ULTIMATE Pool Sand Filter FAQ (Everything You Need To Know)

Jump To A Section! How do Sand Filters Work?Sand Filter Q&ABUYING A Sand Filter1. How much are sand filter for pool prices?2. Where can I buy sand filter for pool use?3. What size of sand filters are available?4. How can I determine what size sand filter to buy?Sand Filter INSTALLATION and OPERATION1. What are the steps for … Read more

Changing Sand in Pool Filter: Ultimate DIY Guide

Jump To A Section! Why Change Your Sand?When to Change Your SandEquipment and Materials NeededHow to Change Your SandHow to BeginHow to Open the FilterHow to Remove the Old SandHow to Clean the InternalsHow to Fill the TankHow to Close the TankHow to Check Your Filter’s OperationsConclusion Do you have a sand filter for your … Read more

How a Pool Filter Works: Your Fantastic One-Stop Resource

Jump To A Section! Pool FiltersHow They Work in GeneralImportance of Pool Filters3 Different Filter Types (Sand, Cartridge, DE)1. SAND FILTERS2. CARTRIDGE FILTERS3. DE (DIATOMACEOUS EARTH) FILTERSGeneral Pool Filter TipsConclusionOther factors to consider Swimming pools are normally built to be a source of fun, relaxation, and joy. There’s nothing like wading through cool waters especially … Read more

Your Ultimate How To Guide to Cleaning Your Pool Filter

Jump To A Section! What are Pool Filters?Types of Pool Filters1. Cartridge2. Sand3. Diatomaceous EarthWhy is a Clean Pool Important?*HOW TO CLEAN A CARTRIDGE FILTER*Materials Needed:Steps:*HOW TO CLEAN A SAND FILTER*Materials Needed:Steps:*HOW TO CLEAN A DIATOMACEOUS EARTH FILTER*Materials Needed:Steps:Pool Cleaning Pros and Cons1. Doing it YourselfProsCons2. Hiring SomeoneProsConsHow to Tell It’s Time to Clean or Replace Your … Read more

How Much DE for Pool Filter Do You Actually Need?

Jump To A Section! *HOW TO COMPUTE* the Right Amount of DE*HOW MUCH* DE is Needed for a NEW FILTER?Calculation FormulaSample Calculations*HOW MUCH* DE is Needed for a BACKWASHED Filter?Calculation FormulaSample Calculations*HOW TO REPLACE* DE in a DE FilterWhat is a DE Filter?How does a DE Filter Work?Why are DE Filters Popular?Conclusion Are you having … Read more

Size Matters! 10 Ways to Know the Right Filter Size for the Pool

Jump To A Section! 10 Ways to Choose the Right Size Pool FilterWhat do pool filters do?What are Pool Filters?Why do I need a pool filter?Why does the size make a difference?Conclusion Is your swimming pool water getting gross?Do you notice yourself changing or cleaning your filter way more often than you’d like?Do you feel … Read more

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