Drinking Water Filters

What kind of water do you drink regularly?

Some go with bottled water while others choose filtering with water filters. A lot of people are starting to believe that tap water is not a perfectly healthy option anymore, especially if you live somewhere where the circumstances are dire.

Nowadays more and more people are concerned about the kind of water they drink.

  • Is your drinking water loaded with all sorts of bacteria, chemicals or parasites? 
  • How can we trust our drinking water sources to be safe for drinking?
  • Will a drinking water filtration solution guarantee reliable and potable drinking water for my home and family?

You might not have ever thought about it before, but water filtration is a very important part of your life. Every developed country in the world has some sort of water filtration system in place, and the United States is no different.

Water filtration is the first stronghold against potential health risks that might come from dirty water, but sometimes municipal treatment isn’t quite enough to get the job done. For a variety of reasons, the water that reaches your tap might not be as clean as it was when it left the facility. When you feel like your water is a little too dirty, you need your own water filtration at home.

Although the government would claim to have treated our water supply, the chemicals used can at times be harmful to health. Drinking water filtration systems ensure that your water is safe and clean, whenever and wherever you need it.

Understanding Water Filtration

Drinking contaminated water can not only cause stomach problems, it can cause severe illness or even death. So it is important to be concerned about the water you drink. Our resources below, will teach you exactly what water filtration is all about and why it’s incredibly crucial for you to filter your water for yourself and your family.

Improve the quality of your home water supply and learn about water filtration. Share it with friends and help make a better drinking water world for everyone!

Different Ways To Filter Your Water

People are in constant search of the best means to ensure safe drinking water.This has paved the way for water filters to become more popular and in demand.

However, there are several different ways to filter water and there are always new innovations on the horizon.

The articles below will help you get a clearer understanding of the different ways to filter your water and get to know the advantages and disadvantages of the different methods used.

Check them out below and decide which of these ways will work best for you and your loved ones. Who knows, maybe one of these techniques will save your life one day!

Filtering Water In The Wild?

Oftentimes, it’s easy to take our access to clean drinking water or water filtration products for granted. People who love to go outdoors, go trekking, hiking or camping don’t have the luxury of water filtration on the go and they usually have to rely on other means for their drinking water.

If you are one of these adventurous types, always looking for a way to access enough clean drinking water in the wild, these resources may be exactly what you’re looking for.Learn how to survive even with a limited source of clean water when you go travelling and get to know some interesting techniques for filtering water in the wild--even with the use of plants!

You won't ever have to worry about not having clean water to drink even when you are out on another adventure. So go ahead and check out some of our portable drinking water filtration resources below:

Curated Water Filter Product Lists

Around the world, the water filtration industry is booming! Drinking water filter products are quickly becoming standard operating procedure for providing a clean and reliable home environment for your family. Why? Well, it's because we all NEED clean water on demand. Sadly, it is becoming harder and harder to come by around the world.

Cleaning your drinking water is NOT out of the norm these days. In fact, water filtration related products are being sold in our communities and online as well. If you are searching for a great water filter product online, we've got loads of hefty recommendations for you. 

Whichever drinking water filter option you choose, you’re sure to have a valuable asset as part of your daily routine in no time. Cleaner water will keep your clothes, dishes, skin, and hair feeling and looking great for longer, and it will keep you and your family from potentially becoming ill from waterborne illnesses, too. You just can’t go wrong with filtered water.

There are several different options that can help you get cleaner water in your home. The choice you make will depend on your budget, the level of contamination of your tap water, and how many people live in your home.

Whole House Drinking Water Filters
  • Whole house filters – A whole house water filter is the best drinking water filter option when you feel like the water in your home isn’t clean enough for any daily activities. If you don’t feel comfortable with the quality of water you use for showering and washing as well as cooking and drinking, you should consider going this route. Of course, this is also a much more expensive option, so it may take a little extra budgeting to make it work. Whole house water filters are usually installed directly on your pipes to filter water before it ever enters your home.
Individual Sink/Countertop Filtration
  • Individual sink/Countertop filters – If your water is fine for washing and showering but just not quite clean enough for cooking and drinking, you can choose to install an individual sink drinking water filter instead. There are a couple of different types of these available on the market today. The first of these is an under-sink filter, which is usually a bit stronger and more durable. The second option is a sink filter, which usually screws into place on your faucet and filters water as it comes out of the tap. Either one is a good choice, depending on the level of contamination in your tap water.
Water Pitcher Filters
  • Pitcher filters – These offer the least amount of filtration overall, but they are the cheapest and easiest drinking water filter options. Pitcher filters should only be used for water you intend to drink or cook with, as they simply don’t have enough power to filter a large amount of water or to get rid of many types of contaminants. They can make slightly contaminated water safe for drinking, as they remove bacteria and sediment from the water. However, they can’t remove a lot of harsh pollutants that may be present.Check out these links below for our curated water filter product review lists and put an end to your water filtration needs today.

Check out these links below for our curated product review lists
and put an end to your water filtration needs today.

Other Great Water Filtration Resources

  • Get all the information you need to know about what’s trending in the world of drinking water filters including everything from technological advancements, viral news, and more. Discover the latest clean water filtration updates and learn some surprising and enjoyable facts too. Be aware of the importance of filtering your water and ensure that your water is safe to drink before you actually take your next gulp.

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