9 Great Water Filter Technology Advancements (You Need To Know About Today)


Do you get sick of consuming bad-tasting and -smelling water? Do you worry about the potential health effects of drinking contaminated water? Technology-based water filters can offer a secure, dependable solution to these issues. Your drinking water's taste and odor are enhanced in addition to any impurities being removed. You can drink clean, cooling water without worrying about its safety if you have the correct filter. Additionally, research has shown that utilizing a water filter can lower your chance of contracting some diseases. Continue reading to find out more about how this cutting-edge technology can help you and your family stay healthy!


Water filter technology is an effective way to reduce contaminants in drinking water.

  • It can remove bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms from water.
  • It can also reduce the presence of heavy metals, chemicals, and other pollutants.
  • It is a cost-effective solution for providing clean drinking water.

Investing in water filtration tech is an important step towards ensuring safe and healthy drinking water for everyone!

In an infographic released by Pj Dore Co. & Ltd, 360,000 people die each year from water-related diseases. This is because not every household has access to affordable water treatment technologies. However, in those who do, they have an array of filtration techniques to choose from.

A Growing, Relevant Market

In line with this, a research published in 2013 by Freedonia, an industry market research firm, water treatment equipment demand is expected to grow by 5.9% per year and USD13B in 2017. This is no surprise if you align this forecast with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) water quality and health strategy to attain the highest possible reduction in waterborne and water-related diseases by providing up-to-date, evidence-based guidance and coordination, and support for water, sanitation and hygiene interventions.”

Water is Both Necessity and Choice

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Over the years, simplified water treatment has become available to our homes. This is so we have our own water purification techniques to protect our families. We have seen different types of water treatment technologies, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

Water filter technology and water purifier technology also have different types. The process of choosing which water treatment to use can be tiring. The first step is to research, compare, weigh, and then choose. This is about what you’re putting in your body, after all.

These water treatment techniques might differ in processes but they serve the same purpose—to make water potable.

Innovations in Water Filtration Technology

Through the years, we have seen water filtration technology evolve from the simple cloth sieving to today’s acoustics and nanotube technology. With these filter technologies, we have different options to choose from.

Below are some of the latest developments in water and filtration technology. Knowing these will help you scrutinize what you need to use for your family.

9 Water Filtration Advancements

1. Filtering Water with Nanotechnology

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Last year, 2014, Nano Sun of Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University developed a multi-functional water filtration membrane. This latest water filter technology uses titanium dioxide nanotechnology instead of the usual polymer-based water filtration membranes.

It sounds scientific to ordinary citizens like us but simply put, it kills bacteria and breaks down organic compounds using the ultraviolet rays or more commonly known to us as, the sun. In addition, it claims to be environmental friendly as it reduces biofouling or the accumulation of microorganisms that usually grow on wet surfaces.

2. Lifestraw

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Filter and water technologies are not limited to developing countries. As we mentioned earlier, these technologies surface because there is a need and there is a growing need in underdeveloped countries for cheaper gadgets to help them get clean water. One of these is the Lifestraw, introduced in 2008 for household use.

This simple contraption is designed for individual use. It’s as simple as hanging it around your neck! Use the Lifestraw as you would a normal straw, sip through it. But what is inside are 2 filters, a membrane and charcoal filter. These two elements take care of purifying through the water while it is being sucked upwards.

3. Photocatalytic Water Purification Technology

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Unveiled at the Eco-Products 2014 in Tokyo, this water filter technology uses “photocatalysts and the UV rays from sunlight to detoxify polluted water at high speeds”. When you think of photocatalysts, think of your science project in school on chlorophyll; chlorophyll is enabled by using sunlight.

In Photocatalytic Water Purification Technology, it is the same reaction, using the sun’s ultraviolet rays to clean water. Developed by Panasonic, this treatment process claims to remove arsenic and bacteria among a few.

4. Acoustics Nanotube Technology

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If you think of NASA, you would think that they only oversee occurrences outside our planet. While they do oversee planetary incidents, they are also involved in researches on anything that contributes to the sustainability of the eco system. In this case, NASA’s Johnson Space Center developed the Acoustics Nanotube Technology to eliminate contaminants in water to make it potable, making it one of NASA’s contributions to water purification technologies.

This innovation still uses a sieve, but unlike other filtration types, it is an “acoustically-driven molecular sieve embedded with small diameter nanotubes.” This technological advancement in water filtration pushes water away from contaminants unlike other methods. The technology has been reported in 2009.

5. SunSpring System

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Last year, 2014, EaglefordTexas.com reported that a Colorado company has developed a water purification system that can purify up to 5,000 gallons of water daily with just a battery that runs on renewable energy.

This water treatment technology is called SunSpring. This system uses a seven-mile membrane that is 0.02 microns thick, stopping microbiological toxins.

6. Tata Swach

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Designed by Tata Chemicals and Tata Data Research Development and Design Center, the Tata Swach, launched in 2009 is a water purifier that is targeted towards low-income households. Originally targeting low-income families in India, this water purifier uses rice husk ash and nano silver to kill disease causing germs and bacteria. This latest technology which came into view last year claims to be able to purify 3-4 liters of water every hour. Not bad for a household kitchen gadget!

7. Euglena Biofiltration System

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A Euglena is an aquatic organism that absorbs water pollutants. With this characteristic, Noble Purification has developed a filtration system to treat water. Launched last year, this water treatment technology discovery makes use of controlled algae to bloom in waste water, which will then absorb toxins in the water.

8. Sun light and High Tech Materials

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One of the water treatment techniques to use the sun, Anne Morrisey and her team in Dublin City University announced last March 2014 that they have developed a new process to purify water. With sunlight as one of its main “workers” in the process, it also uses TiO2 and Graphene.

9. Grundfos-pioneered Biological Purification Process

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As the name implies, this new process paving the way for waste water treatment in hospitals, is a project with Grundfos, a Danish pump manufacturer. Although a pilot project in Herlev Hospital, it has already gained traction internationally. The purification undergoes biological process and goes through ceramic filtration membranes and a final polishing by carbon and ozone.

Water in our Homes

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The US EPA recently released the Safe Drinking Water Act Dashboard. This is the government’s way of encouraging us to take part in the water distribution and the necessary steps to make sure that water is safe for our family. Aside from participating in the community issues on the water distributed to our houses, everything begins inside our home. What ways we choose to sustain the environment and how it affects the water we drink and serve our family is in the manner and effort that we put into choosing the best possible and latest water filter technology.


5 Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Water Filter Technology

  1. Research the different types of water filter technologies available and determine which one is best suited to your needs.
  2. Check the filter's certifications and ratings to ensure it meets industry standards.
  3. Consider the size of the filter, as well as its capacity and flow rate.
  4. Look for a filter that is easy to install, maintain, and replace when necessary.
  5. Compare prices between different brands and models to find the best value for your money.

ALSO: Consider investing in a water filtration system that can be used with multiple types of filters!

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