Distilled Water vs. Mineral Water vs. Purified Water

What kind of water do you drink?Do you have a filter at home?Or maybe you’re BRAVE enough to go straight from the tap?  JUMP TO A SECTION What’s your water?Water has microorganisms and contaminants***Distilled Water***PROS of drinking DISTILLED WATERCONS of drinking DISTILLED WATERHow good is it for you?What is distillation good for?***Mineral Water***PROS of drinking … Read more

20 Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Distilled Water Regularly

Water comprises about 60% of our body. That makes the intake of additional fluids one of the most important things people need in order to live daily. It’s necessary to prevent thirst, and sometimes even to push food further down the stomach. The debate on which type of water to drink daily is a necessary one. … Read more

17 Water Distiller Reviews (BEST HOME DISTILLERS GUIDE)

Water DistillerOur Top Recommendation JUMP TO A SECTION… Our Top RecommendationDistiller #1Distiller #2Distiller #3Distiller #4Distiller #5Distiller #6Distiller #7Distiller #8Distiller #9Distiller #10Distiller #11Distiller #12Distiller #13Distiller #14HEAVY DUTY Water DistillersDistiller #15Distiller #16Distiller #17Water Distillers For Everyday DrinkingWater Distillers, Anyone?Water Distillers For Clean Water Everyday Looking for great water distiller products available online for purchase? Can distilling water with … Read more

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