Hot Tub Filters



Whatever the reason, if you are looking for information about a hot tub filter spa system, you’ve come to the right place. The fact of the matter remains--if you have a hot tub, there will come a time when you need to buy a hot tub water filter!

Spa tub filters are an important part of any spa system. They help regulate the quality of the water that enters your spa, and they can keep debris, dirt, and other items from floating into the pipes and causing damage to the pump and inner workings of your hot tub. They might even be the most valuable part of your whole hot tub, so it pays to replace them regularly.

You might feel a little overwhelmed choosing the right hot hot spa tub filters for your specific model, but don’t worry. It doesn’t have to be a complicated challenge to shop for filters for hot tubs. If you need more information to help you get started, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about 17 of the best hot hot spa tub filters available on the market today. You’ll be able to choose the right spa tub filter for your specific model, and you’ll be able to compare hot hot spa tub filters by size, function, and power as well. You’ll find hot hot spa tub filters that work for just about every hot tub imaginable, including older models that might still be serving you well. You’ll even find some ceramic hot spa tub filters on this list if you feel like making an upgrade.

By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll know everything you need to choose the right tub filters for hot tub use in your home. You’ll never have to wonder again about whether or not you’re buying the right product.

Now it’s time to get started learning!

17 Great Spa Tub Filters For Sale Online

When it comes to hot tubs, tub filters are one of the most important parts of the whole system. These reviews are here to help you choose the right type of filter for the kind of hot tub you have based on size, frequency of use, and more. Remember, when choosing your filter, it’s always a good idea to head outside and measure your existing filter first before you go shopping. That way, you can easily compare the dimensions of every filter you look at with the one in your hot tub to make it easier than ever to narrow down your options. Of course, if you have a hot tub that doesn’t have a filter installed already, you can look up the same information in your owner’s manual.

Spa Filter #1

Unicel 4CH-940-2 Replacement Filter Cartridge (2 Pack)

Choose the Unicel 4CH-940-2 Replacement Filter Cartridge when you are looking to purchase a brand name product that you know is backed by a lot of customer satisfaction. These spa filter cartridges are available either as a single replacement, a two pack, a four pack, or a very affordable six pack that can help you save a lot of money. It features plenty of pleats to make it easier than ever to catch debris and bacteria without it ever reaching the water in your hot tub.

  • High-quality product that is backed by a well-known hot spa tub filters brand name.
  • Higher pleat count is better at keeping your water crystal clear for much longer than other hot spa tub filters.
  • Durable plastic and polyester hot spa tub filters construction can stand up to a lot of use.
  • Unicel hot spa tub filters are more expensive than other replacement filters on the market.
  • These hot spa tub filters may not work well with very hard water.
  • These hot spa tub filters may show signs of staining over time if your hot tub is very grimy.

Spa Filter #2

6 PACK PLEATCO PWW10-M Microban Hot Tub/Spa Skim Filter Pool...

Are you searching for a great microfilter replacement for Waterway and similar hot tub brands? If so, try this popular Pleatco filter right away. These spa filter cartridges can be used with a variety of different hot tubs, and are designed for use with pop-up spas specifically. It can provide you with an affordable alternative to many other microfilters on the market today.

  • Designed for use in conjunction with other traditional hot spa tub filters, but also works well on its own in certain types of hot tubs.
  • ​Features a large surface area that allows water to pass through quickly and easily for the best possible filtration.
  • ​Durable, reinforced media threading and plastic casing keep this filter from becoming easily damaged even with frequent use.
  • Smaller hot spa tub filters like this one may be difficult or even impossible to clean well, so it might need to be replaced more frequently.
  • These filters are smaller and can’t do as much work as larger hot spa tub filters, so they can be a costly addition to your spa.
  • Some hot tubs aren’t designed for use with micro hot spa tub filters and might not be compatible with this type of filter cartridge.

Spa Filter #3

Guardian Filtration Products, Replacement Pool Spa Filter, for...

When you need a little extra protection for your water, reach for the Guardian Pool Spa Filter and let it do the hard work for you. These spa filter cartridges feature an antimicrobial filter media that is sure to trap just about any bacteria that might threaten to make its way into your spa. It can easily replace many Unicel, Pleatco, and Rainbow brand spa filter cartridges, and it works in many hot tubs.

  • Very affordable alternative to other similar spa filter cartridges, especially since it’s available in a three filter pack.
  • ​Features a large filter area that allows as much water as possible to filtered quickly and efficiently.
  • Easy to install and replace these hot spa tub filters when the time comes with a few quick motions.
  • Pleating may be difficult to clean on these hot spa tub filters, as it can be hard to separate fine pleats by hand for regular rinsing.
  • Fine pleats may also cause hidden pockets of debris and dirt that may not get washed, causing backwash into the spa.
  • Paper filter media is not durable enough to hold up to repeated use and may need to be replaced much more frequently than other hot spa tub filters on this list.

Spa Filter #4

Unicel C-8465 65 Square Foot Hot Tub and Spa Replacement Pool...

Sometimes, a brand name you can trust goes a long way toward helping you choose the right filter for your spa. Go with the Unicel C-8465-2 Replacement Filter Cartridge when you want to rely on a tried and true spa filter brand. This very durable, large filter can be used with many different Unicel-compatible hot tubs. It is a very efficient and powerful filter that has proven time and again to be ablet o remove even the toughest substances from spa water.

  • Made by a trusted brand name that is known for providing top-quality hot spa tub filters at a reasonable price.
  • ​Designed for extended use up to a year with proper maintenance and cleaning at regular intervals.
  • ​Able to hold up to frequent use and cleanings, even when soaked in strong chemical cleaning solutions.
  • May leave a small gap and not create a strong seal between the filter cartridge and the housing unit.
  • More expensive than other comparable hot spa tub filters on the market today.
  • Must be purchased as a two-pack set from this listing, which further increases the price.

Spa Filter #5

Guardian Filtration Products 4 Pack Lot Filter Cartridges FITS:...

Save a lot of money when you go with this 4 Pack Lot of Filter Cartridges. These cartridges can replace spa filter cartridges made by Filbur, Rainbow, Unicel, and Pleatco, as well as many others. They work in several different types of hot tubs as well. These are longer hot spa tub filters than some of the others listed here, so if you have a very short filter housing unit, they might not be the right option for you. Despite their size, they are very light, and they can be installed and removed easily.

  • Designed to quickly and simply pop in and out of place in your filter housing unit.
  • ​Feature fine pleating to catch and trap bacteria and debris with ease.
  • ​Interchangeable with many different, more expensive spa filter cartridges on the market today.
  • Must be purchased in a four pack, which might be too costly for some hot tub owners.
  • Filter media is not reinforced and may pop loose with extended use.
  • Plastic casings for the filter media are not reinforced and may degrade over time with exposure to chemical water treatments.

Spa Filter #6

Baleen Filters 50 sq. ft. Pool Filter Replaces Unicel C-4950,...

Pick up this Pool Filter 2-Pack for Swimming Pool and Spa use if you’re looking for a very low-cost alternative to some of the most popular brand name hot spa tub filters on the market today. These spa filter cartridges are made by Aqua Kleen and can easily replace Pleatco, Filbur, and Unicel spa filter cartridges, as well as some others. It features fine pleats to catch as many bacteria as possible and a reinforced plastic casing.

  • Great option for anyone who doesn’t use the hot tub as often as others and would like an affordable filter that won’t go over budget.
  • ​Available in a two-pack to make it even easier for you to save money in the long run with this filter.
  • ​Great at trapping dirt and debris in the fine pleating of the filter media.
  • Might be much lighter and flimsier than some of the other filter models available on this list.
  • May not be able to be used with harsh water treatment chemicals or soaked in powerful cleaners.
  • These hot spa tub filters do not last as long as others on the market and will need to be replaced more frequently.

Spa Filter #7

Clarathon 2 Replacement Filters for Lifesmart, Freeflow,...

If you have a hot tub with a filter cartridge that’s difficult to find a replacement for, you might need to go with these 2 Replacement Filters for Lifesmart spa filter cartridges. They can also work with hot tubs made by Simplicity, Bermuda Spas, and Hydromaster, among several others. These are a unique size that might be harder to find among other filter cartridge replacements, and they’re very affordable too.

  • Very easy to install and remove with just a few simple twists and no tools required.
  • An affordable alternative to other hot spa tub filters, particularly since it is available in a two-pack set.
  • ​Easy to use with a wide variety of different hot tubs across the board.
  • Because the threading on this filter is on the outside, it adds about an inch diameter that might make the filter not fit into some hot tubs.
  • These spa filter cartridges do not feature an additional reinforcement to keep the pleating from coming loose over time.
  • Plastic casing may flake or chip over time and float into the water of your spa.

Spa Filter #8

PSD125U C-8325 FC-2790 Sundance Comparable Pool & Spa Filter...

Choose the PSD125U C-8325 FC-2790 Sundance Comparable Pool & Spa Filter when you want to replace hot spa tub filters in slightly older hot tub models. Although this filter touts its ability to work with Sundance spas, you can also use it in Montego, Capri, Altamar, and other older spa brands that were sold during the later part of the 1990s. If you have an older hot tub, do yourself a favor and check out these filters today.

  • Excellent option if you have an older spa that can be difficult to find replacement hot spa tub filters for.
  • ​Easy to clean by simply opening the pleats by hand and rinsing in between thorough soaks.
  • ​Durable enough to use again and again with cleaning.
  • Much more expensive than many other hot spa tub filters on the market today, including some that do still fit older models.
  • Filter media may pull away from the plastic casing over time with exposure to harsh pool chemicals.
  • Because of the fine pleats, stains and problem areas may be hidden without a close examination at cleaning time.

Spa Filter #9

SUNDANCE Spa Filter OEM 6540-488

Are you looking for an OEM spa filter replacement for your Sundance brand hot tub? If so, look no further than this high-quality filter replacement. It’s made by the Sundance company and works well with many of the modern-day spa filter cartridges made by this brand. These spa filter cartridges, like all of the Sundance filter spa filter cartridges, feature a durable, reinforced threading on the cartridge media and a strong plastic casing that will never become damaged by the chemicals in your spa.

  • These spa filter cartridges are made by a brand name manufacturer, which means they are always backed by a product and customer service guarantee.
  • These are powerful hot spa tub filters that remove a lot of bacteria from the water and can be used with fewer harsh chemicals.
  • ​Filter media isn’t prone to shredding.
  • May become weakened by frequent cleanings and might not hold up as well as other hot spa tub filters.
  • Because it is a brand name filter, it is more expensive than other models on this list.
  • These spa filter cartridges cannot be used with any products other than Sundance brand hot tubs.

Spa Filter #10

Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Spa Filter for Grandee

If you find yourself searching for an affordable way to stock up on plenty of ceramic hot spa tub filters, try this pack of Hot Spring Spas Tri-X Spa Filters today. Ceramic filters are unique in that they work much like a pleated filter and look like one, too, but the media is made of ceramic instead of the usual polyester. This makes these spa filter cartridges much more durable than their counterparts, but may also cause the price to go up significantly as well.

  • Very easy to clean by simply rinsing with a garden hose or running through the dishwasher.
  • With proper cleaning and hot tub maintenance, these hot spa tub filters can last for several years.
  • ​Very resistant to rips, tears, and other damage from extended use.
  • This is a much more expensive alternative to traditional hot spa tub filters and might be too costly to purchase all at once.
  • Filters for this listing must be bought in a pack of five, which makes the cost even higher.
  • These hot spa tub filters may not be best for use with very dirty or frequently-used hot tubs.

Spa Filter #11

HotSpring Tri-X Filter

If you prefer to try a ceramic filter for your hot tub without committing to a five-filter pack, you can purchase this individual HotSpring Tri-X Filter instead and see what a difference a ceramic filter can really make for your spa system. This high-quality filter is designed to hold up to repeated use and easy washing without the need for a lengthy, damaging soak. Although it is designed a bit differently than traditional cartridge hot spa tub filters, it works in more or less the same way and is interchangeable with many traditional spa filter cartridges.

  • Very easy to clean by rinsing with a garden hose or placing in the dishwasher with some detergent.
  • ​Made to last for several years longer than traditional polyester and paper filters.
  • ​The plastic casing is designed to stand up to a lot of use and won’t flake or chip.
  • If these hot spa tub filters aren’t packaged well, they may arrive with cracks or other damage and will need to be replaced or repaired.
  • May need to be rinsed more often than a traditional pleated filter to keep dirt from backwashing into the spa.
  • Might be too expensive, especially for spas that require the use of two filters at a time to function properly.

Spa Filter #12

If you have a Watkins brand filter in place in your spa already, this OEM Filter Cartridge is a potential good replacement that can save you a lot of money. These spa filter cartridges are designed for larger spas that require bigger hot spa tub filters, so if you have a big hot tub you might be able to use them. It features a reinforced plastic casing that will help keep the blue plastic pieces from breaking or chipping and floating into your spa water, which in turn keeps you safer and cleaner with extended uses.

  • Designed to hold up to repeated use and plenty of cleanings and soaking before it needs to be replaced.
  • ​Pleats are held in place well and aren’t prone to popping loose over time.
  • ​Easy to clean by simply parting the pleats by hand and rinsing with a garden hose.
  • May not be compatible with every type of hot tub, particularly if yours is a smaller or inflatable model.
  • Thin filter media may tear or rip with repeated use and might need to be replaced more frequently than other hot spa tub filters.
  • More expensive than other, similar hot spa tub filters available on the market.

Spa Filter #13

5) Unicel C-6430 Hot Springs Watkins Spa Filter Replacement 31489...

Choose this affordable five-pack of Guardian Pool Spa Filters if you have a pool, a hot tub, or both that ordinarily use filter cartridges made by the Unicel or Watkins companies. These filters are interchangeable with many of the spa filter cartridges made by both Watkins and Unicel, and they work nicely in many different types of hot tubs. They feature reinforced threading for the filter media so you never have to worry about the pleating coming loose and becoming ineffective, even with frequent use and cleaning.

  • Made to last and feature an added band to help keep the pleating in place even with extended use.
  • ​Able to stand up to repeated soaking and cleaning for maximum life out of your filters.
  • ​An affordable alternative to more expensive filters for popular hot tub brands.
  • Does not come with all the parts needed to attach the filter cartridge in place of the old one.
  • Does not provide the same level of sealing protection as other types of comparable filters.
  • Media is made of thin paper material so it is prone to tearing more frequently than other types of filters.

Spa Filter #14

This durable hot tub filter replacement cartridge is yet another great solution if you’re looking for a ceramic replacement to a traditional filter. It’s made to last a long time, and it can be used for much longer than a traditional polyester style filter. Best of all, with this particular listing, you can purchase a pack of three of these quality filters and stock up for future use. You will be well supplied for a long time to come!

  • Much more affordable than well-known name brand replacement ceramic filters.
  • ​Easy to clean by simply running through the dishwasher with a little bit of detergent.
  • ​Great for hard to clean hot tubs and even for hard water issues.
  • Difficult to adjust and may not be able to be used with some of the more popular hot tubs on the market today.
  • May be more expensive than traditional polyester filters.
  • May not be able to be used in conjunction with a separate microfilter or in filter, depending on your hot tub model.

Spa Filter #15

FROG Filter Mate (formerly Filter FROG)

The Spa Frog In-Filter is designed for use in conjunction with a traditional style of filter. It is a separate product, but when you use it along with your usual filter, you will be able to cut back significantly on the amount of chlorine and bromine you need to use to treat your water and bring it to the right pH level. You will have much cleaner water for a much longer time when you add the Spa Frog In-Filter to your usual filtration system. Best of all, it’s easy to install and even easier to use and replace when the time comes. With this listing, you’ll have enough to last you for a year.

  • Helps keep water feeling comfortable and not too harsh for frequent use.
  • ​Makes it easier for you to balance the chemicals in your spa and cut back on the use of those chemicals too.
  • ​This product helps the filter work much more efficiently and last a lot longer between replacements.
  • May not fit all varieties of hot tubs, particularly including older models.
  • Plastic attachments may be a little flimsy and could break after repeated use and exposure to chemicals.
  • Not intended for use with pop-up or inflatable spas.

Spa Filter #16

The 6473-165 Spa/Jacuzzi filter is an excellent and simple option for anyone looking to replace the filter in a hot tub, pool, or both. This is a larger filter that’s designed for use with specifically larger hot tubs. It can work in modern spas made by Optima, Sundance, Majesta, Capri, and much more. These spa filter cartridges are made by Pleatco, which is a leading brand in affordable replacement hot spa tub filters, so you know you’re getting good quality items when you go with this one.

  • Works well with many modern hot tubs from popular brands, making it a good near-universal filter option.
  • ​Features a durable plastic casing that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear without showing signs of damage.
  • ​Fitted with a hollow center that allows plenty of water to pass through easily.
  • Does not include a built-in handle, so may be more difficult to install and replace than some other models on the market today.
  • Filter media is not reinforced and may come loose with use over time.
  • More expensive than some other hot spa tub filters in the same level of quality that you might find.

Spa Filter #17

Choose the 6540-488 Spa Jacuzzi Filter when you want a very high-quality product that is sure to last a long time to come. This brand name Sundance filter is designed for use with all of the Sundance hot tub spa filter cartridges made in the past few years, and may even work with older models from this company as well. This powerful filter is made to last for over a year if you pair it with regular cleanings and hot tub maintenance, so it’s a very affordable option in the long run.

  • Cuts back on the amount of maintenance needed by reducing the use of extra filter pieces.
  • ​Excellent, durable construction that can stand up to a lot of exposure and use over time.
  • ​Designed to be used for well over a year when coupled with proper cleaning and maintenance.
  • Only designed for use with Sundance brand hot tubs, and may not be able to be used with all of these.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with microfilters or other types of additional filtration.
  • May be difficult to clean as the pleats in the filter media are harder to separate by hand.

Buyer's Tips

There are plenty of hot tub filter options for you to choose from, no matter what kind of filter you have installed. Different brands and models of hot tubs take different filters, so it can be beneficial to narrow down your options before you get started shopping. Remember that shopping for hot spa tub filters doesn’t have to be too stressful, though, especially when you know what you’re looking for. Keep the following tips in mind to help you get the most out of looking for filters on Amazon:

Spa Tub Filter Buying Guide

  • Always check the reviews. This can give you a good idea of whether or not the product really works as it claims to, as well as what you can expect in terms of potential troubleshooting. Most filters for sale on Amazon have a good number of reviews to go on.
  • Don’t hesitate to try something from a lesser-known brand name if the reviews look good. Just because you’ve never heard of it before doesn’t necessarily mean there’s any reason to avoid buying it.
  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. A great filter might cost more than you may want to pay, but it’s likely to be worth it in the long run. If you see something that looks suspicious, like a high-quality filter for a very low price, you might want to research a little more before jumping into it.
  • Remember that you can save on shipping if you find certain spa filter cartridges that are eligible for a free shipping discount. This may certainly vary between spa filter cartridges but it's always a great value to keep your eye out for.

Soon, you’ll be able to shop for filters online like a pro. You’ll never again have to worry about picking the perfect filter when you choose one from the list above. Get ready to have perfectly crystal clean water in your hot tub right away when you choose one of these great filters and see for yourself what makes them stand out as the best filter cartridge replacements on the market today.

Spa Tub Filters: 
Ultimate Guide

Hot tub spa filters can be a little bit confusing, especially if you’ve never owned a pool or spa before. Or perhaps you're still trying to figure out how to pick one? If you’ve ever operated an aquarium, you might know a little bit about how a tub water filter works. However, although the principle is more or less the same, the setup isn’t, so it’s a good idea to be sure you understand exactly what you’re dealing with before you ever purchase your hottub filter.

In the following sections of this article, you’ll learn all about hot tub filter maintenance and more. You’ll be able to perform a successful hot tub filter cycle from start to finish, and you may even be able to choose the right kind of filter or hot tub pre filter to suit your needs after you’ve learned about the varieties available, too.

By the time you’re through, hot tub filter assembly and installation will hopefully feel like a breeze! The more information you have about this important part of your hot tub, the better off you’ll be, so let’s get started right away.

hot tub filters

Tub Filter Maintenance

How To Install Your Spa Tub Filter

Assembling your hot tub filter doesn’t have to be a scary and confusing experience. Although each filter and each hot tub are different, in this section, you’ll be provided with a simple guide to help you get started. This guide can be used to assemble a generic cartridge filter designed for use with most modern day hot tubs. Remember that if this seems too difficult, however, you can always call the helpline for the company that makes your filter.

  • Remove all the pieces from the box. With most hot spa tub filters straight out of the package, many of the parts should already be put together for you, including several of the small hardware pieces.
  • Most standard cartridge filters will be separated into three parts when you remove them from the box: the base, the body, and the lid. The cartridge is a separate part, and any attachment rings or adapters will also be packaged separately.
  • Turn off the power to your hot tub and drain the tub. You can leave water in the foot bath if necessary while working on this job.
  • Position the base in place in your hot tub. In order to do this, you may need to remove the flapping lid or the grate protecting your filter. This is located inside your hot tub. On some models, you won’t have to remove this piece in order to access the filter housing unit.
  • Remove any existing cartridges that might already be in place. If you haven’t removed the old filter system, now is the time to do so.
  • Attach the base to the correct position inside the filter housing unit. Screw it into place firmly.
  • Attach the body of the cartridge into the base. This usually simply pops into place using an attachment gasket, but it might require a few simple tools in order to complete this step.
  • Slide the filter lid down onto the body of the filter. Once again, this should be able to be completed by hand, but in some instances, you will need to use tools to attach it correctly.
  • Place the new (or used but clean) filter cartridge media inside the body of the filter. This should be as simple as it always is to replace your filter cartridge media when it’s time for a deep cleaning. This step should be familiar to you if you’ve ever maintained a hot tub before.
  • Replace the door or grate to your filter housing unit if you had to remove it.
  • Attach your garden hose to the fill valve in your filter and fill up your hot tub as you normally would.
  • Turn the power back on to the hot tub and let it run a few cycles before you use it or proceed with treating it with chemicals.
  • Your filter system is now in place and ready to use.

When to replace my spa tub filter?

One of the major causes of hot tub filter issues is forgetting to replace the filter at the right time. It’s important to know how often to change hot tub filter cartridges as well as how frequently the whole filter might need to be replaced. When you stay up to date on making these changes, your hot tub and its filter will last much longer, and you’ll enjoy a better quality of water with every soak, too.

  • How long do hot spa tub filters last? Depending on you filter brand, it might last anywhere from two to five years. However, most tend to run out after two to three years. Your filter’s instruction manual should give you more specifics, but if not, assume you should change filters in about two years.
  • If you use your hot tub more frequently, such as several times a week, your filter’s lifespan may not be quite as long. Regular use of the hot tub may make the filter wear out in about half the usual amount of time. This is normal, but remember to check your filter more frequently if you use your hot tub often.
  • If you have very hard water, you might also need to change your hot tub filter more often. Hard water can build up calcium deposits in your filter, and although you won’t notice this in the water itself, it can be very damaging to the filter.
  • Replace filters earlier than every two years if you notice the filter turning brown or green, or if it starts to come apart during regular cleaning.
  • Every now and then, the filter cartridge might break from extended use. It will need to be replaced when this happens as well.

How to change my spa filter?

It’s important to know how to change hot tub filter components when the time comes, as well as how frequently to take care of this important maintenance step. Remember that each hot tub is different, and the best way to find out how to remove hot tub filter pieces and change the filter in your specific model is to refer to your instruction manual. However, this may not always be a viable solution, especially if you’ve had your hot tub for a while and have misplaced the instruction manual. Follow the steps below to change just about any hot tub filter when the time comes.

  • Spa tub filters should be changed every two years in most cases. This time may be longer if you have a heavy-duty filter or shorter if you use your hot tub frequently or forget to cover it very often. Check it once a year to be sure it looks as clean as possible, but remember that you might not need to replace it this often.
  • Many hot tub owners alternate filters so one can soak and dry completely without any downtime between hot tub uses. If you do this, it’s a good idea to keep a note somewhere that you won’t lose it to help you remember how many times you’ve used each filter.
  • The first step toward changing your hot tub filter is finding it. Turn off the hot tub and, if possible, turn off the breaker to the power supply. Drain the hot tub completely of water before you start looking for the filter. The filter piece will look like a small bucket or another holder that should be visible without removing any of the other components or pieces. Your instruction manual can tell you exactly where to look, but it shouldn’t be hard to find.
  • Your filter cartridge may be as easy to remove as a simple twist. However, some cartridges are screwed in, so you might need a screwdriver to remove it. You should be able to tell just by looking whether or not you can remove your cartridge by hand. Whichever way you need to remove it, take it out to complete the next step.
  • Using the same process by which you removed the old filter, put the new filter into the container in your hot tub. Read the directions on the new filter to be sure you don’t need to soak it or rinse it first to prime it for use or to remove any unwanted pieces of filter media material.
  • When the filter has been completely installed, return power to the hot tub and replace the water you drained away. Turn the hot tub on and let it run to cycle the filter for at least 4 hours.

Tub Filter Troubleshooting

It’s inevitable that at some point during the course of your hot tub ownership, you’re going to run into some kind of trouble. Whether you find your hot tub not filtering, discover that the water isn’t getting hot enough, or even notice that the jets aren’t working properly, the filter is always a good place to start troubleshooting. The following tips will help you figure out whether or not the problem with your hot tub is really focused on your filter or not.

  • If the filter isn’t working, your water flow may be limited. This is usually because something very large is blocking the filter and keeping water from entering the hot tub properly. Clean the filter well or replace the cartridge to remedy this problem.
  • If your water isn’t getting hot enough, this could still have to do with your filter. There are a lot of other problems that could cause the water not to heat properly in your hot tub, but the filter is one of them. Keep it clean and replaced as necessary to be sure water is moving the right way through the hot tub.
  • You might find that your water doesn’t seem to be filtered at all when it reaches your hot tub. It may have a lot of debris in it, or it might be too hard on your skin while you’re soaking. If this is the case, your filter isn’t working right and should be replaced. In most instances, this just means replacing the filter cartridge. Rarely, the entire filter basket might need to be replaced. You can order this replacement part from the store where you purchased your hot tub, or directly from the hot tub manufacturer.
  • One of the biggest problems you can run into with your hot tub is the filter not working at all. This usually means the pump is shot. This may mean that you need to carefully remove all the air from the pump before you use it, or that there’s debris caught in the pump lines. It may also mean the jets and other components of your hot tub need to be cleaned to remove blockages. In a worst case scenario, parts of the pump may be broken and might need to be replaced.

Other Tub Filter Problems

Hot tub owners must deal with a variety of different problems that might come up during the life of the hot tub. Below are just a few of the issues you might discover while learning how to better maintain your hot tub.

  • Poor heating. Heating your water is a very important part of having a hot tub. Without hot water, you only have a cold bath on your hands. In some cases, water in a hot tub takes much longer than it should in order to heat up properly. It might only get lukewarm at best, or it might take fifteen or more minutes to really get hot enough to enjoy. In other cases, the water might not heat up at all, leaving it completely cold no matter how long you let it try to heat. In both of these instances, the thermostat is the most likely culprit. The filter or the insulation in the hot tub may also be to blame.
  • Low water quality. Unfortunately, depending on where you live, you can’t do a lot about your water quality. However, you can work to add the right chemicals and treatments to your hot tub water to make it work correctly.
  • Cracked covers and frames. When left out in the elements, your hot tub’s cover and frame will slowly weaken and become more prone to cracks. If this happens, the hot tub may not function properly, and it may stop working altogether. It’s in your best interest to be sure you cover your hot tub when you aren’t using it.
  • Broken pumps. A broken pump will mean that your hot tub isn’t going to work at all. You need the pump to function in order to draw water into the hot tub. If it stops working, it will be expensive and difficult to replace. Unless you notice obvious signs that a pump is broken, like smoke coming from the pump, try all your other repair options first.

Of course, some of the biggest problems that have to do with hot tubs revolve around the filter.

Find A Great Tub Filter Today!

There is a lot to learn about working with a hot tub filter. If you’re a new hot tub owner, you might feel a little overwhelmed, but remember that most everything you need to know about your filter boils down to keeping it clean and replacing it every two years or so, or as necessary. Doing so can increase the lifespan of your hot tub and make all of the working parts involved in it functioning as well as possible for a long time to come.

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve come a long way since the beginning of this article. Now all that’s left to do is choose the right type of filtration system to suit your needs, and get out there and install it in your hot tub today. You’ll be able to soak in comfortable, clean, treated and filtered water in no time, and your hot tub will thank you for it.

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