Where Your Tap Water Really Comes From (And How Safe It Is)

To this day, one of the most telling ways to identify a developed country is by looking at the state of their water. For the most part, the US enjoys a clean and ample supply that is delivered straight to the people’s homes. However, the state of the world’s climate is changing which has an … Read more

Cocaine in Our Water Supply (Can Water Filters Help?)

Jump To A Section! Where Do We Get Our Drinking Water From?What is in Our Drinking Water?The Problem with our FiltrationHow Does a Water Filter Help?Worth the Trouble? You read that right. You could be drinking cocaine. It’s not just cocaine, though. Other drugs can find their way into your drinking water as you read this. You may be … Read more

Why You Should Remove Fluoride from Your Water Right Now

It’s in almost every tube of toothpaste you’ve seen in your entire life. Fluoride has made its name as one of the most effective substances to whiten teeth and fighting cavities. It’s so good they even had to place it in your water supply so that everyone can benefit from it. That means it’s supposed … Read more

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