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Are you trying to figure out how to explain how you feel about the terrible consequences of water pollution? Are you looking for a creative outlet that can spread awareness and motivate others to take action? Poems on water pollution are a powerful tool for doing just that. They might arouse feeling and draw attention to this crucial subject by using strong language. They provide people a chance to express themselves, but they also offer a special platform for informing others about the effects of water contamination. These poems can be utilized as a tool to bring about significant change since they contain factual evidence and striking imagery. If you're prepared to speak up, continue reading to find out more about the effective activism that water pollution poems may provide.


Water pollution poems are a powerful way to raise awareness about the environmental crisis.

  • They can help people understand the impact of water pollution on our planet.
  • They can inspire readers to take action and make a difference in their own lives.
  • They can provide an emotional connection to the issue that is often missing from scientific data.

Read on to explore how poems about water pollution can be used to create meaningful change!

Have you ever wanted to read poems about water pollution?

Did you know there were poems like this?

Can one of these poems really help generate awareness about this problem?

If you’re looking for inspirational, motivational, or emotional poems about water pollution to help spur you or others into action, we’ve got you covered. We’ve gathered several excellent poems from across the web below to help you find just the right type of inspiration to get started trying to make a difference.

You’d be surprised how many people respond to a thought-provoking or emotionally deep poem about a problem like water pollution. These poems can be used for activism or just to keep you on the right track throughout your everyday life.

Find your favorite poem about water pollution from the ones listed below.

“Water pollution, is it too late?” by Steven Beesley

rhyming poems on pollution

Air and water vitalize our body and mind,
These are essential elements we are to find.
Nature has provided us for our lives to lead, 
It is wish of God we must have perfect deed.

Air is polluted by smoke from running vehicle, 
And from chimneys of factories those are fickle.
Smoke from cigarettes dejects and injures health, 
Health is very important and it is our wealth.

Water is another vital ingredient for valuable life, 
Without water no creature does survive it is rife.
It is polluted by wastage from factory and mill, 
Polluted water creates disease and able to kill.

Unadulterated water exhilarates our lives and health, 
Drinking water must be purified it is main wealth.
Sound is also polluted in our surrounding environment, 
It confiscates the peace of mind and confounds engagement.

Mike, fire work and band-party do pollute sound, 
It hinders the mental patient soon to come round.
Pollution of words also creates fuss in reading, 
Always avoid pollution and be ahead in leading.

“Water Quality” by kbear1995

a poem on water pollution

Rivers and oceans
And lakes all around,
Just search one of them
And trash can be found.

Water gets worse
As time passes on,
Just keep on polluting
And your drinks will be gone.

That one little bag
Doesn't seem like a lot,
But it all adds up
Into one giant pot.

Toxins release into
Fast running waters,
It enters the oceans
And hurts all the otters.

The water gets murky,
It's dangerous to drink,
Look at the water
That comes out of your sink.

Health is affected
In hazardous zones,
Creatures are left
In nothing but bones.

Water won't clear
'Til we take good care,
Keep the Earth healthy,
It won't kill you, I swear.

Recycle that bottle,
Pick up that old can,
If we all work together
It could be a good plan.

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“Pollution” by Kumarmani Mahakul

poem on stop pollution

Never mindful of what our progress brings,
we carry on with our selfish ways.
Everything done in the name of improving our fates,
but what price does our progress actually bring?

Expose and exploit our natural resources,
only to produce new and increasingly materialistic things.
All the industrialization spewing effluents into the air,
into our precious water systems.

Polluting our eco-systems, then bring acid rain.
Many toxic wastes flow unchecked to the water table.
Dangerous chemicals and hard metals that leech
and pollute our streams and flow to the sea.

A vicious cycle that repeats itself with each day.
Our efforts to keep our water supplies clean,
simply cannot keep up with our hectic pace.
One day we shall reap the consequences of our carelessness.

We are all poisoning our seas and lakes,
till all is too late and we have sealed our own fates.
Polluting our waters, our very own pure life sources
and diminishing valuable food chains.

Can we really survive, with such savage
contamination that is just so great?
Can we think and do something,
before our mother earth dies?

Our precious water supply is what
we need to live or else we shall all die.
Yet we continue to defecate such wastes
at such alarming rates.

“Wailing nature” by Waweru Ngugi

poem on water pollution

Sorrowful, tired and hopeless I sit, watching the cruel sun setting

Looking at the few standing leafless trees, “they are lucky to be surviving”

No hope for new ones shooting after merciless cutting

As the wood millers did this, about tomorrow they were not thinking

The evergreen forest, to a new desert it’s slowly changing

But Mother Nature we are sorry, but we know dearly we will pay

We enjoy as we burn those rugs, but our nature we are destroying

Smoke and dangerous gases, factories produce in the name of manufacturing

For the flying birds we don’t care, all we need is profit making

Harmful gases we are inhaling, leaving our bodies weakening

Rising temperatures we experience, leaving many crying

But Mother Nature we are sorry, but we know dearly we will pay

On the mountain peaks and polar zones we see melting ice

Abnormal heat and wild fires we experience

Floods everywhere, since no tree stands on its place

Farmers crying, but no one to explain the rainfall decrease

Majority of us not being directly affected, we live in peace

But Mother Nature we are sorry, but we know dearly we will pay

Since all is not lost each has a big role to take

If we try we can revive everything to its original state

By planting trees and protecting forests, we will change our fate

And in clean and smooth streams flow of pure water will take place

Also let’s prevent soil, air and water pollution from taking place

But Mother Nature we are sorry, but we know dearly we will pay


Did you find a poem you love? Are things like this really enough to drive people to act? Do poems, sayings, and quotes make any kind of a difference? There are many people in the world who respond well to hearing and reading poems that touch the heart and get the mind going too. Not everyone responds well to this type of activism, but many people do. If you’re looking for a way to reach out to the more emotional people in your community, you may consider handing out flyers containing poems about water pollution. You might even want to ask your friends and family to write new ones that you can use in your outreach.

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5 Tips for Writing Water Pollution Poems

  1. Focus on the impact of water pollution. Consider how it affects people, animals, and the environment.
  2. Include vivid imagery to help readers visualize the effects of water pollution.
  3. Choose a specific form or structure for your poem. This can help you stay organized and focused on your message.
  4. Be creative with your language. Use metaphors and similes to make your poem more interesting and engaging.
  5. Revise and edit your poem multiple times before publishing it. This will ensure that it is clear, concise, and powerful.

ALSO: Incorporate facts about water pollution into your poem to give readers an even deeper understanding of the issue!</p

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