21 Cities Where Water Pollution Occurs the Most – High Risk Travel Alert!

Are you planning an upcoming trip? If so, you’ve probably done everything you can think of to prepare. You’ve gathered all your necessary documents and you’ve packed all the clothes, accessories, and gadgets you think you might need during your travels. You’re positive you haven’t missed anything. But have you stopped to think about the … Read more

The 10 Worst Industrial Causes of Water Pollution (A Man-Made Crisis?)

Jump To A Section! 10 Industrial Causes of Water Pollution1. Agriculture2. Mining3. Fishing4. Nuclear5. Fuel6. Plastics7. Textile Manufacturing8. Cleaning9. Auto Manufacturing10. RecreationHow Does Industrial Waste Pollute Water?Conclusion Have you ever wondered just what the factories and other industries in your area might be doing to your water?Do you live in a place where agriculture, mining, … Read more

7 Biggest Culprits Behind Water Pollution Around the World

Are you worried about what you’re putting in your body every day? Do you pay close attention to things like sustainable foods and healthy ingredients? Did you know that the water you drink might be doing more harm than anything else in your life? Water pollution is a huge problem for everyone in the world. … Read more

20 Hard Facts About Water Pollution in Europe (What You Should Know)

Jump To A Section! 20 Facts about European Water PollutionWater Pollution in ITALY1. In Italy, one of the most surprising new demands on water supplies has been the tourism industry.2. Italy is home to half of Europe’s species of plants and a third of the animal species that call this continent home.3. In 2013, the … Read more

27 Alarming Facts About Water Pollution in the United States

Water pollution has become and epidemic in the United States. It has affected our homes and communities in ways that you can’t imagine. Despite our prevention efforts it continues to ravage our country, and in turn our lives as well. Water pollution in the United States is a real problem, and if you’re worried about … Read more

21 Disturbing Truths About Asia’s Water Pollution Problem

Have you ever thought much about the problem of water pollution? Have you ever considered that there are other parts of the world where water pollution is even more significant than it is in the United States? Have you ever wanted to know more about the situation in terms of contaminated water around the world? … Read more

Filtering Radioactivity From Water: A Future For Fukushima?

It wasn’t a long time ago when three of Fukushima’s Nuclear reactors suffered a major breakdown. Ever since the tragedy struck, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) authorities have been trying to lessen the leakage. As if taken from Pacific Rim, they stopped the radioactive water pollution by building walls of frozen soil around the perimeter … Read more

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