Hot Tub Filters

Do you have a hot tub at home? Are you concerned with the quality of water you use for your hot tub? Do you feel a little gross thinking about how much bacteria must be built up in that water?

If you’re worried about any of these things, don’t be.

The best possible solution for dealing with problem hot tub water is simply to install a filter. Many times, even if a filter is installed, the filter media hasn’t been replaced frequently enough. Keeping up with regular hot tub filter maintenance is the perfect way to handle a dirty spa.

There are a few different options when it comes to choosing the right type of hot tub filter to suit your needs. Especially in some older models, you may be limited to only the types of filters approved by your spa’s brand. However, in newer models, you have the liberty to choose between a handful of different varieties.

Remember that the brand name of your hot tub may dictate the type of filter you need to purchase. For example, Jacuzzi brand spas require Jacuzzi brand products to function properly. However, a lot of off-brand hot tubs can be used with a universal filter.

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Here are some of the different types of
hot tub filtration systems available:

Cartridge filters – These are the most common hot tub filters and the ones you’re most likely to be using already. They are made of paper of fabric, but in some instances, may be made of plastic. The filter media is pleated tightly and housed inside a plastic container that slides easily into the filter housing unit in your hot tub. Sometimes, this type of filter may have an activated carbon interior, but this is rare. These filters may be used on their own and may also be used in conjunction with a microfilter for even more filtration.

Ceramic filters – This type of filter is usually designed to look like a cartridge filter, but it’s made of much more durable ceramic that won’t wear out after just a few uses. Where cartridge filters need to be cleaned, maintained, and replaced very often, ceramic filters can often be used for several years without needing to be changed as long as regular maintenance is performed. These filters may be more expensive but can cut costs in the long run.

Sand filters – Sand filters are getting more popular recently, but they’re still not nearly as common as cartridge and ceramic options. Sand filters are usually in the shape of large spheres that sit next to the hot tub. These spheres are filled with sand, and water filters by trickling through the sand to remove any unwanted substances. They must be cleaned and changed very often.

Diatomaceous earth filters – This type of filter uses the fossilized version of diatoms in place of activated carbon. This is usually in the form of a white powdery substance that otherwise works exactly the same way as a cartridge filter. They don’t normally cost much more than cartridge filters do, either, so the choice is purely up to personal preference between the two.

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