13 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Water Softener Today


Do you dislike managing the hard water in your house? Do you believe that the minerals in your water are harming your plumbing and appliances? Are you seeking for a solution to guarantee that the water your family drinks is pure and soft? All of these issues may have the ideal remedy in a water softener. It not only lowers the mineral content of your water but also lengthens the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances. Additionally, research have demonstrated that soft water can even enhance the texture and health of the skin. A water softener is a great investment for any family because of all these advantages. Continue reading to discover additional ways a water softener might benefit you and your family.


Water softeners provide a range of benefits to households and businesses.

  • Reduce scale buildup in pipes, appliances, and fixtures.
  • Improve the efficiency of water-using appliances.
  • Provide softer, cleaner feeling water for bathing and laundry.

Discover how a water softener can improve your home or business today!

Water is the ultimate basic need on Earth. This has been part of our daily task and the reason for us to survive. However, the kind of water we use seems to be “unsafe” putting you, your home, and your money at risk.

Approximately, water found worldwide particularly in the U.S. is hard water. Hard water contains mineral particles of calcium, sulfur, iron, magnesium, lead and limestone; and it could also be contaminated by waste from sewage and other industrial run-offs depending on your place. All these give out unfiltered city water supply to homeowners. Though it’s not literally unsafe, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the best water in town. More people now depend on the use of hard water rather than to live without it. Why stick to it when you make it better?

The process of eliminating the impurities on hard water is called water softening, where the minerals are being dissolved clearing those negative effects on your home. This kind of water can be produced using water softener systems that have lots of benefits. In fact, according to the Bureau of Statistics, almost a quarter cents of every dollar are being spent on cleaning products. But with soft water, you can save up to 65% of your bill.

To further convince you, we give you the top thirteen reasons why you should buy a water softener system today.

1.Repair water pipes less often


Wondering why you often have to order plumbing repairs? No matter how often you fix them, they will still keep on clogging. Well, the blame can be put on your water. Houses like yours using hard water loaded with calcium and magnesium, which tend to form particles that block the supply of water are responsible. This frequent damage to your water system and poor water supply due natural mineral build-up can be solved through using water softener systems.

By having this, it converts hard water into soft, and eliminates those minerals that harm your pipelines. Aside from that, it also maintains your system clean being able to last longer and avoid those recurring repairs.

2. Cares for your clothes


No one wants to shorten the lifespan of their clothes, make them feel uncomfortable or make them ugly. Of course, clothing is very much important to us. But did you know that by just washing them using hard water, you can damage them and lessen their quality? This type of water has substances that harm the tiny fibers of your clothes and linen like shirts, towels, pants, shorts, dishcloths, bed sheets, and many more.

In contrast to that, there is another type of water that does exactly the opposite of the other. Your clothes will feel soft, look great and will last even longer by having them washed in soft water. It is gentle in getting rid of dirt and in ensuring best results. There are proven facts stating that one of the effects of a saltless water softener is that it improves the quality of fabrics by 15% maintaining your clothes and making them cleaner and brighter.

3. You get skin and hair-friendly water


Want to have fair, soft skin and healthy, shiny hair? Buying beauty products like soaps and shampoos really help a lot but you don’t get the complete treatment with all these. A misconception of most people is that these beauty products are not the only one that affects the overall skin and hair transformation.

One big factor to consider is the water you use. This problem arises because most people still use hard water to bathe, which is not good for your skin and hair. This brings dryness to your skin and lifeless look to your hair. It can also create molecular particles from your soap that traps the dirt coming out of your body.

To prevent this from happening, consider purchasing a whole house water softener for your home. This can remove water impurities and alter your body. A water softener makes your skin softer and your hair healthier by making bacteria flushed away easily and keeping your skin and hair in good condition. You can now say goodbye to skin and hair irritations, and say hello to a new and fresh-looking you.

4. Less maintenance for appliances that use water


Water-utilizing appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, humidifiers, and the like have their own quality and expected lifespan. Sadly, due to the lack of awareness about the disadvantages of using hard water on your home-based equipment, they are becoming more prone to repairs and maintenance. This is because the water affects the inner-workings of the appliances, which forces them to fail and become more inefficient.

Changing your water choice can make a big difference. Try using a water softener at home to solve the issue. Many companies now are offering services to create a soft water system for your home. This is the ultimate solution to help save not only your house tools but also your budget.

5. Make your water taste better


Imagine if all people could drink water directly from their faucet without thinking of any health risk. Though there are some out there who are now drinking unpurified water, some opt not to because of its not-so-good smell and taste. This happens because the water they are drinking contains some minerals that contain a horrid smell and taste. It could also be a result of filth and detritus from these minerals that were formed time after time.

To make your drinking water taste good, use a whole house water softener to remove the unpleasant taste and smell. It will cancel out mineral contents and replenish it with healthy, odorless yet great-tasting drinkable water. Try having your own water softener system and start drinking happily.

6. Save more money


Although it doesn’t sound right after hearing you can definitely save money after installing a soft water system in your home, it can be real. Well, investing in a water softening is not a bad idea for it will really guarantee your money back and will still let you save more in the long run.

Over time, as the system works longer, you will notice the absence of repairs and maintenance for appliances. No more extra budget for all these expenses.

Aside from that, it will help extend their life and lessen the energy needed to fuel them making a cut from your monthly electricity bills. By making the right choice, soft water removes the unnecessary residue that clog your pipes that lead your machines to require more energy output in the first place. With this kind of water system, you will be able to use all your appliances for their maximum performance.

7. Extend the life of your appliances


Using a soft water system at home “softens” your water from being hard removing minerals from it. This extends the life of your appliances; especially those that are not built for hard water use. Because at some time, there will be some sort of clogging and issues that were brought up by mineral formation. Instead of having 10 years of full quality outputs, it will be lessen down into 7 to 8 years. So, having installed water softener is truly a lifesaver for your appliances by making them to last longer.

8. Use less soap


Water is necessary to use soap, since soap only works to break the surface tension of water droplets. However, soaps have their different chemical reaction depending on what kind of water you use; whether it is hard or soft water. Hard water makes your soap resistant or less lathery obliging you to buy more just to have your work cleaned and more cleaning time just to remove sticky stains. You may want to instead use the better alternative of soft water, which sounds like it can give you more bang for your buck.

By simply installing water softners at home, you can totally save a lot when using soap. Soap lathers more in soft water and clean easily; thus requiring less soaps and giving you more room for savings. It also makes your cleaning time a bit shorter since you require less elbow grease.

Scientifically, some soft water installation companies state that there is almost 80% reduction of soap upon using the kind of water. But the real percentage is merely around 50% to 60% less than using soap like detergents, dishwashing soap, shampoos, washing powders, etc. That’s still a big difference.

9. Avoid water spots


Cleaning kitchen utensils can be a bit tricky when you aren’t sure what kind of water your faucet is pouting. These utensils are often not quite washed all throughout, leaving water spots and stains not unlike those found on your car exterior. There can be instances that a spot would leave a mark on it due to some mineral buildup.

This is because of hard water, and might not be because of the dishwasher. Solving this involves softening of the water to decrease mineral content and avoid further spot contamination. If you notice that you can’t get water spots out of your spoons, forks and metal cooking utensils, try using a water softening system for a few days and see if it makes any difference.

10. Shortens cleaning time


Cleaning with the use of soft water at home only takes half the time it will consume compared to using hard water. It also helps making your hands feel softer. For example, cleaning your car with soft water may take an hour in the afternoon instead of a whole day using hard water.

This is not an easy task, but with the help of a water softner it can erase hard-to-remove dirt in no time and turn your car back to its brand new look.

11. A more efficient heating system


Do you have some kind of heating system at home? Consider using soft water systems for your heating and cooling needs. Even factories can benefit from this tip, as some require a consistent heating system to keep their machines and goods working at top condition.

The presence of soft water in the heating pipes improves the efficiency of the system. This results in having less heat loss and more energy output. This also means a lesser electrical consumption bill up to 10%.

12. Reduces the risk of skin diseases


Water softeners have shown many positive results for people’s skin. Not only does it give your skin a fairly soft feeling, but also it keeps your body from being easily attacked by skin irritants causing you some minor skin diseases.

Studies indicated that using soft water systems could avoid contraction of skin issues like eczema and other dry skin problems. This kind of water can also help make skin clearer and more resilient and bouncy, all leading to a younger-looking you.

13. Return on investment in two to four years


Get your soft water systems now and recoup your investment in as little as two to four years. Based from previous information, installing softeners can save a lot particularly by lessening the use of soap, repairs and maintenance, and other things to consider.

All these can give you back the money you paid for the last four years of service simply through cost and overhead savings. A water softening system can pay for themselves if used right. This is one of the reasons why you should purchase one soft water system.

That’s it! A run-down of reasons why water softners are a must-have at home. These can really make your life even more comfortable and safer. You can now have a hassle-free cleaning experience on fixtures, comfort rooms, and kitchen surfaces without any residue and scum build-up.

​Make your laundry even more effortless with less detergent and soap simply by using the right water for cleaning clothes. Decrease your monthly bills while increasing appliance efficiency and make them last longer. This is the life with a water softner system. Contact any soft water installation companies to have yours today.


This is an old video that discusses the advantages of softened water. Do you want to give softened water a try for yourself?

5 Tips to Maximize the Benefits of a Water Softener

  1. Install a water softener in your home to reduce the amount of soap and detergent needed for cleaning.
  2. A water softener can help protect your plumbing system from corrosion and scale buildup.
  3. Water softeners can help reduce energy costs by making it easier for hot water heaters to heat up the water.
  4. Softened water can make skin and hair feel softer, cleaner, and healthier.
  5. Regular maintenance of your water softener is essential to ensure it is working properly.

ALSO: Consider investing in a salt-free water softening system for an eco-friendly alternative!

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