Water Distillation Plants: Distilling Water for the Masses

Three quarters of the Earth is water. It is hard to believe, though, that with so much of the liquid, there is scarcity. It is even harder to take that water is not accorded to everyone in this planet, especially water that is fit for living thing consumption.Through the years, man developed means to produce … Read more

Bottled and Distilled Water in America: Stats Reveal All

America’s been using bottled water for a long timeDid you know that bottling water could be traced all the way back to the 16th and 17th century? You may think that the plastic craze we currently live in is what’s responsible for putting water in bottles, but you’re quite mistaken.According to historical records, bottling water … Read more

Ultimate Guide To Solar Water Distillers: How To Make A Solar Still 101

Do you want to learn more about solar water distillation? Are you wondering about how solar still installations can help you make clean water on demand? Are you looking for easy, quick tutorials that will help you create your very own solar still? Jump To A Section! How to make a DIY solar water distillerStill BasinSide WallsTop … Read more

Distilled Water

Jump To A Section! What is distilled water?What is in distilled water?Water Distillation Process: How does it work?Water Distillation: What is it good for?1. Why is distilled water good for drinking?2. Distillation in the laboratory3. Distillation in our modern worldDistillation Vs. Regular WaterDistillation Vs. Purified WaterDistillation Vs. Filtered WaterDistillation Vs. Deionized WaterWater Distillation For One And … Read more

9 Great Medical Uses of Distilled Water

0 shares Share0 Share +10 Tweet0 Pin0 Water is probably the most important liquid on earth, and is also a universal solvent. Without water, humanity cannot survive. Everyone uses water in a lot of everyday activities which includes showers, washing dishes, drinking and of course cleaning our abodes and watering plants.There are many types of … Read more

Producing Distilled Water In The Laboratory (How Labs Do It And Why)

Jump To A Section! Importance of Distilled WaterDistillation in the LaboratoryFractional distillation in laboratoriesDistillation in Bottler CompaniesWhy use distilled water in laboratories?DNA sequencing in the lab with distilled waterLaboratories run on distilled water Importance of Distilled WaterConsumers want to drink clean water all the time. If you are parents of small children, you would want … Read more

13 Different Uses of Distilled Water (Pretty Much EVERYTHING)

Jump To A Section! What is Distilled Water Used For?Distilled water used for DRINKING?Distilled water for COSMETIC PRODUCTS?Distilled water used for AUTOMOBILES?Distilled water used for LABORATORY USE?Distilled water used in the MEDICAL FIELD?Distilled water used for MAKING SOAP?Distilled water used for WASHING YOUR HAIR?Distilled water used for COOKING VEGETABLES?Distilled water for CANNING PRODUCE?Distilled water for … Read more

Battery Water

Jump To A Section! The Deal with Batteries & Battery WaterWhy Do We Need Battery Water? Here’s what happens inside a battery:The Problem with Tap Water for Battery Water UseUsing Regular Water As Your Battery’s Water Will Harm Your BatteryEnter Distilled Water for Battery WaterDistilled Water As Your Battery’s Water Is Good For Batteries In … Read more

All The Best Distilled Water Brands (You Need To Know About)

Bottled Distilled Water *BESTSELLERS* When it comes to beverages, it’s not always about the fizzy carbonated war between giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Bottled water companies are also locked in heated competition to see who can provide more distilled water bottle options for the masses.Currently, the per capita consumption of distilled water in the US … Read more

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