25 Dangerous Water Borne Diseases We Need To Fight Now

Jump To A Section! Diarrhea is the first signBACTERIAL INFECTIONS1. Cholera.2. Dysentery.3. Typhoid Fever.4. Salmonella and E. coli Infection.5. Campylobacter.6. Legionellosis.7. Leptospirosis.8. Botulism.9. Vibrio Illness.VIRAL INFECTIONS10. Hepatitis A and E.11. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).12. Polio.13. Polyomavirus Infection.DISEASES FROM MICROBIOLOGICAL AGENTS14. Arsenicosis and Fluorosis.PROTOZOAL INFECTIONS15. Amoebiasis.16. Giardia.17. Cryptosporidium.18. Cyclosporiasis.19. Microsporidiosis.PARASITIC INFECTIONS20. Schistosomiasis.21. Echinococcosis.22. Dracunculiasis.23. Taeniasis.24. … Read more

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