Best Rv Water Filter System

How do exterior water filers work on RVs? Is it important to have one of these? Do you need one for your RV? If you do a lot of traveling in an RV, chances are you’ve found yourself in need of fresh drinking water once or twice on the road. Sometimes, when you hook up … Read more

Best Backpacking Water Filters

Camping and backpacking filters are great solutions for drinking water on the go. And if you’re searching for a reliable water filter for camping and hiking, the best hiking water filter is probably what you want to get. But choosing the best water filter pump best rated in camping & hiking water is easier said … Read more


Our Choice Recommendation Ever wondered about getting stranded out at sea without a portable fresh water maker by your side? Well, if you want a watermaker like this, you most definitely need a desalination kit. A desalination kit has a chamber which heats up the saltwater in an isolated space, converting it into vapor, and … Read more

Water Purification Drops

Our Choice Recommendation: Aquamira – Chlorine Dioxide Treatment Two Part Liquid The purifying product comes in a pack of two bottles. These offers help to kill the bacteria present in the water and can improve the taste that you get after the Aquamira chlorine dioxide process is complete. Once you open the Aquamira chlorine dioxide … Read more

Best Gravity Water Filter: Great Gravity-Powered Filtering

Gravity filters use gravity to move water down from a suspended reservoir, through a water filter, and into a waiting receptacle. Unlike squeeze filters and pump filters that push water through your filter, gravity fed water filters don’t need the use of your hands and effort to produce potable drinking water. In certain situations, the … Read more

Best Water Purification Tablets For Backpacking

Portable purifiers like water purification tablets are a low-cost, compact, light-weight, and definitely a useful addition to your emergency supplies. After reviewing several options available on the market, we believe the are the best choice for most outdoor situations, both for taste and convenience of use. Our Choice Recommendation Are you looking for a quick … Read more

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