Whirlpool Gold Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement


Are you sick of having to fuss with replacing the water filter on your refrigerator on a regular basis? Do you have concerns about the water your family is drinking? Do you need a dependable and affordable way to make sure your family has access to clean, safe drinking water? These trusted solutions provide a quick and affordable approach to guarantee that the water your family drinks is of a high caliber. These filters assist enhance flavor and odor in addition to lowering pollutants like chlorine, lead, and mercury in tap water. Additionally, it is intended for them to function for up to six months before needing to be changed. You may relax knowing that your family is getting clean, safe drinking water without going over budget thanks to these practical products. To find out more about the Whirlpool gold refrigerator's operation, keep reading.


Whirlpool Gold fridge filters provide superior filtration and long-lasting performance.

  • Certified to reduce contaminants, including lead, chlorine, and asbestos.
  • Easy to install and replace with no tools required.
  • Compatible with a variety of Whirlpool refrigerators.

Enjoy clean, great-tasting water and ice from your refrigerator with Whirlpool Gold filters!

Everydrop by Whirlpool Ice and Water Refrigerator Filter 4,...
  • Make sure this filter is compatible with your refrigerator
  • Everydrop Filter 4 is the only filter approved by: Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, KitchenAid and Jenn Air brands
  • Certified to reduce 99% of lead, offering superior contaminant reduction for you and your family

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Do you have a Whirlpool Gold refrigerator? Are you looking for a suitable water filter replacement? Do you want to compare a few types before you actually buy one?

The water filter in your Whirlpool refrigerator can make a difference to the quality of water that you get. But what if it is time to replace the same? Do you know which one to go for? Do you know if you really need to change it?

In this article today, we are talking about the way water filters in these refrigerators work and whether they really make the water clean. We are also sharing detailed reviews of some of the best water filters that can work with this particular refrigerator, along with their price range and features. Also, if you don’t know the model number of your refrigerator, do read our tip on how you can find out if these filters will still work for you. 

Option #1. Waterdrop UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

Compatible with: Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001P, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II

This water filter is NSF 42 and NSF 372 certified  and will work for up to 300 gallons of water or 6 months service, whichever works first. This offer helps to reduce the taste and smell of chlorine so that you get pure and fresh tasting water. The materials used are lead-free and the leak-proof technology will prevent any spills or wastage. This choice is compatible with Whirlpool WF50, OWF50, WF51, OWF51, OWF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300, WF50-NI500, OWF50-WI500.


  • Works as well as the original filter.
  • Water tastes good.
  • Fits easily in the compartment.
  • Replacing is easy.


  • This option can leak after a few uses.

Option #2. Mist UKF8001 Replacement For Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter

Replacement for: Whirlpool Maytag, 4396395, EDR4RXD1, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005

This activated carbon filter helps to reduce the chlorine taste and smell to give you pure and fresh tasting water . This offer will filter out the contaminants for up to 6 months or for up to 300 gallons of water, whichever comes first. The filter has been tested and certified by the NSF 42. This choice is easily compatible with the refrigerator filter slot. This option is compatible with Whirlpool EDR4RXD1, OWF51, WF50-NI500, WF50-WI500, 67003523, WF50-KWI500, WF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300, OWF50-WI500, OWF50-NI300, GI6FDRXXY07. 


  • Water tastes great.
  • Easily lasts for months even with heavy use.
  • Fits in easily into the slot.
  • This offer does not leak at all.


  • Water flow not very good.

Option #3. EcoBlueLife Replacement Water Filter

Compatible with: Maytag UKF8001, EDR4RXD1, 4396395, Pur Filter 4, Kenmore 46-9005

This water filter will work for up to 300 gallons of water or 6 months , whatever comes first. This choice is certified by the NSF to give you clean and fresh water with every filtered drop.


  • Filter is a perfect fit.
  • Very easy to install and start working.
  • Quality of water very good.
  • Strong water pressure.
  • No smell or residual taste in water.


  • Filter runs out faster than other brands.

Option #4. ICEPURE UKF8001 Replacement Refrigerator Water Filter

Compatible with: Maytag UKF8001, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001P, Whirlpool 4396395, 469006, EDR4RXD1, EveryDrop Filter 4, Puriclean II, RWF0900A 2PACK

This water filter has been certified by both the NSF and the WQA  and helps to remove the smell and taste of chlorine from the water that you drink. The activated carbon is made with high grade coconut shell that removes traces of dirt, odour, sediments, rust and any other particles from the water. This option needs no tools for installation and is leak-proof. The filter will work for up to 6 months or 300 gallons of water, whatever comes first. This offer is compatible with Whirlpool OWF51, WF50-NI500, WF50-WI500, GI6FDRXXY07, Filter 4, EDR4RXD1.


  • Flow is not restricted.
  • Uses less water while priming initially.
  • Water tastes clear and clean.
  • This choice does not leak.


  • Not a perfect match.

Option #5. FilterLogic UKF8001 Refrigerator Water Filter

Replacement for: Maytag UKF8001P, PUR, Jenn-Air, Filter 4, 4396395, UKF8001AXX, UKF8001AXX-200, UKF8001AXX-750, 469006 (Pack of 3)

This water filter is certified to NSF 42 and 372 . This option reduces the taste and smell of chlorine while the lead-free material ensures there is no toxic flow in your water. This offer also retains the essential minerals in the water and works for up to 6 months or for 300 gallons of water, whatever comes first. The filter is designed to work like the original filter without any leaks. This choice is compatible with Whirlpool OWF51, WF50-NI500, WF50-WI500, 67003523, WF50-KWI500, WF50-NI300, WF50-KNI300, OWF50-WI500, OWF50-NI300, GI6FDRXXY07.


  • Great water flow.
  • No smell or odour.
  • Fresh tasting water.
  • Installs and seals perfectly.
  • Fills quickly.


  • Creates a strange noise.

Option #6. EcoAqua EFF-6007A Replacement Filter

Compatible with: Maytag UKF8001, EDR4RXD1, Whirlpool 4396395, Puriclean II, Kenmore 46-9006, Everydrop Filter 4, Viking RWFFR Refrigerator Water Filter, 3 Pack

This water filter will remove the taste and smell of chlorine and give you fresh tasting and clean water . This option uses advanced carbon block technology and is quick and easy to install. This offer is compatible with Whirlpool 4396395.


  • Fits perfectly.
  • Great water flow.
  • Easy installation.
  • Very helpful customer service.


  • Not the best filtration.

Option #7. EveryDrop by Whirlpool Refrigerator Water Filter 4 (Pack of 1)

This is the certified water filter as recommended by Whirlpool Corporation . This choice is NSF certified and will remove contaminants such as parasites, lead, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and mercury. This option is to be used in bottom freezer and side by side refrigerators that accept Filter 4. This is a good replacement for model numbers UKF8001 and 4396395.


  • Water tastes great.
  • Perfect fit.
  • Removes more contaminants.


  • Water flow is slow.

What contaminants can water filters in Whirlpool Gold refrigerators remove?

The water filter that comes fitted with every Whirlpool Gold refrigerator is from the brand EveryDrop.

  • These filters claim to remove various contaminants in the water such as lead, pesticides as well as traces of pharmaceutical waste.
  • These water filters are also NSF certified which gives you access to clean and fresh drinking water.

Does it really help to have and maintain one at home?

  • One of the reasons for using a proper water filter with your Whirlpool Gold refrigerator is that you can get access to clean water without installing a separate water filter.
  • These filters can easily be mounted on your refrigerator door, which helps every member in the family drink pure and fresh water.

How to check if a certain filter will fit your Whirlpool gold fridge

Even if you do not know the refrigerator model number, here is an easy way to still find out which water filter will work best for your fridge.

  • First, remove the water filter that is already mounted on the fridge.
  • The moment you do so, the water supply will shut off on its own.
  • Next, see the part number that is printed on the filter.
  • Go to this link and type the number in the search box to see whether it will fit your refrigerator or not. 

To be sure you get absolutely clean water from your filter, try filtering a few cups of water and seeing the results before you drink it.



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5 Essential Tips for Replacing Whirlpool Gold Fridge Filters

  1. Always check the model number of your refrigerator to ensure you purchase the correct filter.
  2. Replace your water filter every 6 months or when the “change filter” light turns on.
  3. When replacing the filter, make sure to turn off the water supply before removing it.
  4. After installing a new filter, flush out 2 gallons of water from the dispenser before using it.
  5. Be sure to dispose of used filters properly and recycle them if possible.

ALSO: Consider investing in a subscription service that will automatically send you a new filter every 6 months so you don't have to worry about remembering to replace it!

Helpful Information For Readers

Anyone wishing to raise the standard of their drinking water should consider these useful products. These filters clean your water supply of pollutants, toxins, and other particles using cutting-edge filtration technology. Additionally, they lessen sediment buildup in your refrigerator's ice maker and the taste and odor of chlorine. You can enjoy clean, delicious water as a result every day. These filters are practical for busy households because they are simple to install and maintain. You can guarantee that your family is always receiving the highest-quality drinking water available by changing the filters on a regular basis, around every six months.

Ideas for Effective Use: What Can They Be Used For?

There are three basic applications for these filters. They are primarily designed to lessen the level of impurities in your drinking water. This includes pollutants that might alter the flavor and odor of your water, such as chlorine, lead, and others. Second, they aid in lowering sediment buildup in the water lines of your refrigerator, which can lead to clogs and other issues. Additionally, these filters assist in preventing damage to your refrigerator from calcium and magnesium found in hard water. You may increase the lifespan of your refrigerator and keep it operating efficiently for many years by eliminating these minerals. With all these advantages put together, it is simple to understand why homeowners searching for dependable filtering solutions favor these practical products.

The Downsides: What To Expect

Using a Whirlpool gold refrigerator water filter has a lot of advantages, but there are some negatives as well. First off, filters can be costly and frequently need to be replaced. You might need to change the filter every few months or even more regularly, depending on the size of your refrigerator and how frequently you use it. Additionally, if these filters are not fitted properly, your home's plumbing system may experience problems with water pressure. It's critical to do your homework on the ideal kind of filter for your specific refrigerator model and spending limit in order to address these drawbacks. Additionally, while changing a filter, be sure to follow all directions precisely or have a professional do it for you to ensure that it is done correctly. Last but not least, if at all possible, attempt to buy filters in bulk to save money over time and guarantee that you always have one on hand when required.

By What Criteria Should They Be Evaluated?

The most important quantitative factors to take into account while assessing these useful products are their ease of installation, cost-effectiveness, and filtration efficiency. Higher ratings for filtration efficiency indicate better performance as indicated by the amount of pollutants removed from the water. The filter's cost is weighed against how long it will last and how much money it will ultimately save on energy costs to evaluate whether it is cost-effective. The final criterion for evaluating simplicity of installation is how fast and simply it can be done without the use of special tools or experience. When deciding whether a Whirlpool gold refrigerator water filter is the ideal option for your requirements, all three of these factors are significant.

Basic User Experience: What You Should Know

These practical items are made to deliver ice cubes and clean, fresh-tasting drinking water. Along with sediment, lead, cysts, turbidity, and other impurities, they also lessen the taste and odor of chlorine. Simply twist off the old filter and twist on the new one to install and change the filter. For optimum performance, you should change your filter every six months or whenever the "change filter" indicator illuminates. You can anticipate improved flavor in your drinking water and ice cubes with fewer pollutants when using these dependable items on a daily basis.

The general procedures for employing these filters are as follows: Make sure you have the appropriate filter for your refrigerator model first. The old filter should then be removed from the refrigerator's filter section. Third, place the fresh filter in the compartment and tighten it with a clockwise turn. Fourth, run water through the filter for about five minutes to flush out any air bubbles. Fifth, if necessary, turn the "replace filter" light on your refrigerator back on. Enjoy your refrigerator's fresh-tasting, clean water now! You may use a Whirlpool gold refrigerator water filter to keep your drinking water safe and pleasant by following these easy steps.

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