a dimension of 10 x 8 x 3 inches and it weighs 1 pound and it comes with a 24 inches cord and a standard three-prong plug.

It has a weather resistant cover for extra protection and easy view. It is UL listed, this means that it has been tested to meet US safety standards.

This timer increases you swimming pool pump efficiency and reduces maintenance by enabling better water circulation cycles which also helps with water temperature stabilization.

This 24-hour timer operates at 15 amps and 120 volts.


  • Comes with automated filter and chlorine cycles.
  • It is UL listed.
  • It can be used with above ground swimming pool pumps and garden lights.


  • There is limited information about the manufacturer.
  • Some buyers have stated that it does not last for very long.

Temperature Control

You want to swim in water that is comfortable, and even if the weather is hot, cold water was never anybody’s best friend. If you want to solve this problem, all you need is a:

Pool heater and filter:

Even in areas where the weather is extremely hot, your swimming pool water might still be too cold to be comfortable to swim in.

Imagine what that would be like if the weather in your area is less forgiving? There is a solution if you can’t enjoy your swimming pool as much as you would like because the water tends to get too cold and that is a swimming pool water heater.

A swimming pool water heater allows you to enjoy your swimming pool in the early mornings and it can even help you extend its use into the cold season...even if just a little bit.

Here are three pool heater and filter options that will heat your swimming pool and make your life more comfortable.

4. Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool, 47in X 47in

This solar heater mat works great with above ground swimming pools up to 8000 gallons. The mat has an 11 feet square surface to absorb sun's rays.

This product by Intex increases your swimming pool’s temperature by approximately 5 to 9 degrees Fahrenheit, this depends on the weather conditions.

The Intex Solar Heater Mat for Above Ground Swimming Pool is an efficient device that captures sun rays and it was designed to work with different Intex pump and filter systems.

The entire unit has a size of 47.3 x 47.3 x 0.5 inches and it weighs 5.3 pounds.

It comes with an easy hookup system that is compatible with ½ horsepower pumps.

The unit comes with 1 hose attachment point and 2 hose connection adaptors and a bypass valve.

It is made of heavy-duty, UV-stabilized PVC.

The heater is easy to drain, store, and transport.


  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • It is very easy to install and it can be ready to use in a short time.
  • It will save you money on electricity or gas bills as it runs exclusively on solar power.


  • You need to be very careful and check that it can work for your swimming pool’s size. If it does not you might need to buy more than one unit.
  • It only works with Intex above-ground swimming pools.

5. Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control System with 3-Way Valve, Actuator, and 2 PC Sensors

Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control System with 3-Way...

Hayward has a comprehensive array of solar controllers to help you maintain your swimming pool water at the perfect temperature. This works to both heat and cool down the swimming pool using solar energy which will save you significant amounts of money on electric bills.

Hayward GLC-2P-A Solar Pool Heating Control System with 3-Way Valve, Actuator, and 2 PC Sensors  has a 24-hour valve that actuates when sun rays are available to maximize the collection of sun heat.

It offers protection against recirculation freeze.

This system is easy adaptable because it has different programmable features and includes LED indicators to show the system operation status.

It easy and quick to set the controls at the desired temperature, and the temperature is accurate.

This product is 1 x 1 x 1 inches and it weighs 1 pound.

It has a microprocessor which guarantees an accurate and reliable performance.

This product has advanced features that include differential temperature control. You can also select the high limit and has a night cooling function, which you can switch automatically from solar swimming pool heating to nocturnal swimming pool cooling.

This swimming pool heating control system comes with a three-way valve.


  • It was designed for an easy and dependable operation.
  • It is one of the best-selling equipment in the US.
  • Because it uses solar energy, it is environmentally friendly.


  • Buyers have claimed that the instructions are terrible, making it longer to install than it should take.

6. Fafco Solar Bear Economy Heating System for Above-Ground Pools

This system is manufactured by the leading company in the solar business. Polar Bear has been making heating swimming pool devices for over 40 years.

The FAFCO Solar Bear Economy Heating System uses solar power to heat your swimming pool. It was designed to keep your pool's temperature at a comfortable level.

This product comes with all the hardware necessary to be properly installed. This can be done on the ground, an adjacent roof, or on a rack.

It comes with comes with an extra-large solar collector, two 5 feet hoses and clamps to connect the system to the swimming pools filter, and a bypass valve that lets you turn it on and off as needed.

It is made of black, durable, UV-stable polyethylene.

This piece of equipment is 55 x 15 x 15 inches and weighs 40 pounds.

It needs to receive unblocked sunlight between 10 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon, so the panel can efficiently heat the swimming pool and it should ideally be placed in a 10 to 30-degree angle to the south.


  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It is manufactured by an experienced company.
  • It is environmentally friendly.


  • You may need extra solar collectors if your swimming pool is too big.
  • It needs to be in a specific position to work efficiently.
  • Buyers have claimed that the end caps and water line connections leak.

Excessive Debris and Dirt

Even with the most sophisticated pump and filter system, there is some dirt and debris that needs to be removed separately. That is when an automatic swimming pool filter cleaner comes in handy.

Automatic Pool Filter Cleaner

These devices are capable of removing the larger debris and to clean the entire swimming pool’s surface from any dirt or grime that might attach to it.

Swimming pool cleaners help you to easily scrub the pool’s walls, floors, and water line.

Here are three automatic swimming pool filter cleaners that can help you get rid of larger debris and extend the lifespan of your filter system.

7. BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Pool Cleaner Vacuum for...

Zodiac is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of swimming pool and spa products and accessories

The Barracuda G3 Advanced suction side automatic swimming pool cleaner  is a reliable equipment of excellent quality, designed to effectively and efficiently clean swimming pools even with low-speed pumps.

It does not have any gear, wheels or flappers, which make it noise-free and inexpensive to maintain.

It has a disc with 36 fins that guarantees maximum adherence on any swimming swimming pool surface.

The wheel defector confers an enhanced ability to navigate around tight corners.

It has a proprietary technology that simplifies the device’s maintenance, providing easy access to the diaphragm.

It is great for removing small and medium size debris and it can remove dirt from floors, walls, and steps of the whole swimming pool.

It is flower keeper valve self-regulates the flow of water to keep a good cleaning performance when used with low horsepower pumps.

It has a size of 41.5 x 8 x 18 inches and a weight of 19 pounds and it is easy to install, simply attach the three parts and connect the equipment to the skimmer or suction line.


  • It does not require special tools or plumbing.
  • It comes with long life hoses that are characterized by their durability and scuff resistance.


  • It does not come with an instruction manual, just a quick start guide.
  • Some buyers have claimed that it only works well with flat-bottomed swimming pools and that the hose connections are weak, risking the hose to come undone if someone bumped into them.

8. Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 The PoolCleaner Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Cleaner for Concrete Pools

Poolvergnuegen PV896584000013 Hayward 896584000-013 The Pool...

The Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000013 The PoolCleaner Automatic 2-Wheel Suction Cleaner for Concrete Pools  can suit any swimming pool size because it comes in 2 and 4-wheel drive. This gear is reliable and easy to use

The 2-wheel drive cleaner is able to clean swimming pools sized up to 16 x 32 inches.

This device can be plugged into either the skimmer or the designated suction port.

Its proprietary self-adjusting turbine vanes guarantee maximum power, regardless of the flow rate, allowing for larger debris to pass.

Its multiple pre-programmed steering and adjustable skirt and tire treads make wall climbing and obstacle climbing a piece of cake and maximize the area of the swimming pool the device is able to cover and effectively clean.

Its adjustable roller skirt also optimizes suction around irregular surfaces.

Its robust tire treads make this cleaner ideal for all swimming pool surface types, terrains, and shapes.

It has three interchangeable throats that help with suction performance, this makes it perfect to be used with variable speed pumps.


  • The 2x is ideal for most average-sized swimming pools.
  • Its patented self-adjusting turbines allow the device to move even when pressure is low.
  • It is able to cover both the deep and shallow end of the swimming pools.


  • Buyers have expressed that this product is actually unable to climb walls or steps, as it is stated on the specifications.
  • It seems to be unable to the tinier particles.
  • Some of the parts are made of cheap material and this affects the functioning of the device.
  • It works only on concrete swimming pools.

9. Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner up to 50 FT...

This robotic pool cleaner comes with a cartridge filter system and has a patented rotating cable that helps avoid entangling.

The Dolphin 99996403-PC Dolphin Nautilus Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner  scrubs, filters and vacuums any swimming pool surface within two and a half hours.

Its CleverClean technology permits that the device cleans all swimming pool surfaces of pools of up to 50 feet in length.

It has a top access to the filter, this feature makes it easier to gain access to it and simplifies maintenance.

It comes with separable parts or modular components that easy to replace if damaged.

This cleaner is totally independent from the swimming pool’s pump and filter system, this means it uses a lot less energy than other similar systems.

This robotic cleaner filters water while collecting debris, reducing by 30% the need to backwash the swimming pool.

This device will save you time and money.

It can climb practically any swimming pool thanks to its all-surface PCV bristle brushes.

It comes with built-in software, so it can systematically clean your entire swimming pool, it does not matter which shape or surface the swimming pool is.


  • The improvement in water circulation and filtration may reduce the need for chemical use.
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • It works quietly.
  • It cleans the water line and swimming pool edges.


  • Buyers have reported overly poor customer service.
  • It seems to be unable to clean steps and some angles.
  • Cannot handle big leaves.

Winterizing and Draining

Portable swimming pool pumps and filters are essential if you live in an area with marked yearly seasons, as it is very helpful to use when you need to winterize your swimming pool. For this you will need to use one of the devices below.

This equipment is perfect to have around to avoid overworking your integrated pump and swimming pool filter in case there is too much dirt and debris, but it can also be used if the system needs to be stopped for maintenance or checkup.

Portable Pool Pump and Filter

10. Portable Pool Filter System Mini Vac 1 HP System Generates 50 GPM Mounted on a Small Cart

Advantage Portable Pool Filter System Mini Vac 1 HP System...

This portable pool filter system works great with swimming pools, fountains, ponds and many different water features.

This Portable Pool Filter System Mini Vac 1 HP System Generates 50 GPM Mounted on a Small Cart  has powerful suction that helps get rid of all dirt and debris, including sand. This helps protect the main filter in case of too much dirt and debris.

It can also be very helpful when you need to winterize and/or drain any swimming pool.

The filter is 75 square feet and the pump is 1 horsepower, and it has an above ground pump that is able to circulate 50 gallons per minute.

The entire system comes mounted on a small 9-feet-square cart and with a 115-volt cord. It comes completely assembled and it is ready to be used right out of the box.

It has a size of 25 x 25 x 40 inches and it weighs 200 pounds.

This portable pump and filter system is ideal to serve as an auxiliary system when the regular one is not working or it is being serviced.


  • The system comes complete and ready to go right out of the box.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • It does not come with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI.
  • There is not a lot of information readily available about the product itself or about the company.

11. Tomcat® Top Gun Maverick Portable Pool Vacuum System

No products found.

The No products found. comes with a 1 and a half horsepower pump and, a 50 square feet reusable cartridge filter.

It has a 1.5 inches x 40 feet vacuum hose, quick connect unions, 1.5 inches x 6 feet flexible PVC return hose, and an organizer for the hose. The vacuum head is made of vinyl and gunite.

Quick connect unions are placed on the vacuum and the return hoses, they are easy to use and let the hose be easily unscrewed from the unit, so swapping the hoses should be no trouble

You can manually vacuum your swimming pool with this device in half an hour.

You can use it to filter sand and silt with its powerful high flow pump. The pump is able to circulate 65 gallons per minute.

It has a large capacity pump strainer and comes with a customized cart with pneumatic tires.

It also has a 12 Gauge, 37 feet Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI cord set with auto reset.


  • Superb customer service
  • The device is powerful, quiet and portable.
  • One Year Warranty
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Cord.


  • It requires assembly.
  • Instructions are poor and you might need additional help to set it up.
No products found.

12. PORTAVAC 1.5 HP In Ground Pump Portable Vacuum System 100 GPM Cart Hitch Capable

Advantage PORTAVAC 1.5 HP in Ground Pump Portable Vacuum System...

The PORTAVAC in-ground pump portable vacuum system  is ideal for opening and closing swimming pools and to keep your pump and filter system from overworking.

This is a commercial, heavy duty portable vacuum is stocked with a separate pump and filter, which are attached to a rough powder coated cart.

It works perfectly with different water features such as swimming pools, fountains, and ponds.

It has a powerful suction system that picks up even the lightest, tiniest particles, protecting the ground filter when there is an excess of dirt and debris.

It comes in handy when you need to winterize your swimming pool or when your current pump and filter system breaks down or is out for maintenance.

It has a 150 square feet filter, a one and a half horsepower, self-priming pump that can circulate 100 gallons per minute

It comes with a 35-feet of 12-gauge insulated cord and heavy duty tube tires.

It has a size of 25 x 25 x 42 inches and it weighs 200 pounds.


  • It comes with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI.
  • The pump is extremely powerful.


  • It is quite heavy so it may be difficult to get in and out of swimming pools that don’t have ramps.

Prevent the clogging of your pool’s pump and filter system

This type of accessory is a great addition to your swimming pool cleaner that will help you get rid of larger debris such as leaves, twigs and any other dirt particles before they reach the pump and filter.

This will prevent system clogging and extend the lifespan of your filtering system. They come in various sizes depending on your cleaning needs.

In Line Pool Filter

Here are three swimming pool cleaning accessories that will make your swimming pool remain crystal clear:

13. Leaf Trap Canister w/ Large Mesh Bag for Hayward Baracuda Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner

Leaf Trap Canister w/ Large Mesh Bag for Hayward Baracuda Kreepy...

The Leaf Trap Canister w/ Large Mesh Bag for Hayward Baracuda Kreepy Krauly Pool Cleaner  was designed to be used with Hayward’s Barracuda Kreepy Krauly Cleaner has a clear, transparent body that is great for checking when the bag needs cleaning.

It is 17 inches long and it has a 6-inches diameter.It comes with one 1.5 inches male to male hose connector that helps the unit adapt to most hoses.

It has a push-open system that allows you to easily open the lead to empty it.

It has a size of 17.8 x 7.6 x 6.8 inches and the device weighs 3 pounds.

It was built to trap leaves and any other debris and to prevent that it reaches the swimming pool’s plumbing, its pump, and filter.

This device can prevent plumbing obstruction and it can help you reduce how often the filter needs maintenance and cleaning.

It can be used with several suction cleaners such as the Zodiac, Hayward, Pentair, Kreepy Krauly and other suction cleaners.


  • It is on the lower end of the price spectrum.
  • It can be used with many different cleaners.


  • The lid can be very difficult to open.
  • The replacement parts are difficult to find.

14. Hayward W560 PoolVac Navigator Standard Leaf Canister

Hayward W560 PoolVac Navigator Standard Leaf Canister

The W560 PoolVac Navigator Standard Leaf Canister  by Hayward has an extra-large basket or a bag that traps leaves and any other debris, preventing they reach the filter system.

It is design guarantees that water always bypasses debris and water flow to pump is always kept and clogging is prevented.

The lid comes with is easy to open, granting quick access to the basket.

It is made of Lexan, a transparent, high impact strength material, this lets you easily check when the basket needs to be clean.

This in line pool filter fits onto any 1.5-inch cleaner hose and it is available in standard and larger size.


  • If you do not have an integrated pump and filter system, this is a great accessory to add to your manual swimming pool cleaner.
  • It is ruggedly built.
  • It is highly affordable.


  • It seems to have a tendency to float. This is probably because it is not air tight.
  • The basket has been reported to lack in durability.
  • Buyers have claimed that it only works with large debris.

15. Hayward W530 Large Capacity Leaf Canister with Mesh Bag Replacement for Hayward Pool and Spa Cleaners

Hayward W530 Large Capacity Leaf Canister with Mesh Bag...

Hayward W530 Large Capacity Leaf Canister with Mesh Bag Replacement  was designed as a professional accessory to keep the leaves and other fragments out of your swimming pool.

This device is a great help to prevent that extra-large debris such as leaves enter the pump and filter system and potentially clog it.

The product was designed to ensure that water will always go around debris and this, in turn, guarantees proper water flow.

The lid that shuts the canister is easy to open, providing swift access to the basket.

It is made of Lexan, a transparent, high impact strength material, this lets you easily check when the basket needs to be clean.

The product is 13 inches long tip to tip and it is 7 inches in diameter.


  • It is roughly built to ensure durability.
  • It is easy to un-attaching and re-attaching to the suction hose a breeze.


  • Buyers have claimed it does not fit the cleaner properly.
  • The O-ring has reported to be flimsy and to easily break.
  • You might need to buy additional fittings.

When You Won’t Be Using Your Pool for a While

The swimming pool pump and filter covers are accessories that are necessary when the swimming pool is going to be winterized or if it is not going to be used for a while.

The pool cover pump makes sure to remove water that stagnates above the swimming pool cover and the swimming pool filter covers, protect the systems used to clean the swimming pool against the elements.

These accessories are particularly helpful when opening a swimming pool in the spring and closing it when the fall comes.

Cover for Pool Pump and Filter:

16. Universal Vented Pool Pump Motor Cover

The universal vented pool pump motor cover is a product designed to fit most pumps, from 0.75 to 2 horsepower.

This universal vented pool pump motor cover comes with adjustable mounts and vents positioned to provide protection against the weather.

Unfortunately, this cover does not work on pumps that have a capacitator.

This product is made entirely of plastic and it has a size of 13 x 8.5 x 8.5 inches and it weighs 1.8 pounds.

The downside of this universal swimming pool pump cover is that the snaps placed inside to fasten the pump are sometimes too small, and the fact that it does not have any openings for the pump’s plumbing.


  • This universal vented swimming pool pump cover is easy to assemble.
  • It helps you protect your motor from the sun, rain, and water.
  • It helps you extend the life of your pump by protecting it from the erosive elements.


  • This cover does not fit with pumps with capacitors.
  • Some buyers have claimed that this accessory is flimsy.
  • You need to carefully check that it actually fits your pump, it is best to take the appropriate measurements and compare with the specs.

17. Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump

Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump

The Blue Wave Dredger Jr. above ground pool winter cover pump is able to pump up to 350 gallons per hour and remove any undesirable water from your winter swimming pool cover.

The pump is a magnetically drive and fully submersible, centrifugal pump.

It has a manual on and off switch and it comes with a garden hose adapter and a 25 feet power cord.

The Blue Wave Dredger Jr. 350 GPH Above Ground Pool Winter Cover Pump  comes with a reusable filter made of foam, and a base platform that helps it settle.

It is light weight at barely 2.5 pounds and 4.8 x 4 x 4 inches in size.

It can also efficiently remove still water from your spa, basement, boat and any other place that needs to be bailed out.


  • It is UL listed, this means that it has been tested and meets US safety standards.
  • It has a 1-Year Warranty.
  • It is weather resistant.


  • Buyers have claimed that the plastic housing is flimsy.
  • The same thing has been said about the hose screw nozzle on some reviews left by buyers.
  • Buyers have expressed that the pumping speed is much slower than the specifications claim.
  • The filter clogs easily so it needs to be tended to often.

18. WAYNE WAPC250 1/4 HP Automatic ON/OFF Water Removal Pool Cover Pump

Wayne 57729-WYNP WAPC250 Pool Cover Pump, Blue

WAYNE Water Systems is a company located in Ohio and it is a leading provider of carefree water handling solutions for residential clients.

They have more than 80 years of experience in the market providing homeowners with the equipment necessary to keep any area with flooding potential dry

The Wayne WAPC250  is a device designed to remove the swimming pool cover water that comes with iSwitch technology to automatically turn on and off automatically.

This water pump for removing swimming pool cover water has a maximum flow rate of 3K gallons per hour and uses 1.25-inches drain hose.

The water pump comes with a check valve and a garden hose adapter.

It has a power cord that is 25 feet long, which is ideal to "pull it to shore" when it is no longer necessary. This cord should always be plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlet.

It comes with a strainer to reduce clogging by filtering debris.


  • You can just plug it in and leave it unattended.
  • It turns on automatically upon sensing the presence of water.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • The automatic on and off system prevents the pump from damaging in case of a freeze.


  • The unit does not have a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI.
  • The same thing has been said about the hose screw nozzle on some reviews left by buyers.
  • It might not work properly if the water level is too low. This ends up making it inefficient and to waste energy.
  • The filter clogs easily so it needs to be tended to often.

As you can see accessories for your swimming pool come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices.

The important thing is to have everything you need to be able to enjoy a comfortable, fun, and relaxing pool season, after all…isn't that the point of having a swimming pool at home?

Tips that will help you save money while using your pool:

  • Your swimming pool should be installed in a place where the environment benefits the pool’s functioning.
  • Exposure to direct sun light will improve the temperature of the water. It should also be located in an area where humidity is not low and where it’s protected from the wind to avoid excessive evaporation.
  • If you live in a windy are, put a solid fence or a screen to break the wind. You could also plant a line of evergreen trees to get the same effect in the long term. This will prevent the pool from unnecessary water loss.
  • You can install rainwater collectors to top up the pool, this will reduce the use of running water.
  • Installing a swimming pool cover will help you save money while reducing maintenance efforts. This practice will keep your pool cleaner for longer and will reduce water evaporation.
  • Installing a smart timer will reduce the energy costs, while making maintenance easier. This will also let you adapt your cleaning times to the different seasons and maximize the efficiency of your pool pump and filter system.
  • Consider using solar-powered heating instead of gas or electric. This will not only save you money, it will also make your pool operation more environmentally friendly.
  • If you plan to use your pool at night, choose energy efficient options to light it such as LED, and optimize the position of the lights so you use the minimum possible to get the most lighting.
  • Make sure your pump and filter system is the right one for your pool’s size. Using a small-capacity system for a big pool, will overwork the system and it might reduce its life span, while using a system that is too big for your pool will be a waste of energy and this will reflect on your electric bill.
  • Check your entire pool plumbing periodically to spot any leaks that might be wasting water unnecessarily.

5 Essential Tips for Choosing Swimming Pool Filter Accessories

  1. Choose filter accessories that are designed to fit your specific pool filter model.
  2. Look for accessories that are made from durable materials, such as stainless steel or plastic.
  3. Check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure that the accessory is compatible with your pool filter.
  4. Make sure the accessories you choose are easy to install and maintain.
  5. Consider purchasing additional accessories, such as a skimmer basket or vacuum head, to help keep your pool clean and safe.

ALSO: Consider investing in a pool cover to help reduce the amount of debris entering your swimming pool!</p

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