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Groundwater that is located below the earth's surface is known as artesian water. Although the two are sometimes mistaken, there are significant differences between them. Have you ever wondered why drinking artesian water is so appealing? Or why is it crucial to differentiate between spring water and artesian water? Making informed decisions about your drinking water and other usage might be facilitated by having the facts at hand. Continue reading to find out more about this important resource and why it's so important to comprehend its features.


Artesian water is a naturally occurring, high-quality source of groundwater.

  • It is found in aquifers that are under pressure from the surrounding rock and sediment.
  • The pressure causes the water to rise up through cracks and fissures in the rock.
  • This type of water is often used for drinking, irrigation, and other purposes.

Discover how this water type can be used to improve your health and lifestyle!

Are you interested in drinking Artesian water?

Is it just another spring drinking water FAD?

Is Artesian water good for you? What is Artesian water, anyway? 

Artesian water, simply put, is a type of spring. It exists underground and is usually at least somewhat naturally filtered as well as packed with healthy minerals that are great for the human body. Of course, the healthy spring drinking water from these springs still needs to be treated in many cases to make it safe to drink, but it usually doesn’t require much. Many people believe this water tastes much better than any other water in the world.

Whether or not you decide healthy Artesian spring drinking water is really worth your time or money, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the health benefits you can enjoy if you do go forward with drinking it on a regular basis. In this article, we’ll help you better understand the positives of drinking Artesian spring water, and we’ll let you know if it’s something you should look into more for yourself.

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5 Benefits of Drinking Artesian Water

So just what are the reasons why people want to drink healthy Artesian spring drinking water, anyway? Is it really something that’s worth the money it costs to purchase it and the effort it takes to go find it in stores? Here are a few of the benefits of Artesian spring water.

Check them out and see for yourself why so many people are interested in Artesian spring water. By paying attention to this list of pros, you’ll be able to figure out whether or not this is the right decision for you, and you can determine if these health benefits are really anything you’re interested in or not, too.

1. Healthy Artesian spring water contains fluoride.

Most types of Artesian spring drinking water contain fluoride naturally. This is because they come from deep within the earth, where groundwater usually already contains this mineral. While some people are concerned about having too much fluoride in their water, it’s important to note that healthy spring drinking water usually only contains the fluoride that occurs naturally and not any more. Therefore, if you’re worried about having too much of this substance in your body, Artesian spring water can be a great natural way to get just enough of it.

Remember that the human body does need a small amount of fluoride in order to stay healthy.

2. Artesian spring drinking water has plenty of calcium.

Another benefit of drinking healthy Artesian spring water is that it contains naturally-occurring calcium, too. Calcium deposits are very common in groundwater springs like those that are used for bottled Artesian water. If you’re interested in improving your daily calcium intake, you may have already looked into the options when it comes to getting this mineral in your water. Healthy Artesian spring drinking water is one of the best natural sources of calcium in the world of bottled water.

Mineral water also contains calcium, but since it is usually carbonated, it is a little bit less ideal for your health overall.

3. Artesian spring water contains bicarbonate.

Sodium bicarbonate is another naturally-occurring mineral deposit that is commonly present in the underwater Artesian springs used in the bottling of Artesian spring water. Bicarbonate has long been used to help treat digestive issues, and it’s what makes many over-the-counter digestive medications “fizz.” Not all Artesian spring drinking water contains this substance, and even those that do may not always be fizzy (but some are). If you’re looking for a water that contains bicarbonate, make sure to read on the label or look up the Artesian spring drinking water company’s web site to see if your brand of choice does.

4. Healthy Artesian drinking water is packed with electrolytes.

All drinking water contains some electrolytes, but it’s no secret that Artesian spring water contains a lot more than regular water does. Artesian spring drinking water is exposed to tons of healthy minerals, many of which are in the list of electrolytes your body needs to survive and thrive. If you find yourself regularly low on electrolytes because of working out or manual labor, you can’t go wrong by hydrating your body with healthy Artesian spring drinking water to get it back to feeling and functioning great again very soon.

Most Artesian spring drinking waters contain sodium as well as magnesium, chloride, and potassium, all of which are electrolytes. Some may contain others as well, depending on the brand and the source.

5. Artesian spring water is an appetite suppressant.

All types of mineral water, including healthy Artesian spring drinking water, can be used as an appetite suppressant. This is because the minerals and nutrients found in healthy Artesian spring drinking water can make your body feel more full when you drink them regularly. And if you’re actively trying to lose weight, the additional nutrients and electrolytes present in Artesian spring drinking water will help your body feel its best even when you’re cutting down on the number of calories it’s used to having in a day.

Best of all, it’s still water, so it’s free from sugars, fats, or calories!

Is drinking Artesian water *REALLY* good for you?

Do you feel like you have a better understanding now of what Artesian water is and what you can expect when you drink it on a regular basis? As you can see, there are a lot of impressive benefits to drinking healthy Artesian spring water. You can enjoy tons of health bonuses when you enjoy it, and of course, you’ll also get all the positive side effects you’d get from drinking plenty of regular water, too. All in all, there’s not really anything wrong with trying out healthy Artesian spring drinking water to see if it makes a change for the better in your health.

best drinking water in the world

Is it recommended to drink Artesian spring water, though? Is it really worth it? In the end, chances are good you probably get enough fluoride, calcium, and electrolytes from the tap water you drink normally, too. Any extras you need can come from vitamins or, even better, from a balanced diet. Bicarbonate is good for your digestion, but it’s available in many other forms too, and it’s not a requirement for health and wellbeing.

All in all, while it’s fine to drink healthy Artesian spring water and there’s not really any reason not to, it may be a pricey way to get substances and benefits you can find in other, more affordable methods instead.

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5 Tips for Enjoying Artesian Water

  1. Look for water that is bottled at the source. This will ensure that you are getting the freshest and purest water possible.
  2. Check the label of your water to make sure it is free from any added chemicals or minerals.
  3. Store your water in a cool, dark place to preserve its freshness and flavor.
  4. Try adding some fresh fruit or herbs to your water for a refreshing twist on this classic beverage.
  5. Enjoy water chilled or at room temperature - whichever way you prefer!

ALSO: Try freezing your water into ice cubes for an extra special treat!

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