Best Shower Head Filter For Hard Water

Shower water can have the same amount of dangerous chemicals as tap water. Thankfully, there are a variety of shower filters for hard water that can make a difference in your day-to-day life. Filtering your shower is similar to filtering your drinking water with a pitcher to remove sediment and pollutants. Many individuals claim that … Read more

Sparkling Water Benefits

Jump To A Section! 5 Great Benefits of Sparkling Water1. Sparkling water can help settle the stomach.2. Sparkling water can help reduce morning sickness3. Sparkling water can help with motion sickness4. Sparkling water can help with weight loss5. Sparkling water can help with mineralsDrinking Sparkling Water For Health & Nutrition Are you interested in drinking … Read more

Artesian Water

Jump To A Section! 5 Benefits of Drinking Artesian Water1. Healthy Artesian spring water contains fluoride.2. Artesian spring drinking water has plenty of calcium.3. Artesian spring water contains bicarbonate.4. Healthy Artesian drinking water is packed with electrolytes.5. Artesian spring water is an appetite suppressant.Is drinking Artesian water *REALLY* good for you? Are you interested in … Read more

Ozonated Water

Jump To A Section! Ozonated Water Therapy Benefits1. Reduces inflammation2. Fights cancer3. Detoxes the body4. Reduces bacteria in food5. Helps digestionOzonated Therapeutic Water Treatment Have you heard about the ozonated water fad?Do you find yourself wondering if this is something you should pay attention to? Is it really just a fad? Are there benefits of drinking ozonated … Read more

7 Easy Ways How To Tell If Your Water Softener Is Working Or Not

Jump To A Section! Signs a Water Softener is Working1. No more hard water spots. 2. Cleaner and less itchy skin. 3. Softer hair. 4. Softer and more vivid laundry. 5. Easier to hand-wash dishes with plenty of suds. 6. Water pressure isn’t changing. 7. No more buildup around your shower head. Conclusion Do you have a water softener installed in your … Read more

Best Shower Filter For Chloramine

Are you looking for ways to get your home’s water cleaner? Did you know chloramine is a chemical pollutant that is present in many water sources? Do you know how to remove chloramine from water? In this article, we’ll introduce you to several products that can help you remove chloramine from your water. You’ll be … Read more

How To Convert Hard Water Into Soft Water On The Cheap (W/O Water Softener System)

Water Softener Shower Heads Water Softener Faucets Water Softeners For Bathtub Use Water Descalers (Softener Alternative) Jump To A Section! Water Softener Shower HeadsWater Softener FaucetsWater Softeners For Bathtub UseWater Descalers (Softener Alternative)3 ways you could benefit from having softer water at home1. Reduces damage to plumbing and water based appliances2. Better skin3. Less chances … Read more


Our Choice Recommendation Ever wondered about getting stranded out at sea without a portable fresh water maker by your side? Well, if you want a watermaker like this, you most definitely need a desalination kit. A desalination kit has a chamber which heats up the saltwater in an isolated space, converting it into vapor, and … Read more

Water Purification Drops

Our Choice Recommendation: Aquamira – Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Two Part Liquid The purifying product comes in a pack of two bottles. These offers help to kill the bacteria present in the water and can improve the taste that you get after the Aquamira chlorine dioxide process is complete. Once you open the Aquamira chlorine dioxide … Read more

9 Best Purified Bottled Water Brands

Our Top Recommendation Jump To A Section! 9 Highly Rated And Preferred Purified Drinking Water Brands Sold Online1. Kirkland2. Aquafina3. Dasani4. Niagara5. Pure Life6. Nursery7. Essentia8. Penta9. LIFEWTRWhat Is Purified Bottled Water?5 Reasons Why People Drink Bottled Water1. It Seems Safer Than Drinking Water From The Tap2. Tastes Better Than Drinking Tap Water3. Safe For … Read more

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