9 Great Medical Uses of Distilled Water


Are you trying to find a safe, secure, and natural way to get healthier? Are you sick of having to rely on pricey drugs with potentially harmful side effects? Since ancient times, many different medical ailments have been naturally treated with distilled water. It is a practical and economical alternative that can aid with digestion, inflammation management, and immune system stimulation. Distilled water has been proven to be a successful treatment for a number of illnesses, including digestive problems and skin diseases. Distilled water is the perfect option for people looking for a natural approach to their health due to its established advantages and low chance of adverse effects. Continue reading to find out more about the benefits of drinking distilled water for your health.


Distilled water has a wide range of medical applications, from wound care to kidney dialysis.

  • It is used in wound care to reduce the risk of infection and promote healing.
  • It is also used in kidney dialysis to remove toxins from the blood.
  • It can be used as an eye wash to flush out foreign objects or irritants.

Discover more about the medical uses of distilled water and how it can benefit your health!

Water is probably the most important liquid on earth, and is also a universal solvent. Without water, humanity cannot survive. Everyone uses water in a lot of everyday activities which includes showers, washing dishes, drinking and of course cleaning our abodes and watering plants.

There are many types of water available for humans: purified, spring fresh, and tap water to name a few. But the type that is best for use for all sorts of endeavors is distilled water.

Distilled water, or pure water as some may call it, is water that has gone through a distillation process in which water is boiled and the resulting steam is then condensed into a clean container. This process eliminates the impurities in the water, leaving only water in its purest form.

Because of the water’s lack of impurities, it is the choice water for a lot of uses including aquarium water and for human consumption.

Even doctors are getting in on the action, as hospitals use Medical Grade Distilled Water for a lot of things. Both patients and doctors in the medical field have benefitted from using distilled water in their everyday lives.

Those mentioned above are some of its basic uses. Here are some strange medical uses of distilled water:

1. Medical equipment

When treating people with body dysfunctions, it is always a good idea to minimize the risk of infection by controlling the bacteria that goes into their body.

 treating people with body dysfunctions


The best way to do that is making sure that the things you put into the body have thoroughly filtered out the bad stuff. This is why a lot of medical equipment makes use of the purest form of water in order to ensure safety and cleanliness.

Some of the machines that use medical distilled water are:

  • Dialysis Machines. If you’ve been abusing your kidneys your whole life, you might end up having to use a dialysis machine. In simple terms, a dialysis machine works as an artificial kidney. The machine uses distilled water to help in filtering out all those bad toxins from your blood and expelling it. Leaving you with a cleaner blood.
  • CPAP Machine. Sleep Apnea is a condition that stops a person breathing while they sleep. Through the use of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure therapy, the condition is slowly being treated and allows the patient to get a comfortable night sleep.

The CPAP machine allows the person to breathe continuously all throughout the night and it consists of a hose, and a mask to be worn before sleep. Using distilled water for the machine is a good idea as distilled water is free from any type of bacteria that can prove harmful.

2. Sterilization of instruments

Surgeries, or minor procedures that involve anything coming in contact with the human skin needs to be thoroughly sterilized.

Hospitals are well known for keeping everything clean. And the best way to keep things clean is to use water that is also very clean. Which is why when it comes to cleaning equipment, medical grade distilled water is used.

Autoclave chamber. If you’ve ever been to a clinic or the dentists, you’d probably notice the microwave like machine on their counters where they store their equipment before use. These machines are called Autoclave chambers.

where they store their equipment before use


They use steam from distilled water to help clean the instrument before it is used. Clinics use the small versions that people generally see. However, hospitals have the industrial sized ones which are usually found in the hospital’s Central Sterile Services Department.

Unlike the small Autoclaves in clinics, the larger sized ones has the capacity to process numerous surgical equipment at once.

3. Used for delaying the aging process

will keep your cells well hydrated


Everyone grows old. No one retains their youth forever. As people get on in years, their bodies will undergo changes: cells don’t divide as well as before, digestion will become slower, the body will not eliminate toxins as efficiently as it did in your younger years and finally, a person will start feeling pain in places that never ached before.

To avoid aging too quickly, and to help your cells in producing, doctors recommend the regular consumption of distilled water. Distilled water’s lack of impurities allows it to become the perfect solution for the aging woes the older members of society are currently experiencing.

The distilled water will help in flushing out toxins from the body and expel it through urine. Consider taking distilled water instead regular tap water and it will keep your cells well hydrated and keeps your skin looking young for more years to come.

4. Helps in recovery from illnesses

When you’re sick, bacteria is slowly eating away the healthy cells in your body. What you need in order to get better is take a lot of distilled water.

Alexander Graham Bell discovered that distilled water was good for flushing away impurities in the body when he was bedridden with sciatica and remembered the pureness of this type of water.

He began drinking it daily and pretty soon, he was out of bed and recovering well. He took note of the discovery that distilled water for medical use against illnesses as a sure fire way to treat the body.

And today, doctors still recommend the recovering patient to drink distilled water regularly in order to help the toxins get flushed out of their system faster and for them to recover in a shorter span of time.

5. Scrub stations

A scrub station is a place where surgeons decontaminate their hands and arms before surgery. They thoroughly “scrub” clean their hands and forearms for a period of time, and rinse the soap from their arms with the use of distilled water. According to infectioncontroltoday.com, here are the basic steps to scrubbing for surgery:

  • Remove jewelry
  • Wash hands and arms with antimicrobial soap
  • Clean subungual areas with nail file
  • Scrub fingers thoroughly: both sides, in between fingers, back and front of hands for two minutes
  • Scrub arms ensure to keep hands higher than arms at all times
  • Wash each side of the arm to three inches above the elbow.
  • Rinse arms with distilled water by passing through it in one direction.

If regular tap water is used, it can easily activate the germs already residing in your skin and can infect the person on the operating table. Surgeons must take care not to be sloppy when they are scrubbing.

6. Medical procedures

Distilled water has been proven to be the only type of water that the body can take without sustaining damage to the tissues. Here are some medical procedures that require distilled water:

without sustaining damage to the tissues


Irrigation. Irrigation means to dispel water into the surgical field in order for the surgeons to have complete visualization of the area so they can take the correct course of action. The irrigation solution usually consists of antibiotics mixed in with distilled water, and is dispelled into the body cavity with the use of a bulb syringe, mechanical device or even by gravity.

Wound cleansing. Untreated wounds can become breeding ground for infection and other forms of bacteria. When cleaning the wound, distilled water is normally used to avoid infecting the tissue. When doing surgery or preparing broken bones for treatment, doctors also use distilled water to clean the area. This pure form of water is perfect for this job for its lack of impurities.

First aid. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you or a friend is injured, and there is distilled water bottles available, opt to use those over any other type of water given the choice and use it to clean the area of the wound to help prevent infection and the spread of the bacteria into the body. Doctors and medical practitioners always prefer to use distilled water when cleaning out both small and large wounds.

Dentistry. Dentists often ask patients to rinse. The water you use when rinsing out the fresh open wound in your mouth after a tooth extraction or root canal is actually distilled water. Distilled water is the water of choice of many dentists after an elderly patient contracted a disease after a trip to a dentist. The dentist in question reportedly used regular tap water which led to the lady contracting the bacteria. Today, most if not all dentists use distilled water in their clinics to ensure their patients’ health.

7. Food Preparation

When preparing food at hospitals, they ensure the safety and health of their patients and doctors by using only the finest distilled water for their meals. Distilled water is guaranteed clean and will carry no traces of bacteria or any other type of microorganism that will prove harmful.

8. Laboratory Experiments

In order to get the most accurate results in experiments, doctors must ensure that the solvent they are using is not contaminated even by the smallest of microorganisms, because it only takes one to compromise an entire case study.

get the most accurate results in experiments


Lab experiments help medical professionals and researchers find new cures for patients or to name new diseases that are evolving every day. This is why distilled water is the best choice for this as there is a zero percent chance of the water contaminating the specimens with microscopic bacteria and chemicals.

9. Prevent illnesses

Medical Grade distilled water’s lack of impurities is the perfect drink to help your body stay healthy. Many doctors recommend it to their patients as a way to prevent the diseases from ever starting to spread. Here are a few diseases you can easily avoid by taking distilled water on a regular daily basis:

Heartburn. Heartburn is a sign that you lack water in the upper part of your gastrointestinal tract. Do not take antacids or tablet medication for heartburn as it will only worsen it. Instead, Regular consumption of distilled water will help in keeping your body hydrated and prevent heartburn.

Arthritis. This is a sign of water shortage on the affected joint and is not limited to adults. Young people who don’t drink enough water are susceptible to arthritis. Put down that painkiller and pick up that distilled water and you’re all set to prevent this joint pain.

Angina. This is a pain felt around the chest area. Distilled water intake can easily prevent this from being felt.

Migraines. Migraines are so normal that once you feel it, you’re automatic response is to reach for a painkiller and go back to sleep. The bad thing about always taking pain killers is that your body will develop a tolerance for the drug thus making it useless. Another way to treat migraines is giving it some good o’ distilled water. It helps hydrate the brain and prevent the pain from coming back after prolonged use.

NOTE: if symptoms persist, consult your doctor.

The medical uses distilled water is for may be different in some cases. If you, as a patient, need more than one nutrient or mineral in your body, your water can be treated to include this compound.

Doctors also use it for surgeries and treating wounds and patients and at the same time, it is used as a part of the hospital food preparation. Distilled water is surely living up to “universal solvent” title.

a part of the hospital food preparation


So the next time you go to the dentist, take note of the machine he uses to keep his instruments clean and ask him if they are using distilled water because chances are that they are in fact using this type of water to keep bacteria off the instrument in your mouth.

The same thing goes for patients who undergo surgery. The liquid they are spraying into your body will have no chance of infecting or harming you as it is pure water.

And lastly, if you want to stay healthy and free from diseases that can potentially end your life earlier than you would like, leave the tap water for non-consumption and start using distilled water. You can buy them or distill your own water at home! It’s that easy.

Live healthy and live long by opting to use distilled water.

See it for Yourself:


5 Essential Tips for Using Distilled Water in Medical Applications

  1. Always use distilled water that has been produced by a reputable manufacturer.
  2. Be sure to store distilled water in a clean, sealed container and keep it away from direct sunlight.
  3. When using distilled water for medical purposes, make sure to filter it first to remove any impurities.
  4. Distilled water should be used within 24 hours of opening the container, as it can become contaminated over time.
  5. If you are using distilled water for intravenous (IV) therapy, always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider first.

ALSO: Consider adding electrolytes to your distilled water if you are using it for IV therapy. This will help replenish lost minerals and provide additional health benefits!</p

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