Water Treatment

Water treatment is a process through which water is cleaned up and improved for use in a variety of different circumstances. You might think water treatment is only for facilities that handle large water supplies for whole cities and counties, but there are ways you can improve the quality of water in your own home by incorporating water treatment into your own household’s system. Treated water may be used for drinking, cooking, cleaning, swimming, irrigation, and industrial purposes. Different treatments may be required for different uses.

The main types of treated water you’re likely to deal with in your own home are alkaline water, distilled water, purified water, and softened water. There are home treatment options available for each one of these to help improve the quality of water you use every day. The best way to figure out the right path for your home water treatment is to have your water tested by a qualified laboratory. These tests can tell you about the pH balance of your water and they can also let you know if you’ve got any chemicals, heavy metals, or bacteria building up in your supply.

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