3 Top Picks: Salt Water Generator For Hot Tub (Pros & Cons Compared)

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Do you want to keep your hot tub water cleaner than ever before?

Are you looking for a way to treat your water without harsh chemicals?

Have you ever considered a saltwater system?

If you’re looking for an excellent salt water generator for hot tub use, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you three great saltwater systems you can use for your spa to get it clean and ready to go in no time.

Here are a few benefits of having one of these items:

  • You won’t have to rely on harsh chemicals that may irritate the skin or eyes.
  • It’s safer to keep salt around kids and pets than it is to keep chlorine.
  • These systems are more hands-off in terms of maintenance overall.

There are a lot of other great reasons to have one of these products in your spa, so read on to find the right one for you!

1. Saltron Mini Salt System

Saltron Mini Salt System Drop-In Saltwater Chlorine Generator for...

Set up the Saltron Mini Salt System when you’re looking to treat your hot tub water with a high-quality, durable product that will take care of your water’s cleanliness in no time. Hook it up in just a few short minutes and you’ll be well on your way to crystal clear water in no time. You don’t have to worry about hooking this product up to any plumbing or having any high power levels to operate it; all you need is a weather-safe outdoor outlet and you’ll be ready to go. This system can process up to 2000 gallons of hot tub water and features a built-in timer you can set as needed to keep your water clean at all times.


  • Many customers report enjoying the feeling of the water that is cleaned with this saltwater system.
  • You do not have to drain the spa or refill it before you set up this product initially or when you replace the salt cell.
  • You only need to worry about replacing the salt cell about once a year, even if you have hard water issues or other concerns.


  • Some customers dislike the timer on this system, which can only be altered in one-hour increments and is not very precise.
  • Some customers find that they don’t get enough chlorine out of this particular saltwater system.
  • Rarely, customers have reported this product no longer working after just a few months of use, but in many cases this has turned out to be because of water quality issues.

2. Solaxx Mini Drop-In Salt Chlorine Generator

Solaxx CLG20A Saltron Mini Drop-in Salt Chlorine Generator for...

The Solaxx Mini Drop-In Salt Chlorine Generator is a small but powerful device that is as easy to set up as it is to keep up with over time. It can process spas up to 2000 gallons in capacity and is designed to clean itself to prevent the need to descale the system regularly. You can set the timer to turn on and off as needed and you can always make sure your hot tub is getting the cleaning it needs at the right times, too. This is an all-around great, durable product that’s ready to go in no time.


  • This product functions beautifully without the need for any harsh chemicals, and it also doesn’t corrode or damage your hot tub or fixtures at all.
  • Although it works with “fancy” salts, these are not required and it will work with regular salt just as well.
  • Customers report only needing to clean the salt cell once a year and not needing to do any other maintenance on this product at all over time.


  • Some customers report that this product quits working after just a few months, especially when used on larger hot tubs than those indicated in the product description.
  • Replacement salt cells usually cost quite a bit more than replacement filter cartridges for other types of treatment systems, so this can be an added expense over time.
  • Very rarely, some customers report this product causing strange flakes of sediment to get into their hot tub water, defeating the purpose of cleaning it.

3. ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater Smart Chlorine Generation System

ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater Smart Chlorine Generation...

Choose the ControlOMatic SmarterSpa Saltwater Smart Chlorine Generation System when you want something that’s easy to install and sure to help you get your water clean with ease. This product mounts to the side of your hot tub and is capable of processing up to 30 grams of chlorine a day to keep your hot tub clean and fresh. It cleans itself and doesn’t need to be changed too often, so if you’re looking for a more hands-off option for taking care of your hot tub water, this is the way to go.


  • This product features ten different levels of operation to help you find the right fit for your spa.
  • This product never requires the use of any harsh chemicals.
  • Water treated with this product is known for feeling and smelling better as well as for being safer overall.


  • This product is not waterproof, making it difficult to place around a spa or pool.
  • Although it’s also marketed for pool use, it may not be strong enough for this much water.
  • The product is not weatherproof and needs to be brought indoors when it’s very cold outside.


As you can see, there are several great saltwater generators to pick from on the market today. You may feel a little overwhelmed at the different options, but rest assured that any of the products listed above are sure to give you everything you’re looking for and much more. They are all great choices that will leave your water fresher and cleaner without the need for chlorine treatments.

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Here are 3 PROS of having a salt water system instead of a chlorine one:

  • You won’t have to deal with the bad smell of chlorine anymore.
  • It’s more affordable to keep up with this type of cleansing system in the long run.
  • These systems take almost no time to install.

...and here are 3 CONS of a saltwater system vs a chlorine one:

  • Some hot tubs simply don’t get clean enough with a saltwater system and will require chlorine treatments anyway.
  • These systems are usually more expensive to set up initially than chlorine systems are.
  • Some customers see this as an added expense in hot tub ownership.

If you decide that a saltwater treatment system is right for your hot tub, be sure to choose one of our product picks from the list above. You’ll enjoy great results and you’ll be relaxing in your clean hot tub in no time!

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