Bottled and Distilled Water in America: Stats Reveal All

Jump To A Section! 8 Super Interesting FACTS About the Bottled Water IndustryFact #1:Fact #2:Fact #3:Fact #4:Fact #5:Fact #6:Fact #7:Fact #8:The Statistics of Bottled WaterHow about the bottles?Is using so much plastic safe for our health?Not all bottled water types are created equalA resource going down the drainDistilled water: facts and statisticsWhy choose distilled water … Read more

Where Your Tap Water Really Comes From (And How Safe It Is)

To this day, one of the most telling ways to identify a developed country is by looking at the state of their water. For the most part, the US enjoys a clean and ample supply that is delivered straight to the people’s homes. However, the state of the world’s climate is changing which has an … Read more

Distilled Water vs. Mineral Water vs. Purified Water

What kind of water do you drink? Do you have a filter at home? Or maybe you’re BRAVE enough to go straight from the tap? The water we drink is incredibly crucial to both our own personal health and that of our family’s. So, it’s only natural to wonder if there is really any credence … Read more

Cocaine in Our Water Supply (Can Water Filters Help?)

Jump To A Section! Where Do We Get Our Drinking Water From?What is in Our Drinking Water?The Problem with our FiltrationHow Does a Water Filter Help?Worth the Trouble? You read that right. You could be drinking cocaine. It’s not just cocaine, though. Other drugs can find their way into your drinking water as you read this. You may be … Read more

20 Benefits and Dangers of Drinking Distilled Water Regularly

JUMP TO A SECTION… ***BENEFITS***Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Distilled Water1. Unclean Water Diseases2. It’s the Most Natural Purifying Method3. It’s Considered to be the Purest Type of Water4. It Safely Removes Contaminants5. It Prevents Water Borne Diseases6. Absorbs toxic substances from the body and eliminates them7. The minerals your body needs daily mostly … Read more

Top 20 Reasons Why You Need To Filter Your Drinking Water Now

Your family’s safety is not merely your responsibility. It should be one of your greatest priorities in life. According to research, tainted drinking water makes as many as 1.1 million people ill each year. You want to make sure that your family members are protected from different health risks and from being part of that statistic. … Read more

All The Best Water Filter Brands You’ll Ever Need To Know

Jump To A Section! 17 Best Water Filter Brands You’ll Ever Need To Know1. General Electric2. Berkey3. Aquasana4. Pentek5. Pentair6. Campbell7. EWS8. Ametek9. Instapure10. Kenmore11. Everpure12. American Plumber13. Sub-Zero14. Omni15. Culligan16. Kitchenaid17. Big BlueTypes of Water FilterPoint of Use (POU)Point of Entry (POE)Conclusion Since water is a big part of our lives, it makes sense … Read more

25 Great Ways How To Purify Water For Drinking

25 GREAT WAYS HOW TO PURIFY WATER 1. Using a Water Purifier Product2. Boiling Water3. Reverse Osmosis4. Water Chlorination5. Ozonation6. Desalination7. Iodine Treatment8. Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation9. Solar Disinfection10. Solar Distillation11. Filtration through Winnowing Sieve12. Filtration through Cloth13. Filtration through Clay Vessels14. Clarification and Filtration through Plant Material15. Jempeng Stone Filter Method16. Dungeness Crab Shells and … Read more

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