13 Different Uses of Distilled Water (Pretty Much EVERYTHING)

Jump To A Section! What is Distilled Water Used For?Distilled water used for DRINKING?Distilled water for COSMETIC PRODUCTS?Distilled water used for AUTOMOBILES?Distilled water used for LABORATORY USE?Distilled water used in the MEDICAL FIELD?Distilled water used for MAKING SOAP?Distilled water used for WASHING YOUR HAIR?Distilled water used for COOKING VEGETABLES?Distilled water for CANNING PRODUCE?Distilled water for … Read more

Battery Water

Jump To A Section! The Deal with Batteries & Battery WaterWhy Do We Need Battery Water? Here’s what happens inside a battery:The Problem with Tap Water for Battery Water UseUsing Regular Water As Your Battery’s Water Will Harm Your BatteryEnter Distilled Water for Battery WaterDistilled Water As Your Battery’s Water Is Good For Batteries In … Read more

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