Water Filters

No matter how you come into contact with water on a day to day basis, you probably need water filtration more than you realize. The water that comes directly out of your tap is likely contaminated with at least a few chemicals, bacteria, or even parasites that you don’t know are there.

Even if you have very well-treated water from a municipal facility, it’s going to be packed with treatment chemicals that you don’t necessarily want to ingest, wash with, or swim in. Choosing the right water filtration option is a great way to improve the quality of water you use for every part of your life.

Drinking Water Filters – There are a few different types of drinking water filters, including whole house filters, individual sink filters, and pitcher water filters. You have a ton of options to choose from when you’re shopping for a filter to clean up your drinking water, and you never have to be left to the mercy of the water that comes out of your tap. These filters can be as affordable or expensive as you’d like, and you can find one to suit just about any family size. Drinking water filters usually use a reverse osmosis system to purify water, but pitcher filters rely on activated carbon.

Hot Tub Filters – If you have a hot tub in your backyard, you need a hot tub filter to make it operate correctly. Some hot tubs won’t function at all without a filter in place, but even if yours will, do yourself and your family a favor and be sure to keep a filter installed in your hot tub at all times. These filters are usually made of paper or fabric, but they may also be made of ceramic or contain activated carbon media. The type of hot tub filter you choose depends on the type of hot tub you have. Your instruction manual should tell you the right type of filter for your hot tub.

Pool Filters – Pool filters are very similar to hot tub filters, and sometimes they are even interchangeable, depending on the brand. Pool filters are also often made of paper or fabric with or without activated carbon media present. Ceramic pool filters are less common, but sand filters have become quite popular for swimming pools in recent years. Operating a pool without a filter in place is a sure way to encourage bacteria growth in your swimming pool. You might also end up with an algae buildup very quickly.

Aquarium Filters – You might not interact much with the water in your aquarium, but your fish will thrive when you have a filter in place. Aquarium filters are necessary for almost every type of fish and water-dwelling pet you could have. They are made with activated carbon centers and usually run constantly on electricity. They can filter nitrates, bacteria, ammonia, and sediment from your tank water.

The right filter for your needs isn’t far away. All you have to do is figure out your budget, the type of filter media you need for your specific situation, and the correct filter size. From there, you’ll be able to bring home the perfect filter every time.

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